Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy Birthday Mackinley

Just bursting with pride at how you are growing into a fully functioning human being.

Soccer was cancelled today, due to rain, but this was him in action about 2 weeks ago. Actually going for the ball, not the man, this time!!!

You know, he's been through a lot the last 4 or so years. He bears the scars of living with a difficult brother, both physically and emotionally. I count myself lucky that Mackinley is strong and intelligent enough to understand what's going on. He doesn't have to like it, but he gets it.

I caught him being super nice to Rainer the other day...LOL. I won't ever tell him, but I heard it. And I heard him telling one of his mates off...."No, you have to do this if you want Rainer to play with you!!" so edifying as a parent to hear all the GOOD stuff being repeated by your children; or maybe he was enjoying bossing his mate around.

I'm getting all my medical paperwork ready for end of financial year....what ho, what fun!!

No other news as yet. Will have much to share in the next week or so. And I'm just sooooo excited....

but first you must go here and become a "follower".

Just trying to stay rested and healthy. Damn this cool, dry weather!!! Give me hot and humid any day.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Special Project Time....

Here are 3 layouts for some special, beautiful "little people" in my life. These are going to their parents to frame and hang as they wish. Love these kids, like I love my own.
When they coined the phrase "crazy beautiful" I think they had these 3 in mind LOL.

Beautiful Soul began as Sandie's Online Class and just morphed (which is unprecedented ...NOT)

SEEK to share your craft with those you love xxx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Room, The Mother, The Mag & The Numbers

The Room -- now called The Little Rainbow Room
your very generous hearts have purchased this equipment

In the following pic, Rainer's holding parts of the fibre optic lamp...yeah, he's already broken it!!!

The following hanging chair is still waiting for funding approval from the P&C and the school to get builders in to hang it from the ceiling. We had it, then lost it to replace some bench seating in the playground. Ah well. We wait.....looks cool though, doesn't it???
Not sure how many times I can say 'THANK YOU' before I sound too wanky.
I'll be holding another online class shortly. This will be to send the aide staff on professional development and just general upkeep of equipment and resources. Hope you can join me????

The Mother
For mine
I purchased that little beauty without all the stamping, etc from a gorgeous vintage store in Devenr, Colorado, called Cali & Mo. OMG, could have spent a fortune in there..but restrained myself LOL.

And for me....
a gorgeous herb garden, a token for breakfast in bed, and other class-made goodies.

The Mag
So fortunate to be published in Scrapbook Creations issue 78
In the Top Ten feature for All That Shimmers. Thank you Ree.

And in the Buttons & Brads gallery. Thank you Kim.

The Numbers
123 Challenge is coming back!!!!!!
Click on this spot to catch all the mystery and intrigue that will be the NEW AND IMPROVED and OH, SO EXCITING new format for 123 Challenge.

Time to SEEK new directions and 123 Challenge is a perfect example.
off you go....CLICK!!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

More to Share

Looks like a lot, but not really.
Have been flat out as usual but it's all positive and that's the main thing.

Sew Magnificent - Bon's Monthly Sketch by Charmane. Had soooo much fun funking this little gem UP!!
using a recycled rose from Alisa Burke's tutorial
another handmade flower using Tim Holtz die cut for Sizzix...this is for Tamara at Inkredible!!!!!
lots of groovy layering ...
had to used a funky font for the journaling. Got mine from Urban Fonts, it's called Folkard....

all these elements from Bon's May Boy Kit (excpet the string bag).....

Stay A While - Bon's Room of the Month challenge. This challenge is my all-time fave. So many different elements to choose from and the interpretations are awesome.
felt birdie from Michelle Jamieson's ChelleyBean Designs.....
all this from Bon's April Boy Kit.....

Once again, I want to thank my anonymous Bon's Scraps Boy Kit Subscription Benefactor. I hope I've done you proud so far and the CyberCrop is still to come!!!
Well, that's all folks.
Don't forget to click onto Bon's Scraps link in the sidebar to catch more of the inspiration in the gallery and the CC starts on Tuesday!! Woohoooo.

to love yourself before all others
{just for this week}

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mega Catch-Up.....

Says she, who will not be pressured into doing ANYTHING!!

Ah, the foibles of human existence. One minute you're up and flying, the next...well, you know how it goes.
Hence the lack of blogginess-ness.

The highlight of the last few weeks was, of course

How fantastic and if you didn't get there, you missed out. No tragedies of the Whitney Houston kind, just superb, unadulterated energy and poise. Still 2 class acts and I'm so glad I went {I have forgiven myself for not going to see Jeff Buckley when I had the chance :( }. Next time I fork out the extra $50 to sit on the floor.

On the scrappy front, well, a little thin-on-the-ground there too unfortunately.
Safely Home - using Bon's Paper of the Month and some of the Boy Kit

A Special Moment - using Bon's Boy Kit and other bits and pieces for her Colour Challenge at the Cyber Crop

and possibly my favourite so far....
I Absolutely will not move from this Chair - Bon's Write Now challenge.

I am annoyed that Officeworks print their photos on a laminated paper which makes hand altering these buggers almost impossible....grrrrr {can you see the warping??}. NEVER AGAIN. Snapfish I love you!!!

And Louise Nelson is GUEST DESIGNER over at Bon's in May. I'm starting a book on how many layouts Lou can do with one Boy Kit!! LOL I can't wait.