Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Meeting Bon!! + how many sleeps to go??

Had the BEST time.

Even though the park address the council gave me was a vacant lot under the Gateway overpass, so madly checked the UBD to find a close enough park before Bon turned up.

Met Bon's Mum and sister, they left her in my "capable" hands while I started driving in the WRONG direction to the new playground . Did the required U-turn and drove to the newey which was fantastic!!!

Unloaded the kids and just pretty much chilled. It was great!!!! All the boys got on well (gave Kyle and Dyland the "Rainer" chat) but Lacey kept crying everytime she looked at me!!

What was that about???? Kids LOVE me!!!!!

I made sure Bon kept up her fitness regime (pmsl). Hard to do in a denim skirt, eh Bon!!!

We managed a decent conversation in there somewhere.

2 sleeps to go
look what greeted me last week

Mum walked to get Mackinley from school last Wednesday, and while Mum said he grumbled all the way ("My legs hurt", "Mum never makes me walk!" {liar}) he managed to make me the happiest Mum for that moment.

The last few weeks, I've had the Paediatrician appt, Speech Therapy appt, GP appt last night (was running 2 hours behind, poor thing. we love him anyway!!), organised stuff for the boys for the week ahead, finished Rainer's social story,

schedules, emails to schools, my Naturopath appt, Chris' 40th Birthday Party,
even our 40th birthday invites!! (yummy Christina Re paper)

I think I deserve that holiday now! Can't wait to see Michael!!!!!

brighter and buoyant
very excited!!!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Thomas the Tank Engine (no scrapping)



with your partner. Then decide if you want to show your kids or just talk to them about it. There's a major fight scene between the brothers at the end, and because of this I told my nephew NOT to see it with his mates at the movies, watch it with his family first. He's 13.

Then come here and tell me what you thought of it and ASK ANY QUESTION YOU WANT.

Email me

and I'll try to answer them as best I can.

Thomas the Tank Engine
The National Autistic Society in the UK recently published findings of study they conducted amongst children with ASD and Aspergers and why Thomas the Tank Engine held such a prominent role in their lives.


I can't say I was that surprised. Many neuro-typical children LOVE Thomas anyway. But ASD kids never seem to outgrow their dependence on these characters. This, at least, was a scientific method of saying what every Mother knows.

I reckon they could do the same for the Thunderbirds, BooBah, Brum, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Bob the Builder and any other show where there is a lot of repetition, slow movement between scenes (so their little brains can process what's happening) and clear signposts for changes, simple dialogue, clear expressions, ability to copy the scene in their own imaginative play scenarios and very little violence (okay, with the exception of Thunderbirds!).

I watched Toasted TV with Mackinley the other morning and was horrified at the "children's" cartoons. There was loads of rapid fire movement between scenes, horribly misleading dialogue and body language (especially the female characters...so glad I don't have girls - sorry!) and was just generally unimpressed that these people were GIVEN money to produce programs for OUR children!

Not being snobby or high brow, just a Mum who understands how fragile a child's mind can be. I taught teenagers for a long time and BOY, does it show!! You just never know how it's going to affect them. Scary, eh?

Mackinley still watches James Bond (supervised), Star Wars (supervised) and Spiderman (supervised) and enjoys them. But we do a lot of debriefing with him and hopefully will continue to do so, especially with a brother like Rainer who is prone to violent outbursts.

Nearly finished cooking and freezing main meals with Mum's help. Rainer's social story is SO good, I might publish it (haha) and his tip sheet is nearly done.
Just have to finish the boys' schedules for each day and do a laminated checklist for Mackinley's swim bag, send a letter off to his school for new contact numbers, get some currency, pack my bag, double check security/check-in procedures for LAX, sharpen my watercolour pencils BEFORE I leave and I'm done.
Rainer's coping well with Mum collecting him, but won't let her drop him off. It's typical Rainer behaviour. Mumma's-boy!!!
Mum is doing well too. She's great at this.

brighter and buoyant........

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

yanking it out...

the creativity, that is. With all I have to do before I join Michael in Denver next week, I really have needed to yank out some scrapping, just to balance things out!

For once, this layout isn't for any challenge at all, or someone else's class! I can't remember the last time I just yanked one out.

I used Love Elsie Forrest collection and I have to say, not my favourite. Colours are all washed out and the embellies and ribbon are much more vibrant.

