Friday, 25 April 2008


Yep, decided to follow just about everyone else I know who blogs...and changed it to white. Can't seem to find any interesting templates - all a bit ho-hum, but then again - the CONTENT should be the most attractive element in a blog!!! (hehe, just being cheeky)

ANZAC DAY today. Another march from the High School to the memorial. They've changed the location this year. It used to be so close to us, but since they've widened Settlement Rd, the noise and traffic problems were beginning to get on everyone's nerves (think of the disaster last year...yikes). Much better at Walton Bridge. Wouldn't know however. Michael took the boys and I stayed home, put 2 loads of washing on before the ceremony finished and I met up with them at the cafe. Poor Pramesh was not prepared for the influx of people. He was a man possessed at the coffee machine.

Managed to finish ANOTHER layout. What's going on???

Am I peaking too soon before the Retreat?????????

Will I REALLY have to spend the entire time at the Poolside Cafe??? (Belinda!!!! where are you?? oh, bring Kerry with you!! and my roomie can come too.......Vicki!!!!!!!!!)

Anyhoo.....this one is for the COLOUR COMBO CHALLENGE at FOREVER ALWAYS. It really was a "challenge" with CHOCOLATE RED AND PINK!!! Thankfully I had a conniption a while back and bought some pink pp (what was I thinking???)
I've been channeling the very sweet Steph Devlin with the napkin/modpodge bizzo on this layout.
The photo is of me and the chikkie with the golden larynx - Kelly HD. God love her!! I really love this photo at Kelly's 40th. She really REALLY loves "Talk like a Pirate" Day. (can you tell??)

I have THREE more challenges to finish this week. That's on the TO DO list and I've already printed out the photos so no turning back. Although I'm a bit "iffy" on one and might shaft it. I do have the Retreat to pack for ... and print photos for ... and all the other weekly housekeeping (bleh!!) merde. I can feel some "Simple Scrapbooking" vibes coming on ...

Mum turns 70 tomorrow so my Inkredible class has been postponed till May (can't remember when exactly). The camera battery is charged, the flash card is empty, the grog is in the fridge and the platters are on order. This will be a very emotional day for everyone as it's 5 months since Dad passed away. Boy oh boy. I have NO IDEA what will happen (there's always "one" in every family, right?!). Hopefully the kids will keep our hearts and minds in a good place.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

It's all GOOD ... again

except for the hot water system which is playing up something chronic!!! Mind you, the plumber (god bless all plumbers) said it was installed in 1984 and it 100 litres worth, so we've been doing really well with it.

problem is.....we're tearing the house down (really, really soon) so to buy another would be HORRIBLE!!! fingers crossed.

It's all good because....

I SCRAPPED - YAY!! It really pays to print off a load of photos at the beginning of the month when all the monthly challenges get posted.

Today it was 123.

1. Hand-made embellishment - while on the plane back to Brisbane and in my watercolour frenzy, I did the title block without this layout in mind. Love how it worked so well, even the colours!!
2. Paint/ink with household object (this is really popular at the moment) - I grabbed a clothes peg to make a flower-thingy. Mixed the acrylic with Iridescent Medium -yeah, just for something different (pmsl...)
3. Words April or Showers somewhere - used both "be SHOWERED with my love" and "Apr 08" in the journaling.

DESPERATELY trying to use up just about everything that's been in my stash for donkeys before more new stuff (yes, I've been naughty - hehe) arrives next week.

Haven't laughed myself to crying for such a long time. I'm so glad Kelly dragged me along. It was preview/a-list night and I wish I could rattle off a long list of the a-listers but either there was no-one famous there or I've just been so out of the loop, I didn't recognise anyone!! Bumped into the Fydler's which was a blast - they are the funniest couple. Love gas-bagging with them.

Anyway, the musical.....HILARIOUS!! It was obvious that they've been doing this for a couple of years now. Just so SPOT ON with mannerisms. The lyrics in all the songs were just hysterical or really thought-provoking and the arrangements were so varied, you just couldn't get bored (even if you DON'T like politics). Michael's seeing it later with Angela. He's a big fan of Keating but not musical theatre. Should be a good experience for him.

