Thursday, 26 May 2011

cReaTivE tYPe + ART journal

My good friend Charmane Koch has a great forum called Chat with Charm. It's a one-stop-shop for just about every Blog/Manufacturer Challenge in Australia and overseas, including DT/CT Calls. Gotta love that!!!

Last week she ran a CyberCrop which gets you motivated to do some challenges and try new ones too.

Here are my picks from the CC.......

The lastest challenge over at The Creative Type is to use a word not from your native tongue. I cheated a little, coz my parents were born in Italy, but you know's not MY lingua franca.

I used The Polkadot Place kit that the beautiful Bridgette Hatton puts together each month.

I love the challenges over at A Year in The Life of An Art Journal but rarely get around to them. Happy to report Idid this one and managed to get a whole lotta yuck off my chest.

I guess no-one takes abandonment very well. I generally try to empathise with the other person when they do things I find really really stoopid. This time though, I really didn't see it coming, and haven't spoken to her since. Time to let that pigeon fly away, never to return.

I hope you're enjoying this creative spurt as much as I am. I'll have some exciting news to share with you soon, and some canvases. Whheeeeee-heeeeeeee!!

Don't forget you can follow my blog via Google or FaceBook. Unlike some, I will share on both media continually. That's my new promise for 2011.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Challenge Time!! Scrap the Boys + WW1

Scrap the Boys is all about Collections this month. Last year the Scouts held their first ever Cuboree and Makcinley was soooo motivated to qualify we literally had a "roster system" for getting the badges he needed.
Psychotic, I know. But he made it ... and then Cuboreee got flooded out LOL. A bit of love was lost after that. He still loves going though.

Some very cutesy clouds from Echo Park.

And I love the cat paper from an old "frankie" magazine.

White With One is ORANGE! omg...HOW MUCH DO i LOVE ORANGE???
Thankfully had these photos of Mackinley at Fingal last Summer.

A super-duper old K&Co alpha in Orange (thank you scrap gods)

The background PP is actually a Basic Grey doiley sheet that already was a bit orange, but misted the whole thing again with Harvest Orange Glimmer Mist to make it more juicy! Some left over Hambly screenprints and a delicate addition of Prima.

Well, believe it or not, there is MORE to share .... later.
State of Origin Game 1 is on tonight and we're hosting. Off to defrost pies and make the house Maroon!!


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Back on the {scrap}Wagon

Here's a quickie using the Storyboard Kit I won via FaceBook.

The cute little frame is perfect for standard 4x6 photos. Couldn't resist this one of the boys' first day of school this year.
Handsome, aren't they?
I am the luckiest Mum on Earth!

More soon
Stay Tuned!!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Testing.....testing >>>

Do you feel sometimes that you are being tested beyond your limits?

Do you feel like the proverbial bird is constantly overhead, shitting on everything you think and feel and attempt to get off the ground?


I did imagine that when we moved house and they boys were both in full-time schooling, that things would finally FINALLY start to fall into place.

It was imaginary.

And while Rainer and Mackinley have both settled beautifully into school this year, I feel like my plans and life are being thrown into the tumble dryer of chaos.

Since the car accident, Mummy hasn't been at her best. Constantly in pain and fear that something terrible would happen (I think that paranoia was from the meds) turned me into a walking zombie and I really wasn't the best company.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I can't feel at peace. One thing I HAVE realised is that I can't "wait" for things to happen. If I really want something, I need to be courageous, take the first step and don't look back.
So, I've looked at many online courses run by creative people I admire; who had that lingering fear to take a bold step but when they finally was MAGICAL. I have dusted off Kelly Rae Roberts' book "Taking Flight" (which I bought way back in 2008) and am meticulously working through my WHISPERS and journaling like a mad woman (and once again stalking her blog).

Perhaps a clue will reveal itself.
Perhaps nothing will come of it.
Perhaps I will end up with a lot of pages of the rantings of a crazed lunatic.
Perhaps I will learn who I am supposed to be.

Until then, there is not much creative work happening but I am getting out and reconnecting with people in my life which is awesome.

Until then, you will just have to keep looking for me in upcoming issues of Scrapbook Creations.

Until then, I will share bits of my life on Facebook (the instant gratification is too addictive LOL).

I am not going away....just resting from the testing; finding my self; finding my purpose; listening to whispers; reconnecting with my friends; nurturing my family.

xx giovanna

Other peeps who I am revisiting are:
Karen Michel
Corey Moortgart
Claudine Hellmuth
just to begin with LOL