Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh, Neglected One....

I will update you soonest.

THANK YOU for all your supportive words regarding the vaccination issue. I know you all have your children vaccinated (as Mackinley is and will continue to follow the schedule, just in case you were wondering!) and prevention of disease is one of the 20th Century medical miracles.

Rainer is a completely different biochemistry and will need to be monitored continually. If anyone in his class gets sick, I'll have to get him from school until the infection clears. So, very little for other parents to do as it's me and my child who carry all the risk.

Funny that some people don't understand that!!


We hosted the Australia Day BBQ yesterday.

The power cut off this morning and we missed the alarm clock.

Rainer began Prep today.

Mackinley is starting tomorrow and has his mate Lachlan here for a play.

I'm going to catch the challenges at Bon's CC tonight. Not sure about how much chatting I'll do, but I desperately need to do Peta's Blinder while I'm cooking biscuits, bread and a new chicken dish!!

and remember...

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


No, not the female version..


It's a bit frantic here at the moment, so apologies to especially TAMARA who uppped me for it today (heehee, I still love you).

We are busy....
Michael is back at work (grrrr....) so no-one is running interference for me
Mackinley's friends are all still on holidays, so Mum is mega-boring
Rainer has begun the Wilbarger Protocol, which essentially is body brushing every two hours (for the next 3 months)

Time literally flies when you're watching the clock - believe it or not!! You'd think it'd be the other way around. Yikes. And the detox his body is going through.....OMG, the nappies, the pegs (for my nose), the non-toxic air freshener, the incense! That tells me it's working!

Thank you to the ever fab-o Renee Dowling and Karlene Fahey. I haven't got to you yet Kars, but will very soon :-)))))

Also, I've been busy getting angry about the effects of water fluoridation, especially on Rainer. At this stage we are buying Pureau water from Woolworths, but for the long term, a Reverse Osmosis Filter to turn it into "dead" water, followed by a volcanic rock water energising filter will be needed. I don't think Ruddy's $1000 is going to cover it. Someone needs to have a little chatzy with Anna Bligh or else stage a Mutiny!!

And then I find this article....
by Robyn Wuth
got me so mad, I had to respond. And so did the rest of the BioMed community.

I guess as far as "Investigative Journalism" goes, this woman will NOT be winning a Walkley Award anytime soon!! Gutter, trashy, stream-of-consciousness waffle. I can't believe she would have been PAID for that rubbish.

And that, my friends, is how I spend my week. Defending my decisions to treat my Autistic son the best way I know how. It's weary but I know I'm doing the right thing and people like Robyn Wuth will simply spend the rest of their life blaming someone else for their problems.

Ah, so nourishing!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

2 Layouts to Share

OMG...yes, it's true.
Not only do I have a newly designed scrap room, but I managed to complete TWO layouts.

First for Liz Weber who has a new blog A Page from My Sketchbook. It's a ripper of a sketch and she has a wonderful creative team.

I mixed the sketch up a little but it IS based on the sketch, if you think laterally!!!

The second has a bit of a story to it. I received my e-newsletter from Creating Keepsakes and it had a link to a digi template and tutorial by Jessica Sprague.


I think I'm in digi heaven. Jessica's tutorial was so easy to understand and the commands were the same in PSE4.0 (no, not upgrading...too skint and really don't need it.)

So, I did a template using photos of Rainer by Rachel Richter

(digi papers: Little Dreamer Designs Vintage Dreams Retro)

and dabbled into the dark world of HYBRID SCRAPPING and created this layout using Cosmo Cricket PP

The little journaling card, bottom right, was a purchase from Calli & Mo, the vintage shop in Denver. How gorgeous!!

Since the shopping spree last week, I've kept all the tags and have been using them on the layouts. They are so arty these days - bet you can't pick them!!

Here are 4 books that I bought in Denver, Colorado and have been inspiring me in so many ways since. Kinda like an epiphany!

And THIS magazine

I must have read it a million times on the plane to the USA!! I just picked up Jan/Feb's issue and it hasn't disappointed - once again.

Vivian Bonder is running her altered journal online class again soon. I'm not missing it this time!!

I am working on my goals (and layout of..) based on my ONE WORD - nourished which I have now changed to
Came across this blog called Homegrown Hospitality and just couldn't help myself.

I would love to see someone else do a really simple doodle like this, based on their word for 2009. Mine is done with watercolour pencils, but I really wanted the Twinkling H2Os. Can you see where Rainer tried to "help" me with the colouring? Tiny smudge but I don't care.

Take care and share...

Thursday, 1 January 2009


Yes, everything is going to be focused on NEW in 2009.

I have my new word

Rainer begins a new school (or two LOL) and has a fantastic NEW occupational therapist.

Mackinley begins a new year and has a NEW teacher (god help her! i've seen her class list, she'll need it!!)

I'm working on some NEW projects

and I've made some NEW year resolutions

(Thank you for those who have shared their NEW WORD for 2009. I think it's great that each of us has a focus for the year because sometimes lots of individual goals get lost in the busy nature of the year. )

I'll be stamping the words from 2008 and 2009 on my craft room wall (if DH lets me).

Here's another pic from the ScrapBoutique day that I need permission to upload first (you'll see why)
Me and the fabulously funny/hysterical/naughty KERRY MURRAY

Jolene Pienaar had made these truly decadent meringues with caramel in the centre. I suffer from loopy sugar overload now when I go to these crops. I just become too silly.

I scrapped too.
This is Peta's sketch challenge at Bon's Scraps

Chinese New Year is the same day as Australia Day this year. I hope the gang can all make it again. Angela organises a great night for everyone.

I went to visit Belinda's blog and found a link to this

on the American Crafts blog/gallery. Then had to go to the Williams' last night to see their new house and have NYE drinks. PERFECT INSPIRATION.
Came up with this...

in one day!!! How pleased was I with myself??? We filled it with chocolates which went down a treat after copious amounts of champagne (for me and Jo) and a big BBQ steak dinner. Yummo!

A lovely card from my friend Michele in San Francisco. Thank you my dearest. We met on a Contiki tour in 1992 and haven't missed many Christmases of writing since.

This is THE book Michael gave me the night of my birthday!

sooo special.

Maybe I should upload one piece of advice a week and let's see if we can be better women. You'd be surprised at how "modern" some of the advice is. I was pretty shocked that this was coming from women in 1913!!!

Absolute pearlers...

There are so many NEW CHALLENGES AND COMPETITIONS to dip into already this year. However, I will remain my NEW focused self and not give into temptation at the first whiff of a "dare you to do...". I'm hoping that the boys will settle into the new school year and for the first time in a long time, I can relax and breathe a little deeper.

I deserve it!!