Thursday, 22 October 2009

One More...

Layout to share.

Bon's Room of the Month Layout Challenge. I made them tissue paper flowers all by me-self...noice!!!

Lately, I find myself finishing the day's housework when the boys are finally in their room, getting the jammies on and then pumping one of these babies out before I hit the sack or hubby comes home.

Very efficient munchkin :)

However, don't be fooled. I have a MOUNTAIN of paperwork to complete and claims to lodge and promises to keep. I am in no way SUPERWOMAN, I am seriously flawed!!!!

Here is someone else who needs her head checked (LOL, sorry Bon, you know I love you, really!!)

You need to do a few things first, so head on over to her blog at BON'S and follow the instructions.
Too easy girls and a load of stuff to ogle.
I just gave away all my scraps to the Prep Room so I'm in desperate need of STASH!!! A great pack for beginner scrappers too {{wink}}.

I completed this at Blue Bazaar for their monthly Mixed Media Challenge
and made it as their Featured Artist on their newsletter!!
Feeling very honoured right now and a little bit of this...

p.s. "Carer's Week" should be renamed, "Nobody be a Carer" week. Heard it was a serious let-down. I'm wondering if ANYONE is ever eligible for these services, or are they just having fun managing the funds??? wonders!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bon's Sale Time + a Comp!

Please do NOT read any further if you're not interested in saving money or winning free stuff.......


Monday the 19th - Friday the 23rd of October.

Bon's Scraps will be offering 20% off everything

(with the exception of kits and kit subscriptions, retreat payments and crop days.)


Not bad eh????

But it gets even better......

Win a 3 months subscription for Bon's Monthly Kit!!
The comp will start THIS Tuesday (um, that's today).
You will need to be or become an active member of the forum.
It will run for 4 weeks, one task per week.
The comp will be judged by "doing" not "best"
There will be no eliminations.

Tuesday (tonight!!) is also cybercrop night so make sure you pop in and why not BRING A FRIEND

Here are last month's CC challenges as an indication of what you can achieve at Bon's (just in case you weren't sure...heehee)

Malinda's Challenge

Skye's Challenge

Felicity's Challenge

Off to Carer's Week activities this morning. On the hunt for people and money. Heck!! Who wouldn't be????

Thursday, 15 October 2009

care factor

Next week is Carer's Week


Time to think about those who look after a loved-one full-time.

I am a full-time Carer.
I gave up my career when Rainer was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2006.
I finished the Semester in June 2006 and haven't worked a day in a classroom since.
I threw out all my Units of Work, my planners; my textbooks (which amount to hundreds of dollars) are in boxes - I just can't give those away...too precious.
The lesson I've learned???

What you expect your life to become sometimes is not under your control.
You WILL sacrifice your dreams for the benefit of others.
You goals will change, almost weekly.
You will grieve, anger, take self-pity, gather to action, force awareness and change, piss a lot of people off in the process, lose "friends", learn to NOT RELY ON ANYONE to help you get where you need to go.

You need to drive it, others can simply fill the tank of wellness and support to keep you moving....
But ultimately

Ironic that in Queensland, Monday is a pupil-free day, just to remind us Carers of these things ... LOL.

"But what can I do??" I hear you ask.
Be a good friend.
Grieve with her/him.
Break into their house (just kidding) and steal one week's worth of washing.
Send a frozen dinner every so often.

If you ASK them how you can help, they'll say, "Oh, nothing. Everything's alright." because that's what I say, and I say it because I'm so overwhelmed some days, I go into 'COPING MODE' and can't think beyond the next phone call and argument/discussion I need to have to fight for my child.

Go armed with this question....

Give her a minute or two...and she'll tell you.

time to nourish her and her family with love and wellness

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

One Little Word

#61 OPEN

Lots of loveliness on this page.
Background done with Vivian Bonder in her ART JOURNAL SERIES CLASSES a while back.
I have a folder filled with images and textures from magazine pages.
Another inspiring collage artist is COREY MOORTGAT who wrote "The Art of Personal Imagery". I bought it while in Denver USA last year. Such an amazing array of techniques and very achieveable. She dedicates an entire chapter on collaging modern photos which is rare. Usually you have to scrounge for vintage ones.

I began with a photo of my stove/oven "WANDA...The Wonderful Westinghouse" (yep, need to get out more) and linked it to the idea that I seem to be forever tied to the bloody thing. So for me and the family, the cooking is OPEN ALL HOURS. Anything the kids want to cook, I'll cook it.

