Saturday, 19 September 2009

me 'n' 123 etc

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their supportive cyber-shoulders-to-rant-on. I won't apologise for the fact that at times, my life resembles a rather creepy, sadistic exercise wheel.
I'm the Rat in that wheel; little legs going a million miles an hour...
Then one day I realise, "oh crap, I've seen that before.....and that....and that!!!!"
what the.....?
STOP please....
(yes, I'm a sucker for the extended metaphor, if you haven't already guessed that)

The exercise wheel, however, continues to roll, but I've discovered newer items. Suffice to say, things are moving forward and I've stopped rattling so many cages. I think they have the message! YAY!!

And to that well-meaning mother, oh dear, in a rather patronising fashion (pat-pat on the arm and everything!!) suggested I just accept Rainer the way he is and forget about all this intervention. Perhaps it's not worth the obvious stress it's putting on my marriage (huh??).

So, I make her feel pain the way she just did. And there's only one way to counter such a simplistic point - argue with one much more simplistic >>>

Perhaps those women who cannot conceive a child naturally should just accept things the way they are and not investigate other forms of insemination. If you can't conceive, there's probably a really good reason for that!

Yeah!! Back at ya sister!!! (no, I don't really feel that way. Just wanted to make her squirm....I can be really nasty sometimes)

123 challenge!!

We're over the half-way mark, so get your entries in.

Here are my layouts for Craft Queen.

I have another lovely parcel from Nicole which I promise to attack every night this week. I have my new Snapfish order and am ready to RAWK!!!!

Bon's has had a facelift!!! Not the actual Bon, the forum - Bon's ... lol. It's "very" Bon and I discovered the cool "print" function so you can print the challenges instead of doing
the ol' copy/paste...woohoo.

Had a lovely time at Inkredible last night, making a couple of cool Christmas Cards but my eyes were bugging out of my head. I've had a Mal-nap today and I'm off to Blossie's tomorrow for another dose of Ngaire-ness. I got an unexpected leave pass!!

If you've made it this far.....

Saturday, 12 September 2009

mini book ~ 123 ~ manners please!

Bon's Retreat Mini Book

She is a natural at these and you can see that from her Feature Article in Scrapbook Creations #70. Lacey's mini is more gorgeous in real life!!

Here's a sneak of the September layout for 123 Challenge

because I'm nice and I'm giving you time to get one in before it goes up on the blog :)))

Next on the TO DO list is a couple for CRaft Queen. Then mixed media yumminess via Blue Bazaar.

MANNERS...where are my manners???
Go here....
then the ABOUT US drop down list
click on DESIGN TEAM and have a read!!

EXCITED??? ah, yes indeedily-doooooo.
Thank you to Naomi Cox for this wonderful opportunity!!
This truly is a dream come true for me xoxoxo

Thursday, 10 September 2009

post 195...and she's back!!

Well, hasn't that been an emotional month....or what??!!!!

Thank you to everyone for their messages of support. It was a bit "touch and go" there for a day or two but as they say
(or is it just me who says this???)

Done being a Pack Horse for a enough blah-ing, here's some VISUAL SPLENDOUR once again from the last month...(queue music)

I am busy unpicking one criteria for this month's 123 CHALLENGE which is....
* bookpaper (by Lea)
* the word "smile" (by Sandie)
* a non-scrappy item (by Kate)
so you'll have to wait -- heehee!! There's a RAK for the first person to upload to 123 between now (today) and when I upload to this blog...and you know it'll probably be ribbon lol.

Speaking of RIBBON, here's the full layout I completed for the firey Nicole Farrell at CRAFT QUEEN. Ah, yes, me and ribbon....if I can do it, anyone can!!!

FINALLY (and I do mean "finally") some work from the GORGEOUSLY Beautiful kit from Scraptapestry aaages ago (sorry Naomi :(( all forgiven??)
The card kit, including a cute and oh, so easy box and notebook.

Cannot wait to get my next kit from Naomi. The site is up and running and the kits are RUNNING out the door. Congrats Naomi xx

Here's my layout from Tam's class at Bon's Retreat. Man, I miss you girls already.

and a WINNER.....A2Z Scraplets have a comp each month on their blog and I "finally" won last month's which was a blind challenge. I gets me a goodie bag!! woohoooo.............

At Bon's, we have a very long challenge called LINK YOUR LAYOUT but it's lots of fun. It was my turn (and that's why it's been a long challenge LOL) and here's what I came up with...

Bon's PAPER OF THE MONTH for August. STarted at Retreat, finished in good it. Thanks Kerry for the "balance" tips!!

And for another issue of Scrapbook Creations, I'm in the TOP TEN thanks to my friend "over the bridge" Ngaire. This is in Issue 70 and you absolutely want to get ISSUE 72, coz it's a corker!!! (even if I do say so myself..pmsl)

Sometimes I hate looking at old layouts. I always think, "could've put that there, and added this to that, what was I thinking putting that there???!!!!!" and it goes on.
At least it's a sign I'm growing as I create, and being self-critical just eases the pain when I hear it from others.

One last layout for Inkredible. The new Kaisercraft will be out soon. Me likey the Christmas pp....

And thankfully I ordered another 3 months' worth from snapfish, so the stash will be reducing once again.
Thanks for stopping you all...

p.s. Bon, I will upload the mini soon....heehee, that'll make you keep coming back!!!