Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Couldn't resist the corny title for this entry.....sorry to the more Learned colleagues reading this. Yes, they are out there reading, just must be too darn "common" to leave a comment (haha, you know I'm stirring. Let's see who bites first!!)

ANYWAY.......back to me/us/we.

We decided long ago that some kind of animal needed to grace our home in order to teach the boys all those alturistic values that one attains from caring for something which cannot for itself. One neighbour has guinea pigs, but they seemed a little too boring for our active boys; we'd been thinking of a dog, but I don't think Rainer, or the dog, would be ready for that yet. Then Mackinley's school had the old "egg hatching to a chick" experiment this year and of course, they had to be adopted by some families. We declined but the flyer popped up in a clean-up and Michael and I decided we could do it.

We rang Ingrid at City Chicks and look what finally arrived on Monday.

Two of the most gorgeous brown hens I've ever seen. Mackinely quickly called them Mimi (the darker brown) and Misty (the lighter brown). We spent most of yesterday reading all the literature and checking the coop and mostly being very nervous and unsure about how it was going to pan out.

This morning Mackinley couldn't wait to take Michael out to show him the hens and give them their morning vege scraps. But no eggs :( So I took the kids to the Sloman's for a play, came home for lunch, then let Mackinley out to the hens again. Followed him out and LO-AND-BEHOLD.......

I'm sure I let out a squeal....I was so bloody egg-cited. They were so warm and a decent size. To be honest, I wasn't sure they'd be that big or lay so quickly. I reckon the birds must be about 6 months old. Well, we must be doing something right.

French Toast in the morning (as usual) with freshly laid eggs. I wonder what we'll get tomorrow???

Class went well on Saturday. We had lots of fun and Jo bought enough for 2 more similar layouts. I've got her hooked now (her words, not mine) and even Will likes what's she's done. No more classes booked for me until February but always DT projects on the go.

Here's what I managed to finish for the 123 Challenge layout. Christmas photo, mixed alpha title and hand stitching. Used Buzz & Bloom tubby alphas for 'MY' and painted the mixed alphas with Derivan Matisse Structure Acrylic paint mixed with their Iridescent Medium.....love the look. Paper is Kaisercraft - so good for cutting and layering.

Much goings on. Turning another year older soon and so I always get a little moody this time of year. Unfortunately it sorta co-incides with Christmas so people think I'm being a Scrooge. Well, I'm not. I just have a thing about BECOMING a year older. I'll be a Tragic Diva when I begin to LOOK a year older LOL!!! I have this whole "Dorian Gray" thing going on. Loved that movie. Should find it again!!!

Be strong.....

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Weekly Catch-Up

Well, it's stuff that's happened the last 10 days or so....

Last Friday we said "good-bye" to Nicole ("the" Craft Queen) at a great, relaxing, private crop session at Inkredible. The lovely Tina and Dina invited me along and Tamara and Kathleen stayed ALL NIGHT despite being at the shop all day and needing to open up next morning!! Shared some wonderfully juicy stories (not to be repeated on the WWW - LO*very*L) and I just loved watching other people scrap - cards, off the page, gifts - it was a great experience.

Thanks girls and farewell to Nicole. Enjoy being back in Orange. Hope to see some photos of your fab-0 craft room soon!! ;)

Made the trip up to Moffat again so Mackinley could give Sarah her Christmas present. Needless to say, her mother was NOT impressed PMSL.....

...but what else do you give a girl who LOVES putting on concerts for her appreciative and encouraging parents every night after dinner?????? And I didn't tell them where the volume control is for the microphone!! (heehee)

Mackinley had his swimming carnival on the 27/11. About to turn into TRCC when I saw all this glass on Waterworks Rd. The bus the kids were on had a little crash with a truck and the front door of the bus buckled in and glass was EVERYWHERE!!! All the kids were unharmed and apparently Mackinley was "high 5-ing" everyone. I'm sure he was a little shaken but he hasn't spoken about it except to say it was pretty cool!!

In his 3 races, he got one 2nd and 2 3rd places!! Onya buddy. Maybe next year you'll manage the length of the pool (here's hoping).

(yes, crappy photos from the mobile phone)

One thing I have learned from Dad's death is that you MUST send flowers to someone who is feeling down. I can't say enough how my mood just lifted each time I walked around the house and saw the rooms filled with gorgeous Summer blossoms!!

Now I know how it felt to receive, I will remember always to GIVE.
And thanks to Raquel and Mandy for the lovely cards. There's something quite special about a card in the mail.

The AEIOU Bray Park Christmas BBQ was on Sunday. Thought all the kids would freak seeing a HUGE Santa Claus but they all took it in their stride and happily accepted whatever was given to them. Rainer, however, still hasn't quite got the concept of receiving gifts and insisted on giving the gift BACK to Santa.

The to-ing and fro-ing went on for a couple of minutes accompanied by raptuous laughter from parents and siblings (it really was funny!!) until one smart cookie grabbed the present and took the paper off for Rainer. I think he got it then!!

Caught up with Alan, Kathy, Jake and Sophie on Saturday at Noosaville. Kathy lost her Dad a couple of months ago so we chatted about how we think our Mums are going to cope. It was probably the best chat I've had with Kathy in 10 years. Kids had a ball in the pools and naturally had the odd barney. They are so cute together but really challenging. Alan and Jake came to Brisbane on Sunday night to go to the Roar game with Michael and Mackinley on Sunday night and slept over. I could tell Mackinley was really upset that Jake was leaving so soon - Jake's the only cousin he has to himself when we see them and they both love Rugby League too. I hope we'll see them again at Easter.

