Friday, 30 March 2007

Just one more...

...for the week.

From the 123 Cyber Crop. This is for Challenge 2 but I got a little mixed up and included some elements from the other challenges - am I tired, or what?!! I just love the background which is my old 1960s laminated kitchen table that I scrap on. The red outline is the edge of the layout.

I promise this will be the last time I use this photo. Time for another glamour shot (heehee)!!

Okay, criteria were: NO CARDSTOCK (took this one literally) - used acetate stamped with paint and old MM stamps; QUOTE FROM KITIQ - took me a while but finally found one from Bill Blass "When in doubt wear red." 'nuf said; and HEARTS - sorry Bon but just awful with the cutesy stuff (this category includes ribbon and buttons and bling - you get the idea) so popped one in the corner for you {{heart}} LOL!!

The monogram is a Delish Design "C" I bought from the Scrapapple table at Papercrafts. When I asked them about a "G" they told me they hadn't made the monograms past "C" or "D"!!! So I bought the "C" and cut the complicated bit that originally hung from the centre like a chandelier and moved it across to make a "G". Clever chikkie that I am!! Pleased as punch with the way it turned out.

Michael's mother, Joan, is down from Cairns so I best spend some time with her instead of buried at the scrap table. I don't have many photos of her with the boys, so I might take some good ones this weekend.

Mackinley's SECOND soccer game tomorrow (WOOHOO) followed by a team BBQ. Was dying to do a canvas class at Inkredible with Maree from Print Blocks but it's just too crazy tomorrow. Haven't done a scrapping canvas yet so was waiting to learn from the best. I'm hoping she repeats it next month.

BE STRONG - coffee can only do so much!!!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Soccer, the X-Man and Scrap Stuff

Saturday was Mackinley's first soccer game.
He put his body on the line more than once and got trampled at one point and I thought he was never going to get back on the field, but he did. He did a bit of shirt-pulling which Michael admits as being his fault...apparently that's the only was he can catch him when they're playing in the back yard!! Having said that, there was a chronic shirt-puller in the other team, so Mackinley wasn't alone.

We were so proud of him - I think we have a midfielder or centre back on our hands.

It was also Xavier's 4th Birthday.

What a gorgeous, animated boy!!! He just had the BEST time with his cousins (it was a "cousin only" party - that's enough) and unwrapping the presents, of course!! It was nice to relax with family and see the cousins grow closer and enjoy each other's company more and more.

We managed another group photo, but naturally Rainer didn't co-operate....we nearly had it. Maybe next year!

Used up my MME kit from Scrapbook Divas. A puzzle challenge from their Cyber Crop (didn't win - boohoo), and an altered box for Varna. Really happy with the way they both turned out. I've noticed when I'm meeting a deadline I leave the chipboard alphas raw....scribbles look okay!!

Forgot to add that AEIOU raised $25,000 from the Trivia Night. That will help a couple of kids through that can't afford it. They have a few more fundraisers this year that are really popular. Don't forget if you're reading this and you'd like to know more or donate, contact AEIOU. Kelly and I will no doubt go to Sing for Kids which is always a hoot!!!
Multi-tasking at the moment....123 challenge layout in progress; Michael came home from Sydney last night and has just got home from the Soccer Club's Committee Meeting!! No matter - more time alone for scrapping!! YAY!

Friday, 23 March 2007

Scrap Overload!!

What an extraordinary week for scrapbooking!!!

Last Saturday, Papercrafts in Brisbane with Zina Wright. Started all of this and finally finished the layouts tonight, but the mini book will have to wait.

Wednesday, 4 hour workshop with Lance Anderson ("Mr Rusty Pickle") at A Creative Place. Lovely (honorary) bloke - for a Yank - and COMPLETED this not-so-mini-book. Ready to add photos and journaling. Unbelievable experience and such a good class. Would have done the class on Wednesday night as well, but Michael was in Sydney. Can't wait for him to come back.

Lastly, Bon's Scrap's Monthly Challenge. Beads and sequins!! Yep, had to scour Spotlight because I had NO IDEA where these would be. So absolutely NOT my thing but the photos from the AEIOU Trivia Night were perfect. Used up some old Paper Loft papers, fibres and ribbon too.

Also had a play with my new stamps from Lil Davis and Sassafrass Lass. Lurvly!!!
And....just realised this is the first layout in a long time that I haven't journaled on. Bizarre....especially as I'm not often lost for words!!!

Just ducked over to Scrapbook Divas for their Cyber Crop. Great challenges, so have to plan those, as well as the BOM for Scrapbook City. Busy days ahead!


Friday, 16 March 2007

AEIOU & 123 Monthly Challenge...

Well the 123 Cyber Crop chat is still going and like all good women, I'm multi-tasking!!! But I did manage to finish the monthly challenge which was black and white, hand stitching and 3+ photos. I need colour in my life so I decided to use a really warm brown cardstock. Don't know if I pushed the boundaries with that one, but got the layout done....and that's good. Did some tricky stuff to it like leaving the knots on the top instead of hiding them - I think it suits my style more; with the smaller photos I've hand drawn frames with the thick Zig pen and cut them out - no more doodling needed. The only thing that let me down is the new smaller Zig pen - not black enough!!! Disappointed. But LOVE the Rhonna Farrer stamps - can use them everywhere!!


Got the enrolment forms to AEIOU for Rainer this week. Had a little cry and then jumped for joy, then had another little cry, then phoned Michael who was between appointments and was trying NOT to cry. Everyone happy - of course but the paperwork is phenomenal. Need to copy all his reports AGAIN!! But small pain for real BIG gain. I'm busting with excitement but tired at the same time.

