Wednesday, 29 April 2009


one energetic, capable, PERSONAL ASSISTANT!!!!!

Seriously, the last couple of weeks have been great, seeing the boys back at school and Rainer just MOTORING through life....


the amount of crapola I've put up with from builders, chasing up medical records for Rainer, making appointments (and keeping them), downloading photos, writing another social story (DONE...woohoo) and just filling out all the forms for Dr Neubrander....


Sometimes I feel so abandoned and alone. I feel like I'm pushing shit up hill. I do not take abandonment very well. I've had a recurring dream since I was young about being abandoned...horrible, horrible, horrible but that's for another post or perhaps a layout.

At least I did a load of creating last month and there's much more yummy stuff coming in the post.

I did this.......(THANK GOD!!)

My very first completed page from Vivian Bonder's ART JOURNAL SERIES WORKSHOP. I forgot how much I love doing this stuff. It's only about A5 size but SO MUCH FUN to look at.
Thank You Vivian for reminding me how good ART is.

the PERSONAL ASSISTANT'S job is still up for grabs. Need to have nerves of steel, be an expert in Bio Medical terminology, all forms of ASD therapy and their associated terms, remuneration is very poor....well, okay non-existant (I only get $110/fortnight Carer's Allowance for Pete's Sake!!) but you'll be in my SPARKLING company for the entire time!!!!

MY INKREDIBLE DT LAYOUTS ARE ON THEIR BLOG, it's a new blog so go here
or click the link on the sidebar.
I will post some "how to's" when I get a chance to scratch the personal stuff aside.

Off to Sydney tomorrow. The appoitment is Friday morning. Rainer is just DELIGHTFUL this term and already showing a glimpse of the boy he really MUST be. My eyes are bursting with happiness.

no time to....

but will need to when this is all over.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Thanks AGAIN Ngaire...

for two more excellent classes!

The first class used lots of MM PASSPORT, as yet unfinished. Need to put 2 small photos where all the blue paper is, and journaling, of course.

And the second class surprised me. Didn't think it would work with a boy photo, but with enough brown and teal ink, and not too many flowers (LOL), Mackinley really did like it when I showed him.

I will never look at a DOILEY the same way again!!!!

More awesome-ness in May. Can't wait.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

She did a BAD BAD thing!!

Oh yes, did I ever!!
After weeks of penny-pinching I finally succumbed to the temptation of a new scrap shop "Flourish" at Carina. It's really close to Mum's so I dumped the boys and took a solo trip today. I loaded up on some extra bits and pieces I haven't seen before and the whole lot of Pink Paislee's "fetching" range.
Ouch ...
Learned that the owner Jan, is also on the 123 Challenge Creative Team!! Will wonders never cease? I am so excited about finally choosing new stuff to play with that I'm sure I'll be creating like crazy next week.

On the home run with my DT stuff for Inkredible so will be able to share very soon (YAY). Ngaire is teaching again this Saturday. WOOHOO, another day to myself.

Here's my 123 Challenge layout for April.

paint splatters, stamping stamping and more stamping and using only scraps. Yes, that would be the sole of my Colorado slides I used as a background stamp. Gorgeous, isn't it? What does the sole of YOUR shoe look like? Try putting paint on it and "walking" over cardstock...very cool. Even the cardstock was from the REJECT pile.
I still get excited about the 123 challenges every month even though we are spoilt for choice when it comes to challenge blogs.

at White With One. I get a fantastic voucher at Uproar to Scrapmore!! I see Dalena has the new Fancy Pants coming!!!! Mmmmmmmm....... Thanks ladies!!


We certainly did. Mum is off on Sunday to trip around her homeland for 6 months. She's very teary, but I think she'll be fine.

The lovely Renee Dowling and her kids came for a play yesterday.