Some close-ups

love the Buzz & Bloom and Craft Queen flowers...

I "ruled" the lines for the journaling with the black/dirty sides of a Buzz & Bloom chipboard piece! Nifty eh?? Now you know it just isn't there to stain your fingertips!!!

and I'm not quite sure if I can buy StazOn in every colour imaginable. I'm completely hooked now LOL.

Marelle Jackman asked us at Bon's to make some cards for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser - and only too happy to oblige. Another excuse really, to avoid the daily hummmm-drummmm.

used scraps from the Love Elsie pack and some RIBBON and FLOWERS. yes, you're NOT seeing things - do not adjust your monitor!!

And the lovely Charm has finally received her 30th birthday present from me. She's put a pic in Bon's Gallery for posterity's sake (pmsl) but I do have a pic of my own ring in a similar style (same but different) but of course Charm's is mostly PURPLE!

Can't remember the designer's name but if you're in Brisbane, (edited: her name is SIMONE DENNIS DESIGNS) grab one at Green Tangerine in Paddington, next to Java Lounge cafe. LOADS of gorgeous bits and pieces. I'm going back to buy a pendant for a friend's 40th this weekend, from the same designer.

And I'll just have to buy a passport wallet. They are DIVINE and just make you want to travel!!!!

Oh that's right......I AM!!!!

brighter and buoyant....
(although you DON'T want to know about my coversation with my Paediatrician's secretary...grrrrr - some people are just too snooty!!)

Thursday, 16 October 2008



The lovely, delightful Amie Taylor made me this FABULOUS bag as part of a "pay it forward" initiative over at Forever Always.


I absolutely love it!! It fits snugly over my shoulder - the perfect fit really!

If you want one for yourself, go visit Amie on her blog and then visit her bag store. Perfect for a Christmas or Birthday present. Tell her I sent you :-)

And because I uploaded Forever Always Recipe Scrap into their gallery FIRST a couple of weeks ago, I also got a special little RAK from Amie.

I think I've gone overboard with the ribbon buying LOL. I completely blame Ngaire and Nicole.

And because Nicole knows the depths to which I struggle with the use of ribbon - with every purchase of the Monthly Ribbon Pack, you receive layout and card IDEAS!! Thanks Nicole (happy Paperific-ing!!)
And those cute chipboard bits are Petrina McDonald designs and she's having a little challenge on her blog too.
{aren't those flowers gorgeous! OMG what's happening to me????}


Mackinley's mouth has been moving! We've lost 3 so far which is a relief. I lost my baby teeth late, so at least I know how frustrating it was for him, watching all his mates lose them before he did.

And he had the day off on Monday (unspecified, general "unwellness" - yeah, right) so took him to the Barber down the road. Now he looks less like a neglected child.

binocular obsession
Don't worry, Rainer hasn't totally given up his Thunderbirds LOL.

Following from the fantastic display at the Museum, Michael decided to buy Rainer and Mackinley a pair of real binoculars each!!! Best gift ever!
Rainer loves saying 'LOOK' and Mackinley just does goofy stuff at the moment.

All is busy busy busy in the Scott house. Lodged my passport application and am off soon to meet Michael in Denver for some RnR time with my beloved. I'm busy cooking/baking/freezing all of Rainer's food so Mum and Nena don't freak too much. I really want to do at least SOME scrapping this weekend. Bon's Boy Kit is begging me to use and abuse it!!

If anyone's been to Denver before, would love some inside info! Email me at gi68@optusnet.com.au and I will be forever in your debt!!

brighter and buoyant....

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tired and grumpy

Scrapping with Ngaire NEVER makes me grumpy.....unless Tina forgets to make the Rocky Road!!!! Yep, NOTHING! I was expecting some delicious treat to gorge whilst listening to Ngaire's dulcid tones and sniffing way too much StazOn, but was tragically disappointed.

It's a good thing we all love you very much Tina.

Well, to be fair, the poor love did say she got in at 10pm the previous night and went straight to bed. I had to send Cherie to the shops for some Cherry Ripes - that's right, couldn't get myself into my own car and go to the shops - sent someone else PMSL.....I have no idea how I got away with that one.

