Sunday, 21 June 2009


every time I hear this word, I see visions of Kate Bush with her floaty, eccentric wonderfulness on a heather somewhere in northern hemisphere Springtime!!

I should lay off the caffeine for a while!!

Here's the layout from Ngaire's class a couple of weekends ago.

Escaped to Inkredible yesterday and managed to complete this layout, based on
Charmane's online class at Bon's.....

The basic elements are there but used Summer, not Winter papers and photo; and didn't stamp the background attempt looked seriously dodgy.

Loved the class anyway Charm {mwah}

Hubby and I went on a date last night. Managed a lovely, relaxing dinner at SIX DEGREES at Indooroopilly, followed by STAR TREK.....OH MY GOD. You need to see this movie on the big screen! Fantstic story and visuals....oh, so, interesting.

I'm becoming more disciplined on the domestic front which means, surprisingly (or not) more time for scrapping and arty stuff. I still have some lino cuts I want to share and USE, and more ideas for the ART JOURNAL.

Oh, and do I have some TRULY HAPPY MAIL to share with you .... as soon as the camera charges up. You will envy me to the ends of the Earth!!'s a good thing!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Instead of....

making whoopie with my bulging stash
I am blog-hopping for the month
and making whoppie with FaceBook!!!

Shoot me now!!

Nah, just jokes. I now love FB (much to DH's disgust LOL) and have found my beautiful Contiki buddy from San Fran!! Whit whooooooooo.
Not to mention the few old school pals (we have our TWENTY-FIFTH year reunion next to the plastic surgeon - HOHOHO!!) .... this is where you all comment...."oh my god Gi, you don't look THAT old!" hehe

Here's what I HAVE been whoopy-ing with the last week or so.

Ta Da - Another page for my ART JOURNAL (thanks again Vivian). Food isn't just food's way more complicated.

Decided to drop into Sarah Ward's new little enterprise at Scrapbook Savvy and do at least one challenge for her cybercrop. This was Mel's lucky dip.

Had to use:
G - ghost alphas/shapes
I - ink
O - organza ribbon (ta muchly pmsl)
V - vellum (i had absolutely none of this in my stash and was too lazy to leave the house, so used a Maya Road clear blossom)
Love the Rose Moka pp and my Fancy Pants stamps (yummmmy). These are photos of Rainer outside AEIOU one morning, refusing to get off the grass in the carpark. Thankfully those episodes are now very few and far between.

Then on Thursday, went to Flourish and did a class on, wait, Alcohol Inks with Karlene - yay!!! Thanks Kars, had the best time playing and having the huge chat afterwards. Also met in person (finally) the delightful Michelle Jamieson and her buddy Leanne Stammatellos. Huge fans, so it was nice to share a chat with these gorgeous girls too.

And guess what? Had no food in the house, but we all survived!!! Funny how a day without cooking can still be productive!!! 'mazing!

Rainer's had an awesome week. He's completely exhausted from his great gains in Term 2, but his OT was over the moon today in his session. I seriously thought she was going to cry. She figured 20 new or clearer words today!! WOW....what have I been doing????? Now a 6 year old birthday party to organise. His first birthday party since he was ONE! I'm nervous as hell.

Mackinley is motoring like the Duracell Bunny he is. We've had lots of talks to prepare, cubs meetings to attend and so the First Communion/Confirmation booklet is sadly behind schedule (strike me down). Half way through soccer season and tennis is finishing up this weekend.

Inkredible have a TWELVE HOUR (yes, 12 hours) crop tomorrow from 9am. Erm, won't be there for the 12 of them, but hopefully hubby will let me escape for a couple of hours (pweeeease!!). They have organised a few challenges for tomorrow so don't miss out.
They've also announced their first ever RETREAT at the end of August. Price includes a class by ---- Ngaire!

That's enough from me. My hands are frozen in this cold and draughty weatherboard house. Off to get cozy with my doona!!

because you know you want to....

and all you lurkers, please leave some lovin', share the warmth in this very brief cold-spell!! xxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

for My MUM!! (so it's a long post....)

Hi Mum and Hello Milena!!

This post is for my beautiful Mumuccia who is in Italy (still) and is staying with Milena at the moment. (I'm still trying to find my SKYPE things!!)

Mackinley played soccer on Saturday morning and scored TWO GOALS. He was very happy and excited Mum. Unfortunately, I was home with Rainer, and so missed it. Michael says they were both fantastic goals and he should be very proud of himself (I think he really is).

Mackinley had his 8th birthday party on Saturday. Two friends pulled out at the last minute and he was very upset, but the smaller number was better in the long run. The 3 friends arrived at our place at about 1.30pm then Michael took them to Replay (a games/video arcade) at Chermside Shopping Centre for a couple of hours and then when the parents came to collect them at about 4pm from our place, we had the back area decorated and had a BBQ and cut the cake and Rainer even helped to sing "Happy Birthday".

