Wednesday, 28 November 2007

For Nonno

I've been trying to get Mackinley to write something all week. Finally tonight he sat and wrote this all by himself. What a beautiful son I have. Mackinley was so proud of himself, "Look Mum, I didn't even use my finger for the spacing!" Some days I just love being a Mum.

Mum thought it was the most beautiful piece of love...ever!! We tucked it under Dad's lapel with a Holy Card of the Sacred Heart. Dad always had his mother's rosary beads but Mum couldn't find them. She and Nena went to Pelligrini's today and bought a gorgeous black set for Dad and Mum bought herself a beautiful red and silver set and each bead was a mini love heart!

He looked so peaceful tonight and very smart in a grey suit and wearing the tie he was married in. A lovely rosary and farewell, just with the family.

Thank you everyone! Your messages of love and support have been overwhelming. I will reply to each of you next week. {{cyber hugs back to you}}

Monday, 26 November 2007

For Dad

Sunday afternoon at 1.30pm, Dad had a massive heart attack at home and couldn't be revived. Poor Mum was alone with him and couldn't get in touch with any of us "for once". We were up the coast, Rita was down the coast, Nena was at her in-laws and Lil was pottering and didn't hear the phone.
I just can't imagine what it would have been like for her, feeling helpless and watching your husband of 42 years just "leave" in an instant.

However, true-to-form, it was a memorable day for them. Mum went to Mass while Dad went to the shops and bought some lamb and made a beautiful roast for lunch by the time she got home. He'd rung Delfino and made plans to go over after lunch. He'd prepared the roast and some beans and even cleaned the kitchen and stacked the dishwasher!!!! He'd commented Mum on the lovely purple top she was wearing and made them both coffee after they ate lunch. Dad worried that there was too much lamb but Mum assured him that they would see us all during the week, so it wouldn't go to waste. He'd made batches of pepperoncini and beans during the week to last them through the Christmas visitors and celebrations.

Mum then watched the golf after their coffee and Dad went into the bedroom. Mum noticed that he was behaving strangely and went to ask. It was then that he grabbed her, hugged her and took a very large breath. He collapsed in her arms and she lay him on the bed and dialed "000". She commenced CPR and she thought he'd come back because he drew another huge breath but the paramedics couldn't revive him.

It was surreal to get the news on the road through Caloundra and we couldn't discuss it until the boys were asleep in the back seat. We got home, I showered and Michael dropped me off at the PA Hospital. We were taken to the viewing room and it was really strange but quite nice seeing him lying there, looking at peace, knowing he no longer had to think about all the medication for his heart and diabetes; feeling frustrated about not being as mobile and active as he used to be. In a way, he died exactly how he wanted -- quickly, painlessly, and without becoming bed-ridden.

Mackinley seems okay with Nonno going to Heaven and hunting crocodiles with Steve Irwin!! All the little ones will be at the Mass, not sure about Rainer yet.

It's sad, but all is good. I'm glad he's finally at peace and free of a body that was seriously letting him down!!


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Thought I'd have a date today...

I was hoping to post a date for next year's fundraiser, but the planning meeting had to be postponed (DRAT!!) but I think I might start the ball rolling anyhow. I know some have offered help, but could you email me or leave a comment here (just make sure I can contact you) if you would like to come to SCRAP THE SPECTRUM next year sometime (don't you just love certainty???) in Brisbane.

Thank you to the SPC Mums who came out on Friday night to celebrate the end of another year. I know the photos I took when we were at The Caxton (getting spacko at the never loses it's appeal!!) are priceless. Photos later (hehe!!)

In the meantime, here's a song I can't get out of my head. Possibly THE best lyrics I've heard in a while..

"let me breathe the courage of your actions...." I know there's a layout in there somewhere!!! And they're Australian. Home-grown poetry is too good!!

Enjoy The Potbelleez!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

DOME : Double : Don't make me Cry

It's been busy and until today I never really appreciated how much TIME I used to have on my hands each day. Yes, we have successfully shared the driving to Bray Park; Yes, the boys (including Michael LOL) have been easier to control of late; and I've scaled back participating in a lot of my favourite forums.

So why do I feel SO DAMN TIRED???? I remember feeling this way, this time last year, wondering if I was ever going to make it to my birthday in one piece....or would my children have to visit me at the Psych Ward with my cake!! Health goes to pot, emotionally a little out of whack and generally FEELING my age.