Caught up with the old Pre-School/Cubby Mums last night at The Grove downstairs. Lots of laughs, a few drinks but the food was CRAP!! We ordered some platters because Loretta had done so for a work function a week or so ago, but what we got was mostly party pies, sausage rolls and potato wedges!! I'm sorry, but we're done with the kids' parties for the year and actually wanted GROWN-UP FOOD!! The food upstairs from the menu is fantastic but we won't be having a function there if that's what they offer for nearly $20 per head!!! Got better value for money at Hotel LA with the SPC Mums' Night Out.

Lastly, heard this on the radio today on the way home from Indro (my "escape" at French Twist.....mini quiche and coffee....ah, alas, not again till next year). But the first time I'd actually listened to the lyrics. Damn bawled my eyes out!! Good thing I know the road. Here's to anyone who wants to cry out loud or at the top of your voice scream STOP!!

Who's gonna pick you up?
Who's gonna bend your rules?
Who's gonna be your prop?
Who's gonna play your fool?

Nobody know just how it feels today
Nobody sees how our hearts break

Who's gonna watch your back?
Who's gonna reel you in?
Who'll make surprise attacks?
Who's gonna be there at the end?

Nobody knows just how it feels today
Nobody sees how our hearts break

Who's gonna bring you round?
Who's gonna let you sleep?
Who's gonna break your frown?
Who's gonna fall down at your feet?

Nobody knows......

be strong....

Monday, 10 December 2007

Big Catch-Up Post...cold drink at the ready......

Well, it's been a draining couple of weeks, capped off by the death of Clint's Dad one week after mine. That was incredibly freaky as Clint's and my birthdays are exactly one week apart. Yes, the parallels are too disturbing to continue. The funeral was as I expected. Jenni was there and we're catching up next week. Can't wait. I cried more last Friday than I did at Dad's funeral which I thought I might. Was anonymous at Tony's so could weep my little eyes out. It was good!!!

Here's the layout from last month's 123 Challenge. I doesn't look finished but enjoyed playing with the KindyGlitz. Still working on December's in between Inkredible projects.

I got some KaiserCraft paper and some Scrapabet chipboard and did this for the shop. I love the weight of this paper. Reminds me of Basic Grey, Fancy Pants, Scenic Route....all my favourites that don't mind taking a beating!!

And here's another (with detail)

Also got some KaiserCraft stars and used one as a stamp. Nice and simple.

Joined a Christmas Card swap over at Bon's last month and this is my effort. The ones that came back were great and so varied. The family is going to love receiving them.

AND LASTLY, here's what I'll be teaching this Saturday. BG Infuse paper, some dry embossing, Iridescent Medium, lots of cutting and layering and PAINT, naturally.

Mackinley has finished/survived Year 1 and we are suffering "post-school-traumatic-syndrome" or as I'd like to call it "Mr Cranky Pants Returns"!!!! I think he's just exhausted.....I'm exhausted. Thankfully Rainer has another week so we can catch up on sleep before he tires us BOTH out.

We have so much to do in the coming weeks but I'm glad we finished one project....


Bought a brand new one from Myer. It's over 2 metres high but we had to squish the branches at the back a little so it'd fit in the house LOL!! It'll look FABULOUS in the new house (whenever that happens). Haven't quite got all the decorations I wanted but we can add to it each year. Lots of hand-made ones are up, as well as monogrammed baubles.

And of course, "Nonno Angel", as Mackinley calls it.

be strong....

Thursday, 6 December 2007

I heard this again on JJJ the other day and was fluctuating between laughing my head off and doing the "hmmm, yeah" nod. Must have look like a nutter in the car!!

So quirky. Love Joshie!!

There was a wait in the water, A weight in the air.
If I'd waited any longer an additional fare.
And they can keep you around like a head on a stake,
I guess the industry found a use for my name sake.

I built my calluses up, from fooling on the guitar.
I keep them hard in the midst of what seems soft and bizarre.
And ephemeral notions like a song are a curse,
offering a return but making me feel worse.

If you want to quit, you should quit like a winner.
Cut your losses and extricate yourself from the bidding.
And tell your friends that you could've if you'd wanted to,
And tell yourself that it's strong to make a hard call.

And if you want to try you should try like a loser,
Who keeps on betting their life on a slow horse,
And every year well she gets a little more tired,
You're still betting, cheering her on.
By then I'll bet you'll be gone.

Sometimes I get to a point where little problems seem too big for me.
And then I let them unravel like a line in the ocean sinking down into the density.
And when the pressure becomes the same amount as what's inside of me.
Well I can sink and explode or hold my breath until I float,
I gamble on my own biology.
The barnacles on the ladder bleed my feet while they set a good example in tenacity.

If you want to quit, you should quit like a winner.
Cut your losses and extricate yourself from the bidding.
And tell your friends that you could've if you'd wanted to,
And tell yourself that it's strong to make a hard call.

And if you want to try you should try like a loser,
Who keeps on betting their life on a slow horse,
And every year well she gets a little more tired,
You're still betting, cheering her on.

And when the others are all fed and watered,
You're still betting and cheering her on.
You're still betting and cheering her on.
By then I'll bet you'll be gone.

be strong!!