Rainer did the WHOLE day at C&K today!!! No melt-downs -- NOT ONE!! Was just waiting for the phone call all day...but nothing. And a good thing too. Nothing like teaching a kid with ASD that the minute he cracks up, Mum will come running - geez!! All credit to the teaching staff who really have put a monumental effort into transitioning Rainer into the group. And that's why I got to scrap today.

AND I booked my flights to Cairns. yep, the Scrap Therapy retreat is Labour Day long weekend and I'm so frigging excited I'm positive I'm going to forget to pack any scrapping stuff and just lay by the pool and drink cocktails!! Anyone want to join me???? Okay, I promise to come to the scheduled classes....but then you'll find me at the poolside bar - YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY.

Lastly, Mackinley (the trooper) "won" another ANZAC badge this year. Three years running now. Not sure what the criteria is, but he now has 3, and boy is he proud.

Wait, I forgot to mention that I tweaked this layout....

It looked a little bare, so I added more BG rubons. Damn sight better...yes??

I would like to thank Ngaire, Lusi, Charm and Joelene who have really inspired me the last few months. Yes ladies, I've been dissecting your layouts and regurgitating in quite an interesting manner.

And just for the record, I'm soooo glad Robbie Buck is on in the mornings. Thank you Triple J management xxx

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Reliable Sydney (pmsl....)

Well, I've been to Sydney about a dozen times so far, and each time in the last 20 years it's rained......

and this time was NO DIFFERENT!!

I'm sure it's just dumb luck, but I'm sure the city doesn't like me :((( (can you hear the violins???). Love the people, always something to do/eat/see/laugh at, but the weather just goes sour.

We arrived midday Wednesday. Boys were angels on the plane. (as I knew they would be) Here they are on the way home.

Alan gave us the great idea of headphones on the plane -- WORKED A TREAT!! When the plane was landing in Brisbane, Rainer took them off and seemed quite okay with all the noise. I always prepare food to save waiting for the cart (and the high altitude prices WOWSERS!!) Bought Mackinley a small art journal and took along my watercolour pencils and the aquapen - a great distraction.

Stayed on the 50th floor which made for great wind-swept hair on the balcony (hehe) and we could see the storms roll in and the planes land. Unfortunately 2 high rises blocked our view to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Visited Amy and Darren's house that night - gorgeous little terrace house - for dinner. Michael was busy with Darren on Thursday morning then we went to get Mum at Antonietta's.
Stayed for a BIG Italian lunch. It was great to catch up with Suzi and meet her hubby and little Dominic.

We met only because our Mums have known each other for 50+ years, but we became close friends and stayed in touch until the last 10 or so. Well, the conversation picked up like we were 20-ish again. My gosh, it's probably been close to 20 years since I've been to Sydney.
Spoke to Louisa on the phone, poor thing had to work. NEXT TIME!!

Darren's buck night Thursday. Yummy Chinese then off to 3 Monkeys. Great set-up. First time I've ever been swiped with a metal detector before entering a night club/pub!!!!!
Wedding on Friday RAINING!!! Managed to stay un-rainy until we got into the reception. Such a shame - the location was MAGNIFICENT. The rotunda at Balmoral Beach would have been great. But we had to settle for upstairs in the Bath House. Very squeezy.

And I'm going back here

to have High Tea with all my girlfriends next time I'm in Sydney. QVB Tea Room was splendid - truly splendid! Food, atmosphere, company ... all magnificent!!

More piccies....

FYI the wedding cake was a HUGE lamington!! Yep, a huge square slab of choc mud cake (which was yummy) dressed up as a lamington. How cool is that?????

Saturday morning caught up with the Forever Always girls. Sonia, Paula, Debbie and Gab took some time out during the Cyber Crop to meet and lunch!! It was wonderful. I only wish we could have had more time. Thanks muchly. Sonia is the sweetest person. Hopefully I can con Michael into letting me off for their retreat in September (pweeeese!!).