Here's what we did (sans chocolate)

This was me in fancy dress as Deborah Harry (Blondie) at AEIOU's Trivia Night back in April. Hair, cleavage, nails, cheap wine. Nailed it!!!! LOL

Pics of Rainer last August (already in singlets, so hot last year). I altered one of this series for the "Looking Ahead" layout that Scrapbooking Memories published. He's so adorable to photograph!!

The ribbon is from the delightful Nicole "The" Craft Queen. We miss her at Inkredible classes, but at least we still get to use her ribbon! and I swear I tend to only use her fabulous stuff!! (come back Nicole!! we MISS you!!)

Also entered Ngaire's comp to win an online class with the fantastically talented Vivian Bonder. I absolutely ADORE Vivian (and when I grow up, want to be just like her -heh). Even if I don't win, I might just do it anyway.

Now the tired bit.......
~new medicine for Rainer (Glutathione cream)
~paediatrician appt for Rainer's Medicare subsidy numbers (but it's never enough - sigh)
~AEIOU parent forum tonight (too tired to go, someone else can fight the good fight tonight - not me)
~hair appt with Sandra ... FINALLY (congrats beautiful girl)
~looking at my boys and wondering what the hell they'll turn out like

I always do that when I'm tired. Worry about my boys. I'm sure it's just a "mummy" thing and the tiredness feeds the anxiety and visa-versa.

I've also concluded that I can't be the friend that always rings, drops around, and comforts. I let it go for about a week (even longer for others) and I'm really surprised at the result. Some surprisingly nice, others surprisingly disappointing.

It probably sounds selfish, but I feel that I give for very little in return. Mum even said I have too much time for my friends and not enough time for myself. INTERESTING because Mum never says stuff like that to us. But I never thought of it like that.

Perhaps it's time to let some of those friendships go the way of the Dodo. Maybe these people are worse than me, and I HAVE to be the one to ring.

I'm sure we ALL have friendships like this. How do we know when it's the "end"??????

1. Bon's visit (still working out details ... pmsl)
2. Charmane's first online class at Bon's on Thursday night
3. Rainer speech therapy next Tuesday - oh yep, BIG lol
4. The C&K art show - taking the boys on my own at night time - taking photos??? haha
5. Chris' 40th - again on my own, daytime BBQ - should be okay.

especially for Sheree McGee {mwah}

Monday, 6 October 2008

Friday on my mind.... (and scrapping)

LAST Friday that is!!

Great day bushwalking at Maiala National Park. Went to Green's Falls - we all couldn't believe how much water is around, still. There's been no decent rain for a while, but still a good flow.

present: Me, Mackinley, Rainer, Mum, Nena, Isaac, Joseph, Lilly, Oskar, Meg. 4 adults and 6 rowdy, energetic kids.

Rainer stayed close by me, holding my hand the entire walk. I'm wondering where this fantastic child has come from!! Did something happen and I missed it???

Lots to see and touch. This enormous old tree. Took the lot of us, holding hands, to reach around it. JUST FANTASTIC.

We got to the falls and the kids were desperate to touch the freezing cold water. Then Rainer crawled past the railing too and thankfully my sisters we there or we would have lost him!! He's that bloody quick!!

He didn't complain too much when we headed back, although Lilly and I had to piggyback him all the way back!! There was my exercise for the MONTH!!

SCRAP THERAPY CC. Some great challenges. Was looking forward to doing at least one.

But then.......

Mackinley had the day with Rory at the State Library. They had a ball.
Meanwhile, Rainer had woken that morning vomiting (again) and this time he didn't stop. So a call to his GP and homeopathic drops to stop the vomiting. Spent all of Saturday washing towels, sheets, pillows, couch covers, ......


Michael had to shop for the BBQ on Sunday so I lost him for a few hours. Then he had to finish the run for the chooks. No more free ranging. Rainer's catching too many parasites. Looks fantastic (no photos yet).

Vomiting stopped but had to prep for the BBQ and put final touches on the Chook Run. Great having the Watts over again. With daylight savings in NSW, the game started at 4pm, so early to bed (thankfully).

Which brings us to today....

BOYS BACK AT SCHOOL!!! Was half-expecting a call from AEIOU to collect Rainer, but he had a great day.
Gym this morning.
Breakfast with Trish then home to scrap. (I'll clean the house tomorrow PMSL)

The recipe scrap with Amie at Forever Always on Thursday night. Using some more Buzz & Bloom yumminess

Had so much fun with it (and it was super easy) Mackinley wanted one for himself....

