Thursday, 28 January 2010

create me + Oz Day + school's in

Bit slow start to the year but it's been happening....
For the WRITE NOW challenge at Bon's.

There's a big tag behind the photo with how spesh Miss Jilly GG is; how we never have to justify to each other about our children. We "know".

I got a terrific RAK from the gorgeously shabby chic Megan Leslie and some of the gorgeous bits on this layout are from her RAK!! Thank you missy!!

The beautiful Sandie Mallon, ran a class on the first night of Bon's january CyberCrop which was just gorgeous. Thankfully I'd snapped a beautiful photo of Rainer and Michael during a break in their wrestling. It's untouched, I love flukes like this!!


The backyard looks spanking this time each year. Hubby really works up a lather preparing the pitch for about 2 weeks beforehand. He's a legend!!!


I'm battered and bruised but I got both boys off to school yesterday...solo!!
Wonderful friends took Mackinley to school on Wednesday with all those books, while I got Rainer to school. He was NOT HAPPY!!!!
So I locked the house and started the car (he didn't have his uniform on LOL) and ran to the car naked!!
We sat in the car for about 15 mins in front of the air con while I tried to get the blasted uniform on....NOPE!!
Thought, "Stuff this!!! I've come too far to have you spoil it now Rainer!!!!"
I literally wrested him (quite physically....we both have bruises today) with legs and arms going in all directions to squeeze him clothed.
Had my arm across his chest while I strapped him in the carseat in the boiling morning heat.
He had a fabulous day, of course (little bugger), even got a star.

Here are my super heroes this morning - Day Two Faces.

Mackinley is so pleased with his teacher this year which is a relief. He's enjoying it so far and hasn't noticed any difference even though it's a multi-age classroom.

Okay, MY WORD FOR 2010 canvas is nearly ready. I've been putting all my energy into readying the boys for school.
The Sensory Room at the school is looking great already. I haven't needed to dip into the funds yet, but we're having a meeting in the next few weeks to do up a shopping list.
Can't wait to show you all. You've been wonderfully generous.

Hubby comes home tonight from Sydney xx It was a mixed blessing having him away for the start of school...LOL.

Be good
Be happy

Monday, 18 January 2010

Faves from Fingal

Today hubby had another annual leave day so we visited our friends who are staying at Fingal Head. Here are my fave shots. My camera has a "beach" setting and here's the result! I love it!!!!

Remember, RUNNING WITH SCISSORS is on Sunday 21st February at Inkredible at Ashgrove. If you know anyone in Brisbane who would like to come, please let them know it's on. It's going to be heaps of fun!! I'll even put Rainer in the shop with scissors!! LOL
So, which photo of Rainer with scissors would you choose to promote the fundraising crop?

Thanks for your feedback about the 9 THINGS IN 2009!! Love all your encouraging words. I just hope 2010 is just as creative and productive.
I promise to get off the computer now and finish that layout!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

9 things in '09

Felicity at Bon's Scraps has asked us all to list our 9 favourite things that represent 2009.

I'm having so much trouble writing at the moment, that I thought it could be said better through layouts and music.

LAYOUTS THAT I LURVED IN 09 (like I could keep it to just 9 LOL)

Songs that kept me moving in 2009
"Broken Leg" BlueJuice
"Cement" Megan Washington
"Science of Fear" Temper Trap
"Drumming Song" Florence & The Machine
"Hell" Tegan & Sarah
"The Look You Give That Guy" The Eels
"aNYway" Duck Sauce
"Dusk till Dawn" Ladyhawke
"Farewell Rocketship" Children Collide
"Ten Paces Away" The Gin Club
oh, I could go on forever but that'll do.

9 (or so) moments in 2009 that rocked my world!
*Rainer starting Prep.
*Bon's Scraps Retreat
*10 year Wedding Anniversary
*Mackinley's NAPLAN and UNSW Maths Comp Results KERCHANG!!
*Mackinley's First Communion & Confirmation
*Rainer's first ever birthday party
*New Appliances (ah, the domestic godess sighs!)
*Holiday at Maroochydore - again!
*David & Joan visiting in November
*Mum coming home
*Blue Bazaar's Crop Bootcamp


I have my word for 2010, but not revealing until I do my little arty stuff to it and add it to my siggy.
I am scrapping today for the first time in such a long time, which is wonderful.

Next Tuesday, is Cyber Crop night at Bon's Scraps.

If you live in Brisbane, it starts at 7.30pm (yeah, what's this bloody daylight savings time about then, hey???? sheesh). But it starts with a free class by the delightful Sandie Mallon, so how can I not bribe hubby to come home super early so I can be there on time for a change?!!!

I'm excited that Cloth Paper Scissors is launching an online community next month!! More Mixed Media yumminess.

BE it!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Running with Scissors

If you're free, and live in Brisbane (or thereabouts....)
we're having a
Fundraising Crop at Inkredible
Sunday 21st February.
Cost is $15
($10 directly to equip the Sensory Room at Rainer's School)
layout class by "yours truly" plus a sketch challenge
Card Makers!!! - we will be having a challenge for you too!!!xx
Raffles - including an original off the page piece
by Jill Geraghty-Groves
(if we hassle her enough, she might turn up too!!)
Silent Auction - 3 month membership to
Contours Gym at The Gap
(thanks Karen!!)
Begins 10am
Ends 10pm
Turn up whenever you like and leave whenever you like
(just make it before 10pm please LOL)
Come to scrap, come to make cards, come for a chat and some yummy food
(included in your entry fee).
Contact Kathleen or Tamara at Inkredible to register
07 3366 0366
If you would like to donate some raffle items, please contact me or Kathleen at Inkredible.

Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 - tHe pLaN - the MANIFESTO

Good morning 2010. Tis a cool and overcast one in Brisbane today. After a week of splendid weather at Maroochydore, it seemed as though the heavens opened to remind us all that JOY doesn't last forever....damn you weather!!!

So, after spending a moment looking at all the blogs I follow, I was relieved to find THIS POST by Seth Apter (p.s. I "heart" Seth) and I was just ......


It was as if all the feelings I have about my life and being creative, were finally articulated by people who DO this stuff and do it WELL. And there are TWO HUNDRED artists who will share ideas with me this year!! How unreal!

What is the essence of Art or Scrapbooking or any craft or creativity? Well, I'm not going to think about it too much this year. I'm going to take a leaf out of this SECRET SUNDAY'S post and JUST DO IT, give myself time to do stuff badly, hide stuff, share stuff, not let others' opinion of my work affect how I work or what I work on.

any wordsmiths are encouraged to make suggestions.
There is only one serve of caffine in me so far today pmsl....

2009 was a very dark year - creatively, emotionally, spiritually and socially. I didn't NOURISH my "self" as often as I should have, but those times I did, prepared me for the struggles that followed. That was its purpose.

2010 - the purpose of this year???
What will be my focus?
Who will call me to action?
Where will I find it?

I haven't been very good at sharing, so this year I will share all the places I get inspiration from.
So I'm beginning with THE ALTERED PAGE.

Hope 2010 is all you believe it should be.