I only managed one photo of the cake. I had to bake a soccer field this year. I'm getting much better at icing a cake with coloured sugar (instead of icing) and making goal posts for every football code.

Mackinley received his copy of the Nicene Creed at Mass on Sunday. He still complains about going and I get upset, but then I realise that even WE used to complain sometimes and I wonder how that must have upset you.....and then I just tell him he will never go to Heaven if he can't sacrifice one hour of one week. We laugh, and then we walk together. It's nice.

His First Communion and Confirmation will be on 13th September. That's the last weekend they're having them. If you can't make it back don't worry. We would much rather you stay in Italy, enjoying your time relaxing and catching up and re-acquainting yourself with family and friends. We can easily celebrate again when you come back to Brisbane.

Mez, John and Sarah came down from the coast for Morning Tea after Mass on Sunday. They are fine and wish you well on your holiday. As you know Mez's Mum passed away last year and her Dad is also finding his way on his own. I made Sarah a little box to put whatever little girls put in boxes (haha) but I don't have a picture. It was very cute.

Lil and Phil came down with the kids on Sunday and stayed for most of the day. Phil is going to widen the driveway and build us a fence across the front of the house.......FINALLY!!!! The retaining walls along the driveway and the driveway itself are so damaged from all the rain we've been getting lately, that I really don't like parking the car there anymore. While he's doing work for us, I'll have him do other repair/handyman jobs ready to rent out when it's time.

We saw a lovely house on Friday. We told the estate agent we were VERY interested in it and she told us she would keep us informed if someone else makes an offer. Michael rang her on Monday after Lil left and she said it had sold that morning!!!! He was furious!!! I was upset (I still am) but I think it's good for us to have some more time to organise this house a little more before we need to move. It was a great price too Mum. We would have been comfortable with paying the mortgage and all Rainer's medical bills and possibly sending Mackinley to Terrace. Another will come up...fingers crossed!

I had Sunday afternoon off and went to the Scrapbooking Expo all alone!!! I saw my fiend Nicole who owns an online shop called "Craft Queen" with lots of gorgeous ribbon and stamps and yummy stuff. She gave me a big, HUGE packed of ribbon and other bits to help advertise her shop (for everyone else, it's a guest DT spot).

I'm very grateful, because she knows I struggle with ribbon on my layouts, but I'm glad she has enough confidence in me to do it. Gosh, if I can put ribbon on my layouts, anyone can!!!!!

And then I shopped for myself.

I have 2 layouts in the current magazines.
This one in the last Scrapbook Creations.

I used a lovely watercolour paper and just coloured randomly. Some colours traditionally go together, and some don't. It was a delightful experiment which luckily got published. My watercolouring skills have improved. Have yours Mum?

And this one in this month's Scrapbook Creations.

They asked me to create a layout using letters to decorate, in other words, "TYPOGRAPHY". It's a photo of the back of Rainer in between the trunks of the crepe myrtle in the backyard. The bark just glows, doesn't it?

I have some more coming in magazines soon which I am excited about. I will put them here when the magazines come out.

I have been quite sick the last week, but mostly normal "Mummy is doing too much" and it's getting quite cold now at nighttime and I forget to put a jumper on because I'm busy rushing around. You know how it is!!!!

We miss you Mum. But we want you to totally exhaust yourself over there. Get to do and see much more than you would like to, so by the time you're ready to come back to us, you won't have any regrets!!!

Ciao Mumuccia!!
(p.s. You can type a reply {click on COMMENTS} without having an account. Just start by typing "Mum here" and i'll know it's from you. xxx)

Friday, 5 June 2009

what to call this post???

Number 1 Son has his party tomorrow, so here's a little update from the week so far (have to bake a soccer field tomorrow).

My 123 Challenge layout - this month it's BUTTONS, BUTTONS AND MORE BUTTONS (hmmm, I wonder who suggested that one??), FABRIC AND HANDSTITCHING!! So super easy.

The colour challege over at Bon's Scraps for the May CyberCrop.

Tam's CC challenge over at Bon's Scraps...came in a day late with this one, but absolutely love it and I hope Kerry's visiting :)

and lastly, SCRAP YOUR YEAR challenge at Bon's. I'm not in the running for the prize, but the MOTHER IN LAW will love the monthly pages. I somehow skipped March LOL.

I went to a class at Inkredible by Ngaire Bartlam using the Kasier Babushka papers. Love it but it's not finished yet, so that'll just have to wait.

Lots of ups and downs this week. I know it all pans out in the end, but it's just wading through the quagmire....sometimes it's just soooo thick you need to close your eyes to actually see the light!!

(hmmmm, there's a layout in that quote BY ME (no pinching CHarm) somewhere!!)

okay, yes I know
I know
I know

(blah-dee, blah, blah....heehee)