Sunday, 29 August 2010

colour + sketch + lift

"together" - this is the colour challenge for Bon's CyberCrop. BLACK, WHITE, PINK... (Aren't they just the cutest couple??? If they're lucky I might just hand it over to them LOL)
{a very scrummy paper napkin}
must use this quote and a word repetitively...
it's a secret where I got that lace. I could tell you but then...well, you know what'll happen ... bwahahahaaa

"happy" - Stuck?! sketch #1 for August. Well I had to get this done with the boss of Stuck?! looking over my shoulder!!!

and lastly
"naughty corner" - the scraplift challenge at Bon's CyberCrop. We're lifting Tara Scobie who is always a delight to see in the gallery!

Thanks to Crystal and Sara for a lovely night of scrapping. I really miss company while crafting, it was such a great escape.
Buggered to nap.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

sketch + award + inspiration

I had fun with this.....
"my friend dylan" - Nic's CyberCrop Sketch challenge at Bon's Scraps
incorporated the title in the not-so-random letters...
and the last bit of the title here.
That white mess is my handmade flower LOL.
Cut the knot off a string bag and heated it up...perhaps a little too much. But everything is fixed with Prima :)

Thanks to Nicole the CRAFT QUEEN for this beautiful award.

Now I have to nominate 10 blogs I LOVE
Corey Moortgat
Claudine Hellmuth
Vivian Bonder
Seth Apter
Alisa Burke
Kerry Murray
Altered Book Lover
123 Challenge
Linda B
I hope there is some new inspiration for you in that list.

PLUS....mention 10 THINGS ABOUT, well, "me"
1. I am short.
2. I have long hair.
3. I drive a daggy but awesome Nissan Pulsar aka "speed machine"
4. I like to have my hair washed by someone else.
5. I like my meals to be cooked by someone else. (see a pattern emerging here???)
6. I enjoy being alone, but love the company of others.
7. Colour on fingernails - maybe, colour on toenails - yes!
8. I can wear any colour at all...white is sometimes a problem, but most any other colour is fine.
9. I share maybe 10% of what really goes on in my life...what's the point of the other 90%??
10. I love Triple J. (yes, even at my age - pmsl)

I've joined The Brave Girls Club. I have to say, each day's emails have me howling at my keyboard which I guess is a good thing (see point #9 above). It's run by Melody Ross and her website has a mantra which I found really really good for a number of reasons.
Thought I'd share it....
Not only are the words pretty cool, but visually, it's got me thinking as well.
Hmmmm, what could I mean?
You'll need to stay tuned until 1st September **wink wink**

Friday, 27 August 2010

A special Lady

Here's the mixed media project for the school Dinner Dance auction tomorrow night. I tells eyes are buggin' outta my head!! I'm exhausted but glad she's finished.
Originally, this was inspired by the Let's Get Shabby challenge site, then it kinda got put aside and slowly morphed into this project for the school. Loads of inspiration from my favourite people.....Kelly Rae Roberts...
Corey Moortgat....
and Claudine Hellmuth.....
and just about every woman who has lent me their wings when mine were in need of are all fab ladies who really give me such a boost each and every day.
AND I've made cutesy little calling cards to sit next to it ****shriek****
I wonder how much my little Lady will raise?
Stay Tuned Peeps....

Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Pirate-y Layout

There's nothing like a little Pirate action to get me scrapping!!
"that face" - the monthly sketch challenge over at Bon's
some layered rub-ons (great for really old ones that aren't in their prime)
punches...I only have the classic hole punch and a swag of dies for my Cuttlebug. These are denim flowers using Tim Holtz Alterations "Tattered Flowers" die.....noice!!
and everyone asks about the barbed's from Dusty Attic.
Did you know that if you sprayed the chipboard with water, you can bend it really easily???
That's my tip for today.
Off you go now and bend some chipboard.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Scrap the Boys + my hubby

I seem to have found Miss Mojo **squeal**.

beach sports - August Scrap the Boys...focus this month is on flowers.

Putting flowers on a layout is way too easy. Kinda like doing GIRL LAYOUTS **snort**...just want to do boy stuff on a boy challenge site (sigh).

I bought these Tim Holtz stamps yesterday (naughty naughty) but they go perfectly with everything!! Golden Beach is not your "yellow sand/blue water" kinda beach so needed to find different papers and embellies.

