Friday, 31 August 2007

Last Scrap for August

Well, I managed to SQUEEZE out 2 more layouts before I turned into the veritable pumpkin.

Here's my 123 monthly layout. I found this quote while waiting for my Brow Wax at The Brow and Skin Studio (Sherrill is fantastic) in "O" magazine.....yes, I know, BLERK...but it's the only mag she has...and it's pretty handy for the quotes.

I found the fabric at Skafs and I think it's a quilting design. I bought it by the panel. There's about 5 designs on the panel and they were variations of green. This one was the coolest, although the one with the Chinese characters comes a close second.

These clear Maya Road blossoms from Scrap Therapy were awesome!! Easy to paint, easy to staple and easy to add rub-ons.

The chipboard flourish is a Scraplet one from Inkredible. It's massive! And wide enough to add the obligatory journaling.

I made it though to the second round of the Scrap Therapy Design Team comp. This challenge was based on the 123 concept. Had to use 3 or more photos, emobssing and buttons. Everyone's choosing buttons lately....I had to go to Spotlight this morning and find some. Luckily I found these Italian beauties!!!

Cost a bomb but the layout turned out well.

Now I just need to find enough people to vote for me to get to round 3 (hehe)!!!! Lots of great talent, so voting will be tight again this round.

Builder is back on track after going AWOL for a couple of months. I hope to get a phone call next week to say plans are finished and we can have a look. I really thought we'd have started by now, but he's lucky I've "leaned" to be patient in my old age!!

Got ATCs from the swap at Bon's Scraps and they're gorgeous (will upload later, blogger naughty), and I posted the chipboard swap packs off to Sonia at Forever Always, and need to get cracking on the ATC swap at Scrap Therapy next week. Have fallen behind but thankfully a new month begins tomorrow and can start afresh!!

Sadly, cancelled my membership at the gym. Just not getting there in the mornings because it was just bedlam when I got home. Needed to keep the mood calm in the mornings and the gym had to give. Luckily though, Karen is going to donate a visit pack when I finally get this fundraiser off the ground for AEIOU.

Happy Father's Day

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Rainer Speaks!!

We've heard some great words coming from Rainer this last week....and I couldn't be happier. Last Monday we went to see Dr Gary Deeds, a GP who specialises in treating children with autism. I really didn't know what to expect, in fact, I was a little sceptical because it seems EVERYONE'S an expert when it comes to "other" people's children. He disarmed me in about 30 seconds. Much of what he explained to me about how the body works made sense...he didn't know that I did HPE to Year 12, or that over the years my Naturopaths have trained me well!!

Essentially, Rainer is on a really simple treatment of Fish Oil, Zinc and Epsom Salt baths. After about 3 days of doing these simple things, we started to hear REAL words and DELIBERATE speaking. He is saying "come" and "again" more often without prompting, he said "yukky" when I was removing his wet shorts, and when Michael came through the door the other day, he said "Dad-Dad". Tonight when he wanted to go to bed, he said "Cudda" (cuddle). I nearly cried!!!!

After 2 1/2 years of having nothing precise coming out of Rainer's mouth, this was BEAUTIFUL!! He is calmer at AEIOU and more willing to participate in the rotations, he even sat for story time - a MAJOR achievement for Rainer, who just wants to run and run and run all day long.

So, to say I've been a little distracted from more important things, like scrapbooking and blogging {LOL}, is an understatement. I just feel like this is Rainer's time and MY time to finally get him to where he needs to be. I now see that the decision to "retire" from teaching was the absolute correct thing to do, because no child is more important than your own.

However, I have done some creative stuff. Most of it is still in my head and I fear that I won't have the time to start many of the challenges from the CyberCrops at 123 Challenge, Scrapbook City (I think the deadline for this was Sunday night), Bon's Scraps or Forever Always. I might get to one from each, but even that might be stretching it. Sooooo frustrating!!!

I stamped some cotton gloves for RAKs at Bon's (super easy to make), finished off Bon's Monthly Layout Competition "White Winter"

This was a tough one because it doesn't get "white" in Brisbane in's extremely sunny, it rarely rains (except for ALL of last week......which was AWESOME) and we spend a LOT of time outdoors. I even emailed Michele in San Francisco and she sent me a heap of the kids in the snow...I was that desperate!! I still might scrap them in a mini book for her and send it with the pencils.

Last Friday spent a lovely VIP evening at Inkredible. Supper and a layout class....NICE WORK Tamara and Kathleen!! Fabulous idea and great discounts on the night. I'd already spent too much money the week before and picked up the new Kaiser Craft papers for cheap, and now more temptation!!!! I had to be very good. More yummy papers arriving soon....YAY!!

Used some yummo 7 Gypsies paper and stickers. Love how I could put the photo in later. I've run out of photo paper so it'll have to wait.

Also did another page for Lilly's wedding album. Like this one of Phil. This was 13 years ago....I look soooo young!!

Would LOVE to work with BG's new Obscure range...but might have to wait.