But I know this feeling passes and I'll feel like a new woman come January!!! It's always been like that.....this too shall pass.

So the DOME RETREAT voucher was a great "rescue remedy". Michael gave it to me, but I can't remember for which event....birthday? anniversary? Mothers' Day? No matter, got in before it expired....WOOHOO. Had a Balinese massage this time around. No oils (handy if you need to go back to work in a hurry...but that didn't bother me....don't work), with firm, circular movements and just short of a deep tissue massage. Felt really relaxed but energised!! Quite nice.

Double Layout class at Inkredible yesterday. Worked with some cool papers from Sandylion. Not a brand I'd usually gravitate towards but these caught my eye in the shop. Surprised me by being a little harder to work with; couldn't employ the same "tricks" as with other papers, so found myself working really hard with these.

Thanks to Kathryn for sharing her interpretation of the class.

Next week Ngaire will be at Inkredible all day for 2 classes. I'll be back the following week with MORE Sandylion papers (yes, I love a challenge!!) and another double layout that you can easily convert into a single. Most of the Inkredible ladies love their doubles, so I might be doing a heap more of these.

AEIOU approached me to write Rainer's story for their website. It's for the Child Sponsorship Program so I was really conscious of not getting too emotional but wanting to convey the frustration of living with a child who won't/can't communicate with you. I was shedding a few tears writing it all down, but it took me about 2 hours (with lots of tissue/coffee breaks!!)

It's 2 pages long but I know some people who read this blog, or who know me via forums are interested (but maybe too nervous to ask) so if you would like to read, please email me. I'd love to share.

Likewise, if YOU or an organisation/company you are involved with, have a strong social philanthropic ethos, please have a look at the AEIOU link in the side bar. Every little bit helps....believe me!!

Have also been blog-hopping!! Mostly looking at who you all list as inspiration and I end up in the most AMAZING places. I tend to end up in ARTSY blogs and look at the amazing work some people do and crave to be there again. I know I can do it but just don't have the time or the physical or head space to get there. I know I will one day...just not right now. Have to do other things for myself and my family first.

Re-reading this blog. Is it a little sombre????? Too serious? Do I have a birthday coming up???? You betcha!!

And something else is a-coming!!

Check out Inkredible's next newsletter via their blog. There are Christmas projects there from the other DTers too in PDF form...nice and easy!!


Saturday, 3 November 2007

FA Newsletter & Today's the Day

Here's the latest from the November Newsletter at Forever Always.

My DT pack had these gorgeous papers from Blue Cardigan Designs, Jenni Bowlin rub-ons, AL "PERFECT" clear stamp and VersaCraft Cool Gray inkpad. I didn't think I could DO heritage, but with the right photos (had to raid Mum's stash) and some photoshopping, I'm keen to do more.

This one is of (L to R) ME, Nena and Rita in 1972 at Newmarket sitting on the ol' Merc that Dad had bought the previous year. They STILL have that car! She's a little temperamental now and constantly needs a service, but she gets you there...slowly at times. The photo is "nearly perfect" because Lilly was just born and fast asleep upstairs, so it must have been after 35 years ago! OUCH!!

This is Mum in 1962, she was 24. I've always loved this photo of her! I altered the colour a little in photoshop and I think it suits the papers really well. The photographer was Edmund Burke who was one of THE best in Brisbane at the time. She couldn't really afford it (having only just arrived in Australia in 1958) but she wanted a nice photo of herself. Lucky for us, she did!!!

And Last Scrapper Standing is still going strong. Official registration has closed but there's a "Just For Fun" gallery with some cool prizes.

Today is my FIRST class at INKREDIBLE. I had a really long, uninterrupted sleep last night and I feel like a million, trillion, kazillion bucks this morning. The boys took me to Cafe Tara for a delicious breakfast and beautiful Merlo coffee (the BEST coffee!!) and now they've given me a couple hours to myself.

My good friend Charmane Kock has just started her own design business called FUNKY FREESTYLE DESIGNS {CLICK HERE} this month featuring the cool new kits from Bon's Scraps.

All the best gorgeous girl!! Start making some $$ instead of spending it (that's a private joke BTW...have to put it in context - haha)

Looking forward to the class!! Lots of Cyber Cropping going on, as always. So many cool challenges to participate in, I wish I could fit them all in. I guess now I'm the one having to challenge others. What an intersting twist!!!