Then to the Pfeiffer Outreach Conference (amazing stuff - can't wait to start Rainer on this) then dinner with Leesa at Neutral Bay. Yummy restaurant called "in restaurant" on Military Road. Across from The Oaks (just incase you were wondering). Fantastic food and service. Again, way too short to spend with the evil wonder who introduced me to scrapbooking, but Sydney is way bigger than Brisbane, so no quick cab rides home in that town!!!!

While I was lunching/conferencing/dinnering, Michael and Mum took the boys to the Opera House (the only fine day during our entire stay - grrrrr).

Wish I could be there but I have a feeling we'll be back. Next time the boys will be older and more manouverable and we can relax a little more. Next time the weather will like me more (b/c yes, it's all about ME lol...) and we won't be as rushed. Next time I'll take TWO cameras so I can take photos when I'm flying solo.

So consequently, no scrapping so far. I played lots with MY art journal and watercolour pencils and aquapen (even got Mum hooked).

Have a busy social calendar this up up up....

Monday, 14 April 2008

to zoo? or to who?

Well, today is the end of school holidays for Rainer, but Mackinley has another day with his doting mother (that's Me!!). Originally we'd planned to take Rory and Mackinley to Alma Park Zoo, but true to form, it's very dark and gloomy outside. While I was okay with the rains the last pupil free day we went to the zoo (it was summer then), I doubt we'll survive without catching cold today....

So, I put it to Mackinley this morning: Alma Park Zoo or HOrton Hears a Who????

I would love for the boys to go to the movies, then I could get some shopping done before we go to Sydney (hehe) and we could stay INDOORS and not get sick AGAIN. Quite frankly, I'm over nursing sick kiddies. So far, we've had coughs and colds, the vomits and school sores - yes, I've had enough!!!

I vote HORTON!!! I'll have to do the HARD SELL when he gets here this morning....

Catching the Pfeiffer Outreach Conference while we're in Sydney. How very fortunate - I can't believe how everything's coincided - just beautiful. HOpefully I'll meet the GP that we want to treat Rainer and he'll hopefully bump us up his schedule. Heard some great things about him, and am very keen to begin treatment.

Should probably put Mackinley on the same treatment and cure his "I hate girls" mentality. It's seriously worrying me. He hides in his room when Hannah comes over!

That's just plain strange, and very concerning. I wonder how he reacts to girls at school. I feel a meeting with his teacher coming on.....

Here's some scrappy goodness I finished for Scrap Therapy's monthly challenge WORD INSPIRATION.... yummy About a Boy from Fancy Pants.... cannot get enough of this stuff!!!

Might squeeze another challenge in before we go. So much to organise but maybe I'm over-analysing everything. I'm sure we'll all survive the plane trip. Here's a sneak of my outfit that I bought from PINK MINT at Chermside. Lena recommended the frock shop and she was spot on. It's FABULOUS!!!!

and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout for my next class at Inkredible on the 26th. Some sneaks and putting a modern twist on an "old" scrap/cardmaking product. Hmmmm, intriguing!!

Off to check Weather Tracker.....

brighter and buoyant......

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Hi-Ya Blondie!!

So how do I look as a BLONDE??????

I know I said I would go as "slutty Sandie" from Grease, but then there were no decent blonde curly wigs left, so hummmmmmm'd and aaahhhhh'd and thought this originally looked a little Suzi Q.

But then by the time I put the whole ensemble together......I think I looked a little more tragic - and more like the real bad Blondie!!! Had 3/4 black pants and very VERY high gold heels, the REDDEST lipstick I could find and voila!!

Thanks to Tamara and Kathleen (Inkredible) for getting a table together.

They are amazingly generous with their time and they also put up with all my antics in-store!!

And I don't know what I'd do with this "naturally" blonde chickie-babe...

and a REAL artist (not a "pretend" one, like me). Thanks Ang!!!

