Wednesday, 27 October 2010

on track to fly away!!!!

I find the process of "creating" really interesting. Sometimes I do my best work when I'm really angry, and other times when I'm totally relaxed. A lot of my work comes from the kind of energy inside....whether good/calm or bad/explosive. Funny that when I look back on my work this year, I can't tell if I was happy or sad or angry.....well, there goes Brett Whitely's theory LOL

Only sneaks today unfortunately. I have been busy with preparations for my annual Getaway. Once again to Melbourne and the Dandenong Ranges for Bon's Scraps Retreat. I will be sooo relieved to get on that plane with Crystal, I might firstly weep for 30 minutes.

123 Challenge!! STill time to get your October challenge in. You know, my fantastic HAND DRAWN & HAND CUT TITLE??????
of course you do!!!!!!!!

Here's a sneak peek of November's layout. Yay!!

Peta MacBeth of Scrapbooking from Scratch, asked me to do a layout from a sketch for her retreat family. How could I resist???? I hope I help some of you who are "sketch-phobes" to put your personal stamp on each sketch.
Have fun!!!

And so will I this weekend. Some friends I've not seen for about 10 years will be joining me for dinner on Thursday night. I can not wait!!!!

There will be an explosion of photos and layouts/projects in the coming weeks. Looking forward to sharing and documenting a very special break.

A special mention to my gorgeously hard-working husband, who will be taking over from me. It will be hard to go to work and then manage the family, but he's no shirker - he'll be awesome!!


  1. hey gorgeous lady - have a fabulous time away and relax!!!!
    thankyou soooooo much for your awesome page - cant wait to show the girls!!!

  2. Loving your work right now Gigi, fantastic :)

    I also wanted to send a quick message as I noticed you were a FB networked blogs follower of mine ... I've since deleted the app but would be chuffed beyond words if you became a follower via my blog URL

    Just Life

    Hope to see you there ♥
    Stace xx