And some of my fave Fancy Pants stamps also. I stamped the frame on the photo, then again on acetate and lay it over the photo....noice!

Here's a funny story.
This next layout began life as Challenge #20 at The Color Room. But then wanted to add different colours, so adjusted it to suit the sketch challenge at Bon's Scraps. Then found the criteria didn't suit what I wanted this layout to be. And so.......

a "no-challenge-no-sketch-no-nothing" layout....A-MAZING!!
just alone -

How much fun was this...layering rubons and clear stickers from Pink Paislee...

Gosh, picked these gorgeous Prima blooms from my shopping spree yesterday.

On a roll, so will pop in again soon. Have another layout drying on my table .....

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Write Now....

I am scrapping...
feel - Bon's Write Now challenge was to use a head shot, minimal patterned paper, focus and journal about one word
If you like your scrapping to be all "butterflies and daisies", do NOT read the journalling LOL...
..yes, at times I behave like an Emotional Cripple and refuse to acknowledge others around me and quite frankly, become a narky cow. This is what the journalling is all capacity to FEEL ... or not!
I cut up a gorgeous bit of Twiddleybits chipboard, and even used another as a stamp.
And if you want to know how I did this to my photo....
I actually made a video of it!!!
Once I work out how to edit and post it...I will share! I do some horrible things to my photos thanks to people like Karen Michel, Corey Moortgat and Vivian Bonder who show me it's okay to embrace a precious memory, rather than the photo itself being precious.

Friday, 20 August 2010

A Little Jack

I decided since I was being Jacked this month, that I would have a go at jacking someone else....and I like it!!
this is my jack of Tracey St Johnwood
the quote is from William Shakespeare's sonnet (sorry, can't remember which one) but reads
...and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked
I cried to dream again.

with huge doses of influence by Corey Moortgat and her book "The Art of Personal Imagery"
It was made on a scrap piece of timber (30x10cm) and collaged, painted, dripped, stamped, pinned and there's a photo on there too, along with an earring.

I'm in a bit of a creative funk right really struggling to manifest these ideas. I'm also happy with my 123 Challenge layout, but that's for September, so you'll have to wait...LOL.

Off to "fix" the other layouts on my desk {{rolls eyes dramatically}}

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Remembering the Past

These last few weeks had me thinking about my loved ones I miss.

You are my reason - The Color Room challenge #17


My Nonna hasn't been with us for a long time now, but I still reckon she's close by, keeping an eye on me. I feel her presence almost every day.
These Technique Tuesday stamps are awesome. Use them straight....
....or make them bend to your will.

Also, on 28th July, Dad would have turned 80. Amazing that he's been gone nearly 3 years.
We cut some wattle from our garden and took the family for a visit.

A very emotional few weeks. And it's Mum & Dad's Wedding Anniversary today. They would have been married 45 years!
I don't have a copy of their Wedding Photo, but this is them with Rita on her Christening Day the year after.

Friday, 6 August 2010

It's all good

Yes, I think it is when you can scrap your In-Laws in a positive light
I think I've developed an aversion to cardstock - really!
When you're short and all your jeans need altering, good idea to ask for the cut-off bits to be returned so you can wack them through the Cuttlebug!
some paint, rubons, felt heart...and they're all happy!

Let's not forget the 123 Challenge for August
the word = SUNSHINE
the colour = YELLOW
the technique = MISTING
(and, I'm pretty sure I'm the first to make Iced-Tea sexy *snort*)

Okay, the trick is to lay everything down before you mist.
Do all your painting with the bubblewrap or corrugated cardboard, pop your photo on, do more painting on the photo (gasp) and then lay down your alphas.
Make a mask for your photo so you don't lose the poor thing, then mist lightly, on an angle so it doesn't look like a huge blob.

Carefully, remove the alphas (mine were old Kaisercraft wooden alphas) and when dry, outline with a white paint pen (from the newsagent).
You may have to do this a few times to get a solid between glasses of iced-tea!!
Finally, add more bubble wrap to soften the edges of your misting, add some token flowers (coz it's eeeeasy) and a cute butterfly.
It also helps if you have a gorgeous background patterned paper to begin with. This was from Bon's Scraps shop. It's been restocked so no excuses now!!!

Monthly Challenges are going off everywhere!! A good time to stop and drink it all in...with some iced-tea perhaps????
Happy creating.
It's been an "eventful" week...glad it's almost over!!