Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Expo, The Tree, The Scarf, The Sneak

The Scrapbooking Expo a couple of weekends ago was great. Got to meet up with these 2 goooorrrrr-geous ladies for dinner on Sunday night. No need to go on here about how much they mean to me. They absolutely know already xoxo
and then met up with these 2 goooorrrrr-geous girls to wander through the expo on Monday.

Meanwhile, back at RealityVille, the much-cursed Tulip Tree you see below, has finally been removed....woohooooo!!!! We were hoping and praying that it would fall over in a big heap during that lovely (not) microburst storm in 2008, but alas not.
Working on my ridiculous stress levels means I've changed a few things in my life lately (yeah, just lately LOL). Mum decided I should knit again. So I did every night for about a week until I couldn't remember how to cast off!!!! Thankfully, one of the cardmakers at Inkredible was on hand to give me a demo. Now I have something PINK.
Only 2 more sleeps until the 123 Challenge for June is due. Luckily you get the opportunity to see a wee little sneak peek at my example for July's challenge. I tells ya, it's excitement....woohoooo!!
And lastly my youngest boy.
Ya kinda forget some days.
Wee laddy has been coughing since 3am and he's finally asleep at 3pm. Imagine having to deal with a coughing child and not being able to reach for an over-the-counter preparation....kinda puts my crazy shit into perspective, doesn't it???

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Just like ChildBirth..

I call this layout, my full birthing experience.
"Oh Baby" - the Write Now challenge at Bon's Scraps.

I sang to it, did a little work on it, then left it alone. Came and worked a little more, got my hands dirty. Walked away.....okay, I'll stop the metaphor, you get the idea.

Nic Pomeroy is the newest DT member at Bon's and this is her first monthly challenge for us. We have to find an old photo of ourselves (hence my nutty uploading on FaceBook) and write some pertinent information for your younger self.
Here's what it began as....

a big mish-mash collage of papers from the Boy Kit. Lots of gesso, gel medium, mists, unbleached titanium white (my new favourite colour), lots of scraping with a baby comb and clear gesso to seal the lot.

Then you try and make it look perty LOL.

And this layout, I call False Labour.

I had everything out but it didn't really happen for me. I like it, just know it needed more.

And then there's the layout I can't show you which is for Scrapbook Creations Top Ten feature -- you'll have to wait...teeheee!!

A week or so ago, I spent a morning with this lovely lady with whom I share an interesting history.

She married a guy I went to school with and in the meantime we discovered we are born on the same day and in the same hospital. Needless to say, although I haven't spoken to her in a very long time, thanks to FaceBook, it was like yesterday!!

I made her get down and dirty.......SCRAPPING GiGi STYLE!!!

I really enjoyed our morning and it made me like to create and teach others to create. Thanks Meliss....


Friday, 11 June 2010

I have scrapped..oh the joys!

After spending an indulgent morning with friends, I raced home in the hour I had left before collecting Rainer, and whipped this beauty up.

Bon's Sketch for July, using mostly bits from her June Boy Kit.

finding this next bit of type, was an absolute fluke...yeah, very arsy LOL

and Rainer has lost his third tooth. For a kid with lots of sensory issues, I can tell you Monday was NOT a happy day. He fretted over it for a very long time, but he's all good now (as you can see by the photo).

Up for a big one this weekend!!! Who's coming????

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Happy June!!

With a new header!!
Inspired by the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors;
thanks to serena wilson stubson for the workshop. I feel more of these collaged beauties will be happening soon *sigh* I'm really getting into this mag, it's sooo comforting!

And that's all I have to share right now.

There has been much going on at home that requires my undivided attention. Some of it regular stuff and some emotionally confronting and challenging. No points for guessing which child is bringing this upon me....{{snigger}}

Also I can't wait for the Scrapbooking Expo this long weekend at the Convention Centre. Hubby has even given me EXTRA time off, so it looks like I'll be there briefly on Sunday as well as all day Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to SEEK out all my cyberfriends <3

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

123 Challenge re-launch!!

Happy to announce the re-launch of 123 Challenge this month. Karlene and Charmane have asked me to stay on the Creative Team, which I was more than happy to do. Thanks girls.

A change in format....still three criteria:
can be submitted in any format...yipeee!!

June's criteria are:
and I decided to do an art journal page (surprise, surprise). It's approximately A5 size.

Here's an example of the type of paint smearing I began with....

then with masking tape, I made a stip pattern one way and painted with gesso, then wiped off the excess and put the tape the other way, painted again, wiped excess....

I embossed the chip frame with white embossing powder...twice LOL....

made myself a wee blossom with tulle and a gorge K&Co brad....

before all the elements went on, I glued some plain napkin with gel medium and made it nice and textured. There's a tiny rubover of light blue pastel...

Well, I hope everyone will enjoy the new format as much as I will!!
Go to the blog at 123 Challenge to look at the other CT members' gorgeous inspiration.