Bon's CC challenges are due tonight, but only got Peta's blind challenge done.

Neither my Snapfish order nor Bon's parcel arrived today, so had to make do with the stash I had.

Some things I'm looking forward to:
1. Bon visiting at the end of this month (YAY)
2. Prep visits for Rainer
3. Bon's retreat next August
4. My snapfish order (LOL) and Bon's parcel.
5. Mackinley losing another tooth!!
6. Another blog-lurker saying "Hi!!" (Hi Lea!!)

Not mind-blowing, but I've decided I can't have "mind-blowing" every week!!!!

brighter and buoyant....

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Museum + courage...

Today is the second last day of the school hols and Mackinley has been nagging me constantly about a trip to the Museum....constantly!!!
I can't tell you how nervous I become at the prospect of leaving the house to go to a very public place, just me and the boys, with very few safe "escape" routes if Rainer should go off the boil unexpectedly.
Despite all the wonderful gains we've made - it frightens the hell out of me.

But today I decided that Mackinley's needs outweighed my fears

and we lasted a whole 30 MINUTES!!!!

Absolutely thrilled!!!!

At the Museum Zoo, they have these cool pretend binoculars, and because binoculars are Rainer's current obsession, he threw at tantrum when we had to leave.

But doesn't he look cute????

I wanted to go to New Farm Park afterwards, but once I saw how many people were there and suddenly remembering how EXPANSIVE it is, I decided to run to Neal Macrossan Park which is closer to home and FULLY FENCED!!!

How wonderful! I just sat and relaxed while the boys explored. It was truly magnificent. Pity that Hale Street has been well and truly widened and much busier because it used to be such a quiet part of town.

This is me...in total MUMMY-mode. Was really sunny today. Squinting is no longer a good look for me LOL....

and of course, Mackinley had to take a shot of Suncorp Stadium's sign, which is pretty much across the road.....

Grand Final Day on Sunday. We're hosting again this year, just the Watts, but sooo much fun!!

Recipe scrap at Forever Always soon, and all the challenges at Bon's to do. Don't know where to start! At least I've ordered photos Jan to May from Snapfish. I'll have no excuse then (?)

Congrats to Tam and Charm who are on Bon's team. Farewell to Fran who is leaving to spend more time with family. Why does that not surprise me? I think we all need to get off the "crazy forum train" for a while and remember why it is we do this.

And I'm still staring at this canvas that I began for the Buzz & Bloom challenge. Far out!!! Can't wait till the boys are back at school on Monday, and I get my parcel from Bon's YAY!! Haven't bought any new papers for AGES!!!

AND SO... there is my courageous day! 30 minutes - one tantrum - we relaxed - I blogged! Many creative ideas, limited time, duly noted.....

brighter and buoyant.....

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My Time cAnVaSeS + Hayley's album

Ran a "My Time" canvas class for the AEIOU Mums the other week. Here's what they finished and I just LOVE the results!!
Brigitte's canvas

Mel's canvas

Karen's canvas

Jenny's canvas

These Mums have never scrapped before, but like I always say, anyone can do this!!

Hayley's Album
My cousin's daughter, Hayley, celebrated her 21st birthday in January this year. Unfortunately we couldn't make it, but I promised her a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind album to start recording her adult life.

beautiful KaiserCraft butterfly.....

Scrappit vine: inked white then lightly stamped with 2 different green inks, then DMed....

Carolee's Creations letters (can't get enough of these!)...

We have a few smaller dry mount albums and although I was terrified of botching it up, I'm really happy with the result.

With Michael being in Sydney this week (he's back now, thank goodness) and just running around for school hols, I didn't finish the cute canvas for the Buzz & Bloom challenge. I'll still get it done and it will hang somewhere at home.

Kate Middleton has her layout for the photo swap at Bon's. Here it is now!!

Just wish I could keep this one for myself! I was just so taken with Brielle's hand on Kate's heart and that was the catalyst for the title. Daughters must be sooo precious to Mums. I just want Prima to bring out more watercolour papers for me to use!!
Bon's CC challenges are up on the forum now which I must really check out. Also Scrap Therapy's CC is on this weekend.

Ngaire is back at Inkredible on Saturday 11th October! Can't wait.

brighter and buoyant.....