Tuesday, 24 April 2007

A Time to Remember...

THANK YOU to everyone who has left lovely messages for me. I know I'm not usually this DARK and PHILOSOPHICAL but it's been a really harrowing 3 months and I'm trying to make meaning of all this loss to make me BETTER not DIFFERENT....so hopefully the old me will be emerging soon...new and improved!!


Remember students who are now doing amazing things in the world. I think we'll see much more of Matt Zeremes...

To remember your family. Remember to hug them often and much!!! Remember to call them, no matter how crazy life gets.

Couldn't believe I hadn't seen Silvia's cousins (on her Mum's side) for 18 months!! It was Daniel's Baptism and Rainer went ballistic in the church and later at Zio and Zia's place. We had to leave early, so in reality, hadn't spoken to them for longer than that. Hearing Zia sing the "Panis Angelicus" just made me weep harder. The shoes on her coffin made me laugh and the "Salsa" being played as Silvia was being taken from the church made me laugh more!!All her ballroom dancing friends were there and I think they'll miss her much more than I will.

Family is an incidental thing. You make an effort to be with your friends and you confide in them more than family sometimes. And even though Silvia was an incredibly private person, I think they know her better than I do. That's okay though. I can't know everything about all my relatives!! I'd be a mess....we are an interesting tribe.

The wake at Dino and Lisa's was awesome. Loads of laughing and crying, catching up and seeing how much everyone's children had grown (oh, about 18 months' worth LOL!!).

I could spew on forever about how I feel, but I think there's a layout in all this grief I've experienced so far this year. Actually, it might be worth a mini-book!!! So many random thoughts and very little to do except REMEMBER. Nearly burst out crying in Woolworths today - how loopy is that??

Time for myself!!! A whole 5 hours of scrapping with Andrea Thompson at Inkredible....what a gorgeous woman Andrea is!! Delightful, I think would be a better adjective. I know I said I would never use that glamour shot again, but it was the only biggun already processed that I had for the class.

Time to celebrate ME ME ME

... and new friends... V V V


Thursday, 19 April 2007

They always come in 3's!!

Where to begin??

Firstly, there was the sudden death of friend and mentor, Stuart Tasker.

Secondly, the suicide of my old school buddy.

Now, my cousin Silvia who is battling a very aggressive Cancer and I visited a couple of weeks ago in hospital, finally passed away Tuesday. I say "finally" because I saw how the cancer had just ravaged her body and it was slowly killing her spirit and will to live. I suppose you must get to a point in your suffering when you say, "Okay, fine!! Had enough. Medicine hasn't advanced this much to actually KILL what's killing me!" You go through the stages of grief for yourself and hopefully those you leave behind will be as much at peace as you are.

I remember this feeling when Nonna died. I was painfully slow because first it was her body that gave in and then many years later her spirit. When her body began to fall apart (literally) we saw first hand how this terribly brave and determined woman was reduced to a dependent waif. And that, in the end, I think, killed her. She was our only grandparent and we thought she'd always be there...but not, if that makes sense.

But Nonna died at 94. Silvia was 41.

Silvia never married or had children and I think she regretted that part. She was happy but saw her brothers and her cousins marry and have children (well, most of us anyway). She always came to the kids' baptisms and birthdays and never once did I hear her regret the way her life had turned out. Maybe to her cousins on her Mum's side, but not us. I guess we really weren't that close.

Balance this extreme emotional time with the absolute ELATION (I love that word) of Rainer starting at AEIOU this week. He's settled in really well and I'm already starting to bond with the other Mums. I guess I know we're all in it for the long haul so we may as well get along!! One of the Mums is already planning a family BBQ at her house!!

A common goal will unite the most unlikely people.

I have more good news. I feel like a de-facto parent here. An ex-student, Matt Zeremes, was featured in the Weekend Australian Magazine on the weekend. I knew he'd moved to Sydney and was on TV a few times (Blue Heelers and All Saints) as well as writing and producing some short films. Well his latest, Burke and Wills, got rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival. It's going to get a limited release in Australia and I hope it gets some release here in Brisbane. He's a beautiful soul and deserves all the success in the world. (bad blogger won't let me upload the article - will try another day)

I hope that's all for the moment. Just had to capture this moment on blogger so I don't forget.


Saturday, 14 April 2007


Went to the most funniest (gr.?? hmmmm) Friday Night Madness at Scrap City last night. Didn't do any scrapping but just went to see the lovely Leish who is home from the USA for a short while. I can't imagine how hard it must be to up-root yourself from close friends and family and be plonked into a totally new environment. I really feel for her so I'm endeavouring to send her more personal emails instead of leaving blog comments.