(l-r: Kye, Mackinley, Elly, Zach. absent/behind the scenes: Rainer, Gi and Renee -ha)
EXHAUSTING.....but AWESOME FUN!! Karelene couldn't make it. Miss Scarlet was unwell.
Next time Kars!!!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Blog hopping

Like the bad girl I am...instead of housework (how many piles of folded laundry can cover a couch? competition happening here) I am blog-hopping.

But not the usual suspects (apologies to my regular blog friends). I'm discovering, or rather re-discovering Dutch Scrappers!!

I came across Birgit Koopsen's blog and remembered why I love these girls. They are FEARLESS, LIVELY scrappers, they mix colours, textures and ideas together that just SING to me.

Here is her PAGE A WEEK blog entry
and now I feel very ashamed at my SCRAP YOUR YEAR efforts :(

I feel like I need some time out to figure out exactly what I like to do CREATIVELY and if indeed I have the courage to follow through. Scrapping is a very safe project space in my head. Do I have the headspace to venture elsewhere yet?
Hmmm, much to ponder young Padawan!!

Earthquake in Italy

Mum made some calls last night and it seems that our family are all okay, at this stage. L'Aquila was the worst hit, which is very close to where Dad's family are from. Lots of damage and tremors felt from Rome (west coast) to Francavilla (Mum's home town on the east coast). L'Aquila is in the heavily mountainous region in the centre.

Will update the blog when I hear more. Mum has an appointment with the Italian Consulate office today anyway to organise things before she leaves in 2 weeks.

Obviously she's upset, but we're determined that she go to Italy anyway if it's safe enough.


Monday, 6 April 2009

AJS pages ~ kids ~ SYY


(this is my fave...used Iridescent Medium blobs instead of paint.....cooowul!!!)

Stay tuned for Lesson 2!!

Alma Park Zoo mini album
Buzz&Bloom dinosaur album (so very cool), Fancy Pants pps, bits of Love, Elsie, Grungeboard (Mackinley's fave stuff, believe it or not!!)

It's great to finally be catching up on the pile of mini albums waiting to be DONE!!

Year 3D Prayer Mat
Have been working on this baby for a few sessions. They had their own piece of calico to paint a design on and I finally sewed it together (with Mum's help!!) the other week.

We are putting the final touches on a HUGE HUGE wall mural.


(can you see me in the middle?? that's me in my wedding dress!! had to amuse Mum and try it on...insisted on the very cute crepe myrtle flowers OMG....far out, it's been almost 10 YEARS!!! not bad for an old duck!! QUACK!)

And - stupidly (or not) I bought a copy of HANDMADE and this website caught my eye!! Something different and I'll be up for a challenge with the old sewing machine soon enough LOL.


Friday, 3 April 2009

bumper March

Well, I think I'm well and truly over the MOJO-HUMP and to celebrate Inkredible have asked me back to CREATE for them once again. It's been a long time between drinks, but I was so excited to collect my kit today!! Lots of KAISER yumminess. Can't wait to play!!!!

Here's the tail end of the SCRAP OVERLOAD over at Bon's this month.
sandie's sketch challenge

charm's blind scrap (thanks for the win too Charm {hugs})

bon's colour challenge

Peta's online class

(with Deb - my new scrapping partner in crime)

I'm also joining in the SCRAP YOUR YEAR challenge. I've missed out being in the running for an album, but it's great to get each month DOWN!! Will be a great gift for Michael's parents. (uploads another day)

Blood test for Rainer on Wednesday was HORRIBLE. He has massive bruises on both arms. Good thing is that they got enough blood to perform the MILLION things Dr Neubrander needs and already have the results.

We are having a great dumping of rain which managed to hold off long enough for the DRAGONS to defeat the BRONCOS. So far Mackinley has a 100% win-attendance record with the Dragons at Suncorp. He reckons they should turn up for his Birthday this year!!! Funny boy.

Next time will have Inkredible uploads, Scrap you Year uploads, the artwork I've been helping with in Mackinley's classroom and some cards using my scraps. ALSO, with some luck, Vivian's Art Journal Series papers!!

until then....