Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I'm looking out my window, watching the rain come down and remembering back to 8am when Mackinley asked if he should take an umbrella today and I replied "OF COURSE NOT! The sun is pounding down."
Shoulda known better.

Whatcha doing tonight?
(image courtesy of Miss Fliss!!)
If you've never been to a CyberCrop, well tonight might just be the night. Just get over there and register to join in. Remember, it's still Daylight Savings for all the poor southerners who need sunlight to be "saved" (*snort*)

Here is the ROOM OF THE MONTH challenge at Bon's Scraps, featuring the Boss Lady herself.
(p.s. I downloaded a new version of Blogger, and now it's not auto resizing the photos...grrrrr - sorry - bloody computers)
Last year, this lady was my lifesaver! It was like she just knew when I was struggling, and it was wonderful seeing the msn chat window pop up with all her "pink-ness". I think I shorted-out my keyboard a few times with all the bawling, but you saved my bacon Bon and let me vent and feel sorry for myself without judging me. Thanks!!!!

I know what you're all thinking....."What's with all the PINK and the FLOWERS!!!!"
Truth is, I'm venturing into unchartered territory and trying my hand at more feminine styles. And I have a few girlie photos laying around.

We have begun Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Therapy with Rainer. Four afternoons per week of intensive one-on-one therapy at home. The hardest part was finding 3 therapists to work for me! There's no up-to-date central register, so it's been an "interesting" process.


Now it's PELTING down and the thunder has kicked in.....yay, pick up time for Rainer.......ugh!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pencil Lines + Prima =

= Lurvely!!!

And there's some Jenni Bowlin and other RAKing goodness!!
I can't remember the last time I did a Pencil Lines sketch, but glad I did as these photos have been craving attention for some time now.

Mackinley swam his heart out the other week.
I don't know about your kids, but he always moans about going, and then Mr Competitive emerges!! He got 2nd in Butterfly and 3rd in Freestyle (25m). Can't tell you how proud I was of him. Also want to record that his Freestyle motion is PERFECT....jaw-droppingly perfect. All the Mums were impressed.

Also went shopping for the SENSORY ROOM/LITTLE RAINBOW ROOM at IKEA.

 This next one is a wish list item. Just have to make sure we can screw into the ceiling first.
 And I've been a very bad girl at Inkredible. Bought these 2 Tim Holtz dies. Great value (5 pieces in the Heart die and 4 in the flowers) and I've already given them a whirl on the Cuttlebug....which has survived!!
LASTLY, a very generous, beautiful, priceless soul at Bon's Scraps has bought me a SIX MONTH Boy Kit Subscription. When Bon told me I was just about to race out the door to collect Rainer and was bawling and typing on msn. Turned up at the school all puffy, but smiling!!

THANK YOU MY LITTLE GUARIDAN ANGEL. I'll be working very hard to do lots of scapping this year.
Ummmm, on the home run for Easter Holidays. It's a mixed blessing in our house that one child dislikes chocolate and the other loves it, but isn't allowed! Makes us focus on more important reasons for this time of year.....like store sales, and having a break from the boys because hubby is home LOL.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

love to share...

These 2 projects today.....

first a napkin swap with Sandie Downey

When Marelle sent me the link I couldn't believe what the napkin was!!!! How freakish. Hope I did the napkin justice Sandie. I'm thinking of what to do with the other image...lmao, it's a beauty! You'll have to wait for that one...heehee.

And the sketch at Bon's. Felicity wanted us to do some groovy paint swirls but got too impatient with drying time and smooshed it with a card, then stamped it with a tube. And we had to have "Mr" or "Mrs" in the title, but employed some poetic licence with that too -- see! can't tell me what to do !!!! LOL

Charm really wanted me to scrap these photos, so here you are sweetness xx

Just waiting for other stuff to dry......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, 12 March 2010

seek ~ do ~ shop

Have finally made it to the computer after a very busy week (of non-scrapping activities....boohoo!!)
Which has meant I've had some time to look at the blogs I'm following....SEEK...

These 2 lovely ladies who I adore ADORE coz they are freakishly creative have posted a couple of projects I'm going to attempt this month......DO.....
I know some of you have caught the sewing-bug, so I expect the pillows will be done first (heehee). The flowers will hopefully be turning up in some RAKs for the lucky Bon's girls (yippeeee).

No secret that I love to shop (more than I love to DO at time LOL) and the super-generous Luise at Blue Bazaar is offering my blog readers something special!!

*BLUE BAZAAR is offering readers of my blog a 10% discount on your next order over $40.00. To receive the discount include the following code in the comments field of your order: MARBLOGGS
Note discounts do not apply to items already discounted, on sale or subscriptions. The code is valid for this month until the 31st March 2010.

Loads to catch up on; they are still on my TO DO list!
So I'm off to do all the things that make me happy (including shopping)!! Hubby is home tonight after a week away...another thing that's making me happy.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Welcome March!

Another month has begun and with it some much-needed rain....but now, after 2 weeks of constant drizzle and humidity, I think we've all had enough now!!

However, it did give us a chance to plant some Sunflower seeds!!

And we watched Michael paddle in the aeiou fundraiser PADDLE FOR KIDS.

It rained a little but it was a good morning on the Brisbane River.
Now he's in training for the Bridge to Brisbane run to raise money for Autism Queensland. We have a good crew for Rainer's Runners, so if you're in Brisbane and want to join us (we have t-shirts!!), just drop me an email {big smile} or you can just run on your own. Either way, it's always a great day out!!!
This "was" for the write now challenge at Bon's but forgot to do heaps of journalling (duh!!).

I'm still in love with Rouge de Garance and am sooo glad that Inkredible have loads of their papers!!!
And 2 more for the SCRAP YOUR YEAR challenge for the In-Laws.

The phrase "Better late than never" springs to mind LOL. Only one more month to go...yipee!
And one more for Bon's Room of the Month Challenge (which is my fave of the month) which I won a voucher for...yay!!!

Today is CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA Day. The boys are down at the creek with Mackinley's Cub Scout Group which gives me a chance to clean this pig sty up a little with MY music blaring out the stereo!!

I absolutely love these pj's for the kidlets
Perfect for Brisbane's climate!!!!

More soon!!!!!