Sunday, 21 November 2010

Not soooo Shabby!

I am a day late with this layout for Let's Get Shabby challenge. My primitive urge for sleep overtook all else.
Love it all the same.

This is one of the sewing box elements. A pack of press studs which initially I was going to use the front. When I turned it over I saw that Mum had written Dad's sister's name and some family members' numbers in Italy on the reverse. Really got a chill up my spine then, and decided that would be perfect.

Now that I'm a hopeless tragic with the alcohol inks, I altered a daggy Coles brand measuring tape with them to suit the layout colours.

Love my little pin cluster. Looks like a branch of wattle. Hand-coloured the $2 Shop doiley, again to suit the colour scheme.

Layered an Italian novel page and an Italian tag (from Stampington). So appropriate!! (I'm quite clever sometimes LOL)

And I had a request for what I used to alter the back of the photo in the DREAM layout. This is what I call Punchinella, but you probably call it something entirely different.

And THIS photo is huge. Why???
When you see the world differently, you also physically position yourself to view it all. Rainer's way was to get at eye level, usually on the floor, or side on, on a table/chair, so that he could control the input level.

This photo tells me that things are getting better. This week, he grabbed the chair and wanted to SIT and play. Might not seem much to the average bear, but to me it was a moment to finally see the fruits of such extreme labour and effort.

Time to open some more champers, me-thinks!!
Have one for me too this evening.

p.s. WINNERS from my online class "Sure Thing Mum" will be up later tonight on the class blog!! Congrats ladies.
Already cooking up ideas for the next class in 2011.

Friday, 19 November 2010

mixed media and layout frenzy ahead.......

Visual orgy ahead LOL.
It's been a while since I did any regular updating, so here goes.....

Mixed Media Monday Monthly
theme: BOX - use one somewhere, somehow
I've had this canvas on my shelf for ages, and finally had a great excuse to finish it.
I trimmed the photo to sit inside the box coz the chunky wings needed the joining knot to be covered somehow LOL

Are you a Gutsy Girl???
If you didn't think you were, I think you think you know you are now!!!
Did some creative accounting to get to this class last weekend. Lots of laughs (as per usual), food, inks, fumes, had by all.

The Creative Type
Use a quote from a movie in your title or journaling.
And raise your hand if you (not-so-secretly) love "The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl" ????
Very much in the "NeverEnding Story" genre, but we love it here.
I love altering photos by hand....

Bon's Scraps Room of The Month.
This one had a million versions before I ended with this...
me looking very shabby (fringe pulled back, no make-up) but I really don't care!! REally!! LOL

And my Roomie for the retreat, Raquel, gave me the lovely pp which was called GREAT SCOTT...had to laugh out VERY loud when I noticed it. Thanks Roomie.

And speaking of the Bon's Scraps are the layouts, finally!!

Photos swap time, Kel Roberts does a pic of Gigi & a different Kelly LOL

Charm's class (made some cute clay buttons...kewl)

This one's already framed...lurve it (and super cheap to make LOL)

Dannii Best decided at one point to step away from her sewing machine and get her hands "scrap dirty" again. I know she struggles with boy pages, but I just love this so far. A few more bits to add, but I love it!! Thanks sweetness.

And Sandie Mallon also stepped away from her poxy card making attempts to come back to what she does so so so very well.... stealing people's photos and rawk missy!!

and BREATHE!!!

I still have more to share, just not photographed. And I had 2 sick boys today so I missed my Friday Creative time....boohoooo - woe is me - blah blah blah.

Time's up girls unfortunately {insert sad face}
Thanks to everyone who purchased a class and to the wonderful layouts I've received that are all now in the "Galleria" on the class blog.
I also have an original Jilly G-G canvas to add to the prize pool **shriek** not sure I want to part with it though!
Winners announced next week.....super duper excitement plus over here.


Sunday, 14 November 2010

banner time + more mixed media

I spied this napkin at Coles during the week and couldn't wait to use it.
It's on the November Banner....
....added some watercolours, rubons and paint

And just couldn't help myself using it on another piece of 4"x2". This piece had a great gap in it which worked really well with the mirror image of the design and the twig.
The heart is made from squishing modeling paste through a stencil then colouring with metallic rubons (remember those???)
and of course, the text from an old novel.

Not sure who should get this one. I might just wait until someone gushes with admiration and surprise them with it.

Spent a glorious day yesterday with the Gutsy Girls making a gorgeous mixed media canvas. Not quite finished but will share soon, promise.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

123 November + mixed media goodness

This month's 123 Challenge is really skewed to male projects!!
colour - BLUE
word - LIVE
technique - DOODLING

Head on over to look at some more Creative Team goodness!!

Here is the mixed media timber collage piece I donated to the Carter-Murray family's fundraising Trivia Night.

I received an email yesterday from the lucky recipient. Her friend had bid on this auction piece as she knew she liked it. She was going to surprise her for her 50th birthday but caved and handed it straight to her!!

What a fantastic and beautiful story, don't you think??

I'm over the moon to have received such a wonderful, heartfelt email. Someone who takes the time to tell me how much they appreciate my work, is a treasure indeed.

Just the encouragement I need to make some more!!!!

Retreat goodness to follow soon!!!
(along with November's banner LOL)