Off to the Brisbane Paper Crafts Festival tomorrow. Maxing out my time with Zina and I'm all packed and ready to scrap. Can't wait.


Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Okay, 2 posts in one day...

...but I found this while browsing everyone's blog on Scrapbook Divas. Thanks to Carol (aka Lavenda). This is soooo creepy.

Your Brain is Green
Of all the brain types, yours has the most balance.You are able to see all sides to most problems and are a good problem solver.You need time to work out your thoughts, but you don't get stuck in bad thinking patterns.
You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, philosophy, and relationships (both personal and intellectual).

I think my family would seriously disagree but I had my aura photographed when I was pregnant with Rainer, so, that would have been January 2003 and it was completely green also. The hippy lady needed another green tea and incense when she saw it. PMSL - have a go!!


I'm having a moment....

.....I had an icky week, last week, and that's putting it mildly!!

Minimal housework was done (I don't just "clean" my house, I DETAIL it), no clothes were washed (well, it was raining) and the ones that were, weren't folded or put away, dinners were bland and very uninteresting and I cried just about every day.

Varna's Dad passed away, Silvia is undergoing her last bit of chemo, Zia Uliana is going in for surgery to correct her irregular heartbeat, Uncle Ron arrives in Brisbane to have tests before going for surgery.

Hmmmm, wonder why I was bawling like a nutter every day, especially when I dropped the kids off?????

But now that seems to have passed.

I'm getting photos developed today for the multitude of challenges and CC in the coming weeks.

I have this BTP item that is slowly (read : s-l-o-w-l-y----) coming together in my head.

There are very few dirty clothes in the house.

I have the Paper Crafts Festival to look forward to this Saturday (all day with Zina - noice!!).

And Michael says I'm a much more relaxed person lately??!!! Don't you just love husbands? They always see things that you don't (unless it's in the pantry or fridge or sock drawer.....)

AND THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T BLOG ALL LAST WEEK..... if I don't feel good I don't share - I HIDE and appear extremely vague to others. It's a minor character flaw but I think it's always been a survival tactic but from a long time ago, and it's about time I grew up and dealt with things instead of hiding. (Note to self: ASK!!) Although, having said that, I did try to call 2 of my sisters when I was really low but neither were around!! Bloody typical.

On a lighter note, here is why I like to stay home and look after my family, so we can capture nutty moments like this:

Rainer wouldn't wait for dinner so he grabbed the box of cereal and hid outside on the path leading to the clothesline. A little while later, Knucklehead (or was it Chingohead) the friendly possum arrived to clean the rest up.

I completely forgot to mention that Kerri and Leisa at SBC sent me a gift certificate to say Thanks for working on the DT. I always thought it was MY job to say THANKS to them for asking me and giving me such a cool chance to work with product I'd never choose in a pink fit!!! Lovely thought though. Spent it immediately...enough said.

Must do an Ali Update entry...she's been a little slack lately.....working on another book??? Excuses, excuses, excuses.....


Monday, 12 March 2007


To the lovely Michelle Thomas at Scrapbook Divas for the beautiful kit I received in the mail today. After the most EXTRAORDINARILY emotional week, last week (hence, no blogging), it was absolutely the best thing I've received in ages!!!
I won this magnificent kit for completing the February 123 Monthly and Cybercrob Challenges on time!! Fancy that....I met a deadline!!! Thanks to Charmane and Karlene at 123 Challenge for the great motivation and friendship. It's a truly great vibe there and I'm sooo glad I found them.

Over at Bon's Scraps I won something else (you have to scroll down her front page)!!! My February CC challenge 2 entry "How to Save a Life" received the most votes....thanks to the ladies at Bon's who voted for me. I won $10 off my next order...gotta love that!!!

I'm on a bit of a roll, aren't I?! I even submitted to a magazine!!!! Maybe I was on something when I did that?!

From another challenge from Bon. Have been dying to do a layout for Mackinley's first school day.

Used an old Levi's jeans tag to mat the main photo on the right. That photo and the one bottom left will have journaling from me and Michael (when we get our arses into gear!)

Found this in some junk mail......

and I have an idea.....

Lots to catch up on.

Monday, 5 March 2007


What a blast we all had Friday night at the annual AEIOU Trivia Night. The theme this year was "Wild West" so I decided to throw caution to the wind and go as a Saloon Girl, complete with black and blue wig!! It was sooo cool to be in disguise, a little bit naughty, but loads of fun.

Here is my gorgous husband - resplendent in a pink sequinned cowboy(/girl?) hat. Glad to see Michael getting in the mood (??).

And my gorgeous sisters Rita (left) and Nena (middle). Lilly couldn't come but hopefully she and Phil can come next year. Just realised, we're in age order!!! We do that EVERY time - how weird....

The husbands had a good time. Haven't seen them relaxed and drinking lemonades since a Wedding reception, Lilly's I think. Heehee.

And here's the lovely Kelly. She donated a whole lot of ABC radio stuff to the night as well. What a gorgeous soul. She came straight from work poor love!!! No costume this year but she did wander around with my wig on for a while. PMSL...

There were 3 of us dressed as Saloon Girls and we each won a Best Dressed Prize. I got a bottle of Red, like I needed any more!!!

And I must remember NEVER , EVER, EVER, EVER to wear Satin again!! And to keep ringing around until I find an outfit in my size!!! Thought I looked okay, then when I saw the photos - AAAAARRGH!!! That's why I'm only posting head shots!!

Leaving the scrapping for tomorrow.