More goodness (scrap-wise) from this year that I've forgotten to add. Needed a new journal

and made some cute cards with scraps

No! no sketches. Just did them. Chucked it all on - even added embellishments!!!! (I'll wait till everyone catches their breath!! LOL)

And finally some words of wisdom from NUMBER ONE...

Mackinley: (lying on the kitchen floor) "Oh no Mum!! I missed!"
Mum: "Missed what?"
Mackinley: "Your BUM! I'm trying to kick it but IT'S TOO HIGH!!"

I don't think he realised how this is every woman's dream!!!

brighter and buoyant (with reverse gravity in tow!!)....

Monday, 7 April 2008


have a shocking head cold........
and it's school holidays......

did this though for Bon's CC

Meg is such a cutie!!
The challenge was to use only the colour combo of pink and charcoal (with some black & white), flourish, mixed alpha title.

must sleep now.......
children without amusing teachers tomorrow, so it's up to me :((((

back soon with AEIOU Trivia Night update

brighter and buoyant (with runny nose...)

Friday, 4 April 2008

Tonight's the Night!!


We're going ROCK 'N' ROLL tonight. Wig is at the ready so if you can all guess which rock n' roller I'm going as and what colour the wig is - I'll send you more goodness!!

Amazingly, I've managed to get enough people for 2 tables tonight. Thanks to the Inkredible ladies for rallying the troops.

Can't wait (heehee).

Class on Wednesday went well. Next one isn't till the end of the month. Thinking cap on!!!!

Have decided to get one of Bon's Scraps CC challenges done this month. I've neglected them terribly :(((

Thank you Bon for the lovely chat on MSN the other day!!!! I felt soooo much better afterwards.

Thank you Sonia for the lovely chat last night!! I am planning pics for Rainer now for the Zoo and Ocean World. Can't wait to see you :)))

{I am truly lucky to have people who reach out even when I'm so far away.}

My heart goes out to Tanya this week. Such a tragic loss. Praying for you every day!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I'm okay - you're okay - we're okay

Thanks everyone who left a comment and emailed and MSN'd as well since the last post. I think I freaked out a few of you and I'm really sorry for that.

But as I said to Tamara today, it had to be recorded so that I can remember this moment and not repeat those mistakes. And also, I am really just way too full of myself, that there is NO WAY I would damage this Temple of human kindness and love. I just think I have too much to offer my family and friends (okay, now I have to curb that propensity to talk myself up too much PMSL!!!!)

I really, truly have to thank this beautiful girl....

my "little" sister (she hates it when I say that) Lilly. She is one cool, collected, clever chikkie who has given me soooo much clarity of late. Thank you my Lij!!

So yes, as I foretold, the SHITHOLE has composted nicely and my world is full of REAL possibilities, not those I have imagined that are hopelessly unattainable - I just needed someone to tell me that!!! I often wonder how hard it is for other people to have me in their life.


We're doing this:

LOVE LOVE LOVE working with watercolour pencils. I did most of it on the couch with my very relaxing and cool!!!

Okay, fantastic class at Inkredible on Saturday with Ngaire Bartlam where I did this:

and then that night did this:

?? the big button border???? Jolene Pienaar did this awesome layout for a mag last month and I thought - "So that's what you do with those round things!!" I don't know Joelene - but THANK YOU for doing lovely BOY layouts! and of course, thank you Ngaire for the advice, the inspiration, the laughs and always having the time to sit and chat about much and not much.

And OF COURSE I couldn't resist all this yummy stuff in the shop.

This is me being RESTRAINED!! There are just heaps of fantastic lines coming into the shop. Some had already sold out on Saturday !!!

Have soooo much more to upload and record here - have to work out the slider thingy and get the gallery up and running too.

Don't forget the 1000 hours initiative. Sign up. Should be interesting.

And we have a GIRLS ONLY table for the AEIOU Trivia Night on Friday night (okay, well Kathleen's hubby is coming - brave soul). Ang and I are going as the slutty Sandie from Grease!!! Got to get me a freakin' blonde wig now!!

back to being
brighter and buoyant......