Tomorrow is Rainer's half day, so no time for scrapping (boohoo).

I've made it into Round 2 of the Design Team comp at Scrap Therapy. I know....I said no DTs this year, but technically it's for most of NEXT year!! LOL.

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


You left a message on my blog but I can't find your link to your blog.......hopefully you'll read this and contact me again.

Bad Girl!!!!

Well, actually we've all been sick here. So instead of blogging I've just been managing to scrap and nap and clean and dispense medication. I think everyone in the whole nation is feeling it, so 'nuff said.

I has been a busy girl, and thanks Tanya for tagging me....NOT!! I'll get that one out of the way! You know I love you Tanya - heehee.

Yes, I officially RAAAAAWWWWWK!!!! And at my age, I have to say THANK YOU TANYA!!!!
So, 5 girlies I think RAWK are Charm, Fran T, Jodi, Relsi and Bec
And to the scrapping....because the fact that I was in bed for 3 days last week, hallucinating that my hands were on fire, really isn't that interesting!!!!

Finally finished the layout from Ngaire Bartlam's class at Inkredible. Thanks Ngai for being so nice and not giving me too much shit because it's taken me soooooo long.
I think it looks cool. Fancy that, me and pink!!

Trying to keep up with Charm and her August Art Journal. I used the photo that I altered in Photoshop. This is the "What is my Star Sign" layout.

I finally began Lilly's Wedding Album. All her photos are 5x7 but she doesn't want 12x12 layouts. Luckily she's letting me cut, crop and alter the photos as much as I want. Here's the first page, but not necessarily the front page. Used a Becky Fleck sketch and sent it to Fireside Crafts for their Monthly Comp. Have a look at the entries. Mine's all squishy...haha!! I hope to win but they're all sooooo good.

Scrap Therapy had their Cyber Crop so long ago, I've forgotten when - LOL!! Actually, it was only on the 3rd but managed to get all 3 done. Deadline was the Monday night which was great. Sometimes you need another day to get it all done.

Challenge One - to find inspiration (ie, scraplift LOL) from the gallery

Challenge Two - find inspiration from mag submissions

Challenge Three - find inspiration from one of Jodi's sketches

I also did a mock 123 challenge there when I first "outed" myself. I just can't reveal my "serious" side enough LOL.

And Natalie has just announced the first 4 Design Team spots. The last spot is up for grabs from the original applicants. We have to come up with some cool stuff for the next 4 weeks. Wish me luck!!!

Bon's Monthly Layout comp for July was about "the love of your life". I'm still using Nikala O'Brien's photos from last August. I cropped this one of Michael and used the lyrics from The Killers.

And just finished the Button Challenge....and I stress Bon's. I couldn't help but use photos of the beautiful Meg. Ain't she sweet???

I call this a slow couple of weeks for scrapping. Haven't done half of what I want to accomplish, but I'm pacing myself. Don't want those hallucinations to wind up on a layout PMSL!!!!


Thursday, 2 August 2007

Oh Lordy....I've been discovered!!!!

Yes, it's true. Scrapbooking Memories have "discovered" me LOL!!!!

"Remains of the Day" will {hopefully} make it in the "In Review" gallery later this year or early next year. I think I was in shock when I got the email because I've just found a heap of grey hairs this morning!!

Many thanks to all of you who have been constantly kicking my arse to send these layouts to the mags!! And there have been so many of you that if I try to list them, I'll forget someone and then I'll have to send you a RAK to make you feel better!!

However, I'll believe it once I see it in print. They could decide to change tact and not publish, in which case I'll just have to remember how nice it felt to get the email from Krys!!

Can't wait to see the "SM NEWBIE" tag next to my name. How many copies should I buy????

On other scrapping fronts. Chinese Whispers II at Bon's Scraps is done. Here's a sneaky peeky. Only 2 others left in my group. HOpefully they don't take as long as I do LOL!! But I have been sick, so fair go!!

There's also the August Art Journal which should prove a challenge. Have to scan the Derivan Matisse website to find some art techniques to experiment with.

Cyber Crop entries for Bon's close FRIDAY MIDNIGHT!!! Won't embarrass myself again this month....such a loser sometimes....can't get my head around all the different challenges and dates so now I have a SYSTEM!!! Basically I cut and paste into word and then print it all out....great system....should copyright it!!

123 Challenge for August is up but July's winner hasn't been announced yet. I don't know how Charmane and Karlene choose. They just seems to get more and more entries each month. Congrats to them, they work hard at it.

Also starting the Sense of Happiness mini book at Scrap Therapy. Covers are nearly done. Looking forward to that too. I have their BINGO layout to finish by this Friday. Got Mackinley to choose the line....hmmmm, might not do that again!!

Scrap Therapy also have their Cyber Crop this Friday night. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

Thanks again to all of you
have been playing with Photoshop for Ngaire's Beautiful initiative layout. Man, I dig my eyebrows!! Sherrill is a genius...LOL.