It's worked as now Mackinley can cook his own BACON & EGG MUFFIN for breakfast. Rainer can take his food from the frypan using either tongs or spatula and cut his food, pour water into his own cup and bring his plate back to the sink at the end.

For our family - FOOD IS HEALTHY AND POSITIVE. There is no "low fat", "no sugar", "diet" versions of anything. Everything is eaten well and in moderation....ummmm, okay, except DARK CHOCOLATE & RED WINE....they are my true vices!!

Thanks for visiting too. Your comments are very uplifting and I luves ya'all!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Positive Energy

2 boys who just write the most positive lyrics
AND they can sing LIVE (no crappy lip-synching from these 2)
AND they're all ours xx

Monday, 5 October 2009

200th post!!!

What a fitting tribute to my 200th post -- my children are back at school today!!!

Ah, to have the days to myself again...if only for the next 12-ish weeks.

Here's an update on the creative-front....

Bon's Cyber Crop is happening.
Bon's Challenge

Tam's Sketch Challenge
(we will miss your challenges Tam, however, BIG CONGRATS on being selected for the Scrapbooking Memories Creative Team!!! yay)

Probably not my greatest work, but I'm losing interest in Lilly's Wedding Album (as you can so clearly see :((( - but I think she'll love it anyway)

Ngaire's classes at Inkredible on Saturday. I hope you're feeling much better Ngai.

Here's one of Ngaire's classes she did at Blossie's a couple of weeks ago.

Love my music...
In honour of my 25th school reunion next year....GEN-X RULZ!!!!!
(because they won't let me embed it - POOH!!)

Friday, 2 October 2009

123 Challenge for October

I don't know about you, but I just love crossing things off my "TO DO...." list.

The first was to find a very FUNKY blogger template..and I found it. Aqua Poppy Designs. Just very very amazingly F-A-B. What do you think? I might just change it every couple of months. I adore these designs.

Here's the second...
123 CHALLENGE for October
5 different patterned papers
one colour and one black & white photo
lots of tearing and crumpling

I printed the colour photo onto a transparency (haven't done that in a long time) and the subtle pattern from the Kaisercraft paper gives it extra warmth. The black & white photo has been Photoshopped and is a standard size trimmed down.

There ARE 5 patterned papers - just all scraps. Did not use my trimmer once - well, okay, I had to cut the manufacturer's strip with it ... but that's all!!

I'm experimenting with using my stash in interesting ways. Here is a complete "circle" of Kaisercraft pearls glued onto black vinyl (from Bon's Scraps' August Kit). I stuck that onto a journaling tag then onto a Buzz & Bloom flower from their latest fabric range (thanks Charm!!)

More Buzz & Bloom fabric elements. Perfect for boy pages (big HOORAY!!!!)

Finally, the journalling tag from the most delicious Scraptapestry Kit. Had to brush white paint on the underside so the words stood out. Used Francheville Scrapbooker's Pen -- the most awesome writing pen!

Last week, my GF Kelly had some freebies for this play at The Cremorne.
If you get a chance you MUST see this. Not a big fan of Robyn Nevin (she just irritates me - no idea why) but for 90 minutes, I was transfixed. Thought-provoking and well-written, I will now be buying the novel.

Have another Ngaire-Day tomorrow at Inkredible. No doubt will pick up more tips and techniques.
Today is officially the end of School Holidays. I am SOOOO excited to be ironing Mackinley's Day Shirts ready for Monday!!!!
And I have oiled my "whip" for Rainer's first day back LOL.....

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Outlandish October!!

Welcome to another month of outlandish living!!

I have added the TRANSLATOR to my blog. Mum has no doubt been having fun searching for us on FaceBook while in Italy and the relatives are coming out of the's awesome!!


Finally, the layout for CRAFT QUEEN. I am really digging ribbon...okay, you can all get off the floor now LOL

I used a Rouge de Garance die-cut sheet (droool) as a mask for the Glimmermist, then layered some scrap Pink Paislee and Nicole's bits from her pack, including those cute sequin stars!!

October's Ribbon Club sneak is on the BLOG now.

5 different patterned papers
1 colour and 1 b&w photo
lots of tearing and crumpling

Scrap Your Year for March

I bought a set of these

over here

A2Z Scraplets pack arrived

and I gave myself permission to play with this

to make these

This is the last week of the school holidays which means a few more days of playing hard.
I am reorganising my scrap space to fit Rainer's treatment table in this room. Lots of papers and bits and pieces being thrown out or donated.

Very cleansing and ....