Wednesday, 25 February 2009

thank god for MAMBO!

It's such a wonderful part of the cultural landscape in Australia, that I'm sure our family's t-shirt stash will be much smaller if it was no more!!! We are unashamedly PRO-MAMBO here. We love the very delightful "middle finger" attitude they have to authority and their no-holds-barred approach to their art. We love the shirts and this summer, Mackinley got to choose his own. In our house, Reg Mombassa is a creative genius!!!

A major milestone for me today. It's Ash Wednesday and I sat through the entire Mass today without crying and having to leave. It's been about 18months now, but I think I've got it all under control. Toward the end of the Eucharistic Prayer, when it all goes quiet......realising the true meaning of sacrifice and suffering......that's when it all goes pear-shaped for me. Today I got a little choked up but held it together.


My next test was going to be tomorrow at a Babes in Arms moving screening with Cara and baby Zac. Emotionally, I don't do very well in a room full of new babies. So clearly I'm not ready because I've been called to Rainer's Principal's office at that time. See, replacing one battle with another.

Rainer had a Bio-Energetic scan yesterday. Very non-invasive but very confronting when she began telling me all that was "chronic" in Rainer's system. Ouch. Needed big shoulders for that hour!! On the positive side Terri did say Rainer is the best autistic boy she's seen so far. Happy, engaging, smiling........was it relief or joy I was feeling? Not sure.

Have Bon's CC challenges all typed up and ready to tackle. Scrapping with Ngaire B this Saturday. I'm taking time out to be creative for the next lots of eye candy coming up.


Sunday, 22 February 2009

February so far....

Much creative stuff and lots of family stuff. Have been neglecting BLOGLINES for so long, that I'm scared to even look at how many posts I've missed out there. Please accept my most humble apologies for not dropping by and leaving some love.

First the creative...
Charmane's online class using Bon's Feb Kit. How very groovy is this kit!!!!?

Spent a lovely Friday evening with Dina, Tina and Nicole

a while back and managed to actually, really truly get some scrapping done!!

Used some of the new Autumn Leaves background stamps on this one and Twinkling H2Os. Luminarte are going out of business so if you want some Blue Bazaar are currently having a sale ;)
Much love to Nicole who showed me the power of ribbon for this layout. Just the perfect finishing touch (thanks Nic!)

And this of Mum, me and the sisters. Love the Sandylion border stamps. I seem to be using them all over the shop at the moment.

Despite my serious attempt to use much of my stash, I couldn't resist this oh so cute paper that Nicole had on hand. October Afternoon (thanks Tash ;)) and some of Bon's Nov Kit. Nicole also had some new Ali Edwards journaling stamps. We had a fantastic time playing!!!

I finished this layout today. I'm only showing a sneak because I really really want this one published. I just love it.

Family stuff.....
It rained, nay, BUCKETED down on Friday afternoon and the boys just couldn't resist racing outside and basking in all it's wet, humid glory.

It doesn't look like it but Rainer really was enjoying himself!
We're having a summer shower now as I type this, and there is blue sky past Taylor Range. This is the BEST suburb ever to live in!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Where to begin?

We've had many challenges beginning Prep for Rainer. I won't re-hash the "week that was..." here. I've done so with my family and friends and just on one forum.

Now, we are happily settled and despite my disappointment and frustration with the school, I'm not changing his routine and they will just need to play "catch up".

Thank you to my support network! I truly cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and understanding.

And I've been creating.

Man, it feels soooo good!!!

Bon's Cybercrop that finished Tuesday.
Peta's Blind Scrapping Challenge

Tam's Sketch Challenge

and a WINNER....
Bon's Colour Challenge

PINK!!!! I know! And I can only reveal here how this layout took me only ONE HOUR to put together. Mind you, it'd been brewing for a week and then it just spewed forth (as is my way LOL)

Thank you ladies, for another wonderfully creative, supportive and challenging week.

Remember this book?

I've also heard a number of other scrappers rave about it and it truly is a wonderful collection of ideas. Available in Australia only through (as far as I know).

I made this for the AEIOU staff.

I loved putting this together and it was easy and so much fun!! Looking forward to starting many more of her projects soon! Photo is by the wonderfully creative Rachel Richter.

Tam's Online Class at Bon's a couple of weeks ago (?)

mostly from Bon's November kit
i love her kits
i've ordered February's....i'm a tragic....

Another busy day of cooking and freezing today. I love having the days to myself again.