Saturday, 16 April 2011

Somerset Memories YAY

I have to admit this is most definitely the highlight of my year! To see one of my layouts in an overseas mag of this calibre is just so unreal.

And I get 2 mentions in the DETAILS (Creative Touches & Techniques) section!
I am in some inspiring company - including the Aus girls - Louise Nelson, Chantal Vandenberg, Nicole Pomeroy, Kathie Link and Kathleen Glossop.

Just so so so happy today.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

some Therapy required

Someone else has gone through some changes!
Scrap Therapy has a new forum and DT and so I decided to jump in.

Here is the Inspiration Room Challenge by the lovely Mandy Dodd.

Megan Leslie is an even lovelier person and I was delighted to finally meet her in real life last October.

So if you're looking for RENEWAL and some dead-set inspiration, have a looksie at Scrap Therapy. Totally lovin' this month.

the major car accident I was involved in on Monday. Thank goodness I'd just dropped Rainer off at school. Can't imagine how freaked out he would've been.

I was stopped at traffic lights and another car comes close to full speed and hits me which makes me hit the car in front, then the momentum kicked in and I got hit from behind again!!
I've been in sooo much pain the last few days and coz me + nurofen = disaster, I've been managing it with Panadol and daily Physio (I love my Physio).
The repairs are worth more than the car so we'll be paid-out by insurance and so begins the car shopping (blerk). And school holidays start Friday.

Whatever happened to my drama-free, incident-free, uncomplicated 2011??!!!

Clearly, someone up on high has other plans for me this year.
Oh well, as Woody Guthrie said,
"Take it easy, but take it."and so I shall ride this wave of riduculousness until it loses momentum.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'm excited....

coz I need to expand my dull stash of embellies and find something that inspires me.....

and this fits all the criteria

I have to admit that I've been secretly eyeing their shop for a couple of months. Lots of excitement surroundingt his joint, and a sale this Friday.
Super-duper whammy of goodness!!!

Ummm, what else???
Lots of Secret Squirel Stuff, so can't share sorry (oh, the pain!!). Can't even show you a sneak peek, coz that will definitely spoil it and the magazine will get cranky LOL.

Rest assured, I am creating this weekend after a very busy/stressful week.

Very exciting post coming this week.


Monday, 4 April 2011

April is for AUTUMN....

This time of year is when Brisbane really feels the coolth (yes, that IS a word) of the change of seasons. I even wore jeans the other day!!

The first of the month also means new challenges. On Saturday I had 2 friends over for an afternoon/evening scrap-time and I finished FOUR layouts!! It certainly broke the mojo-drought I'd been experiencing lately, so thanks to Crystal and Sara for all your encouragement and laughs.

Here goes!!

woohooo, they're back with great prompts!!
use your boys' clothing as the colour inspiration

olive green + twine

A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 challenge

STUCK?! Sketches
April #1

And the ONLY difficulty in moving house is trying to find that perfect spot to photograph all your stuff!! aaaarrrrrghhh!!!!!!!!