Saturday, 17 April 2010


Not much to share with you today. Have been riding the see-saw of good and bad news this week, and quite frankly....just knackered!

Here's what I've managed.....(shame-faced boohoo-ness)

So Much (to think about) for the Paper of the Month Challenge at Bon's Scraps also Pencil Lines Sketch #181

I am loving these recycled roses. I posted a little while back about Alisa Burke's blog and how much she inspires me and just gets the ol' mojo pumping again.
All the girls at Bon's are just crazy for these flowers, so you might see them popping up at a few challenge blog/ning sites next month!!

Well, seriously that's it!!
I know
bit of a let down...pmsl

I will ask for prayers for my friend T who has just been diagnosed with cancer (at 38), already has secondaries and this just shouldn't happen to her! I feel like I should say more {about how horrible bitches should get cancer, but never do} but that would be nasty....oh beeehaave!!!!
We're staying positive because she is an extremely healthy, positive soul.

Thanks for dropping by xx mwah

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Happy Easter!!

Autumn has arrived in Brisbane!! It's now dark at 6am and 6pm...ahhh!
Easter hols were spent at Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast. The place was on the cliff side so there was a killer walk to the flagged area. My calves are the size of watermelons LOL.
We never eat dinner out when we're on hols, but as we were with my sister's family, we ate out TWO nights. Needless to say I didn't relax but I'm slowly learning.

I tried to do some journaling while away, but was dog-tired so haven't done ANYTHING....until last night!!! woohooooo

The monthly banner-see above (sorry, bad camera, bad lighting, bad to blame everything ex. my bad cameramanship)

Firstly, what I did before the Easter hols......
You're a Star - a cyber crop challenge at Bon's before Easter. Used Bon's Boy Kit for March and absolutely lurve the result. Took a while to collage all the bits, but worth the effort!...and it's Sandie for pete's sake!!

Where do I fit in Mum? - Write Now Challenge for March at Bon's. Another win for me!! Thanks girls.

"Q" - Bon's Cyber Crop Colour Challenge. Ummm, red, red, red, red (LOL) with some orange and B & W.

And what I did last night and this morning.....
Taking Time Out - April sketch at Bon's. Pic taken at Golden Beach last November. Used yummy Rouge de Garance pp, lots of paint and inking through a doiley.

{not quite the deadliest} Catch - Bon's February Kit Comp. While Bon was in Perth on hols, we were given a task of putting our own kit together and making a layout. Well, I managed to get the kit together and, as usual, life took over.

Yes, you heard right!!

Last month, someone challenged the DT to use toilet rolls in their layouts. I remember seeing this used on another blog (can't remember, sorry) a while ago and thought it was super cool!!!

The ABA Therapy is going swimmingly. Rainer isn't enjoying it which is a good sign for this early stage.
Mackinley had Rugby League Camp for 2 days this week, which he loved, and began Soccer Training.
Another busy year,  but that's life.