It was lovely to meet IRL some girls from the Scrap City forum....hmmm the crazy sisters Trish and Tam - had NO idea they were sisters and made a big arse of myself when I asked, "So, how long have you two been friends?" BIG dope!! Should have probably picked that up from somewhere -- maybe the sarcastic tone in their conversation, their "never you mind" looks to each other.....SNEAKY I tells ya!!! Bad girls. Re-naming them TNT....volatile, unstable, so unassuming on the outside, but once they get that spark - BAM!!! I'll getchas, I'll getchas (heehee).

Let's see, there was Peta, Ronnie, Sara and Leish and Katie and Kerri (of course) but I can't remember who else was there. Lots, but was a little shagged by about 10pm. If TNT are going to the next one, I'll be sitting at their table - this time with Tote in Tow!!

Very bloomin' excited about Rainer starting at AEIOU on Monday!! I'm sure he knows what's going on because he's been like a parasite the last few days. Literally hanging off my leg and getting way too distressed when I'm out of sight or look like I'm going inside. We're expecting great things to happen this year (yes, we DO expect it - we just got the bill for the term's fees --YIKES!!!), especially with his language because his behaviour and general attitude is just superb now when I think what he was like a year ago.

Have just organised the 123 Cyber Crop Challenges into a word document - they can get very confusing sometimes - so I can relax on Tuesday and think about what I feel like doing.

That sounds really nice......did I say a "quick" post....PMSL.
OMG - no photos or layouts - what's going on??!!

Congrats to all the Mums out there who survived the first lot of school holidays for this year. Comiserations to the teachers who are returning to all those lovely little faces!! Better you......


Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Record Time & yay for ME!!

This must be a record. I don't think I've ever scrapped a photo this quickly!! This is for the 123 Monthly Challenge for April - chipboard swirls/flourishes, gemstones and NO PAINT!! I'm sure Julie's got it in for me for contributing that one.....thanks Julie (mwah!!)

This is a tribute to Varna who's been just a god-send for about a year now. We both taught at St Laurence's (she's still there) and we just clicked. Same devilish sense of humour, same work/love/life ethic and same ability to knock over a few bottles of bubbly....only problem is - she LOVES Chardonnay and I HATE Chardonnay which makes choosing a bottle to share over dinner really interesting if you're eaves-dropping!! The staff at Liquorish used to chuckle more than once over our negotiations.

On closer inspection, Just about everything on the layout is old stash, except for the iron-ons and gem brads which were on BIG sale at Scrap City. Took me about an hour - okay, half an hour, to do all the Heidi Swapp iron-ons but will know better next time. I think Rachel Axton did something similar months ago in a mag (can't remember which) with the red boy ones and thought that was a great idea.
Here's to you V. xxx

ALSO...... won a prize for the 123 Monthly for March. Remember this layout?? From memory the criteria was black and white with one other colour, stitching and 3+photos. I really, really love bold coloured cardstock. Just brings layouts to LIFE!!
Nearly forgot about it because I've been a lazy blog-friend the last couple of weeks. The lovely Sonia at Forever Always is sending me a SURPRISE in the mail. Can't wait.


Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Chalk n Talk n talk n scrap n cry.....

Caught up with the gorgeous Varna last night at The Chalk Hotel. Drank way too much wine and champagne and shared a really yummy dinner. In other words - EXCELLENT!!

We hadn't caught up all term so it was good that Laurie's finished a week early for holidays, so she could relax more. She LOVED her altered box I made her (naturally) and the good thing is that when she finds a quote she loves, I can make her another card!! She had some good business ideas for Scrapbooking for me too, which is something I've been thinking about starting. The time just isn't right yet, but the ideas are there. I just have to be patient.....I can do it all....but not all at once!!!

Another layout from my birthday party last December. A double page spread that I originally had in mind for the Diva's monthly challenge but ran hopelessly out of time. Used polished pigments, gel medium and a few more of those damn beads I bought at Spotlight. Isn't perfect. Just playing - playing is good.

And to cry....
...last week I got the news that a guy I went to school with suicided last Thursday. I honestly thought I'd get to the funeral yesterday, but I just don't think I could have gone through another emotionally charged environment so soon. One typical scenario, seemingly happy, socially active - monthly golf and fishing trips with "the boys", constant contact with them - but this THIS THIS. Life just tests us over and over again and ocassionally sends us a "wrong-un" and sometimes one or two of us just can't face it.