Saturday, 29 September 2007

We Love Alex.....

Unbelievable lunch at Gianni's at Portside...could see Varna's house from the deck LOL!!!

Here we are...some of the Bray Park Mums, with Alex. (That's me in the blue dress, just in case - because you're not used to seeing me in a frock LOL)

The frocks were amazing! My friend Sophie Formica won the lucky door prize -- The Alex Perry Gown -- and she's been so busy lately, that she'll definitely put it to good use. The Anthony's $6000 diamond ring was won by a lady who purchased the last balloon after it being autioned off. She paid $300 for a $50 balloon and came away with the ring! A good investment.

Had a lot of interest in the fundraiser for next year so will have to confirm those soon as well. Lots of current and past Mums of AEIOU will rally the troops as well. Might have to increase the original numbers? Might be out-doing myself......but I love a challenge!

Had a quick chat to Alex, who is lovely, delightful, down-to-earth and very approachable and believes in giving back to those who aren't as fortunate as he has been in life.

Thank you Alex.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Love my Life!

I just love my life at the moment. I'm tired as all hell, but I'm scrapping and chatting and making headway with the it's all GOOD!

I'm so excited to be going to the Alex Perry lunch on Friday. Convinced Michael to work from home because it's school holidays now and hard to find anyone willing to look after the boys for a whole day. I've been tossing up which frock to wear as I have the "Sing for Kids" in October as well as a black tie function for Michael's work in October, so can't double-up on the frocks (heehee) and I'm not allowed to buy a new one :-(

The scrap fundraiser for AEIOU Bray Park is still ticking along. Have a few more sponsors and other generous scrappers giving of their time or talent. Can't reveal names yet until I secure a date and have a firm commitment. Life is just too unpredictable and I don't want to embarrass anyone if they pull out. It WILL be in May 2008 so people should start saving their pennies now. And it WILL be close to my home, so start finding out where I am and lock the suburb on your GPS.

Round 3 entries for the Scrap Therapy DT Position #5 are in. Guess who was the last one to upload??????


Okay, it was me...but I got the layout uploaded before the absolute deadline of the 25th, so I should get points for that!! It was a product challenge with AL papers and bits and pieces. Here's the GALLERY and the standard is awesome. The finalists going into Round 4 have to run an online class. I'm not sure if I'll get in but I'd better get my thinking cap on now, just in case. I'll have to hassle some "online class veterans" (you know who you are....heehee) for some tips. Wish me luck...or better still, if you are a Scrap Therapy member, email Natalie and give me 3 points!!!!

Sonia has me busy at Forever Always. The DT kit was HUGE!! Lots of BG Mellow papers, cardstock and a gorgeous Delish embellishment kit. Here's the link to the first lot of projects for her mid-month inspiration

and the October Newsletter is going to be fantastic. Lots of great ideas for off the page with Basic Grey. Out soon, so no uploads yet of those, sorry, rules you know!!

The Cyber Crop is still open till the end of the month. It's a KITCHEN theme this month LOL. I've finished Challenge 4 which is the Photography Challenge

and the 5th challenge which was to alter an item for the kitchen

There is just 2 more layouts to do and a sketch challenge with NO PHOTOS. Piece of cake!!

If you love working with patterned paper, I have a Patterned Paper Challenge happening at Bon's Scraps. Follow the criteria and upload by Wednesday 25th (that's tomorrow LOL) and you could win something new from Bon. She's got something so special, even I don't know what it is!! Here's my effort

So, YES. I've been a busy girl with the scrapping and the "LIFE" busy-ness. Not to mention the fab-o class with Ngaire Bartlam at Inkredible on Saturday!! Nearly finished that one in actual class time....AMAZING! Ngaire's just too wonderful and Nicole (The Craft Queen) is good company too. If you are good with ribbon (read= not me!!) then she has a DT opening!! But not me, you all know (as Nicole does) how hopeless I am with the ribbon stuff!!!!

BE STONG...and enjoy life.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Love Fashion???

Only a few tickets left to meet Alex Perry in person!! He's gorgeous, isn't he?? (no, not the skinny streak of misery in the flyer.....Alex!!)

And no M, he won't commission a special frock for me :(((((
What's wrong with people these days? LOL.....

Check the link to AEIOU in the side bar and tell Margie and Lynda I sent you!!!!

Details coming together for fundraiser. I've had a great response and to those who have already given GREAT suggestions and offered support....


be strong....

Friday, 7 September 2007

Quick Stuff....

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has contacted me about Rainer and the DT guest spots. It's nice to know that people love your work and want to support you....keep reading if that's you........I might need you!!!!

Alex Perry, fashion designer extraordinaire, is in Brisbane for AEIOU's next fundraiser.

He spent one day at AEIOU's Moorooka unit and absolutely loved the kids. Nice guy!!!
It's been amazing how many high profile people are coming on board with not just AEIOU but also understanding what autism is and how tricky it is to treat and manage.

And I'm excited that I've been given the go-ahead for this...

More details soon but it will be hopefully in May/June 2008. I've already had support from people in the scrap community and elsewhere which has blown me away. I must thank Ali Edwards and Alli Patterson for the inspiration. If they can do it, so can I. I already have a swag of helpers rearing to go.

I will have a separate blog/site for the fundraiser, so if you can't make it to Brisbane for the crop, you can be involved or contribute in another way. But, honestly, why wouldn't you want to come to Brisbane????

My email address is in the side bar if you want to contact me now (I won't say no..heehee)

And I think I need a new header for Spring...even though it's still cold here in Brisbane (brrrr). Loving the rain. My trees will be whoppers in no time.

Be strong!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Luckiest Girl in the World!

Today, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I won the Guest DT spot for September at Bon's Scraps for my "Our Winter" layout and get a yummy pack in the post along with other benefits.

I received an email today from Sonia at Forever Always offering me a Guest DT spot for September/October as well as winning the August Sketch Comp for "anticipation".

I made it through to Round 3 of the Scrap Therapy Design Team Comp. Natalie's sending the 10 a pack and we need to whip something marvellous up. Next round is online class. Need to call in favours if I make it through.

Mackinley got the award for "Best Worker" yesterday, and got to wear "The Hat" today.

Mrs Marsh has the best incentives for the kids to do well. I help out on Tuesdays now and all I did was paint paint paint with the kids. I love it and Mackinley loves it, and he told me today that his classmates love it when I come to help out. Lucky me!!!

And, Hannah gave me a bunch of these gorgeous camelias from her garden yesterday AND today!!

I think the little spunky chunky is warming up to me LOL!!!!

Happy Birthday Lilly.

Sometimes I forget you are 4 years younger than me, because you are much more wise and thoughtful....and an awesome Mother, Teacher, and Sister. Love you Lig.

Happy Father's Day, to my Dad...Ross the Boss!!

Made a quick card from some left-over Pebbles Inc paper and a flower (he didn't say anything about that....) and the bits poking out the sides are from the scratch-it. So hard to buy Dad anything and I don't think he wears Old Spice anymore!!

Happy Father's Day to Michael. When Mackinley suggested this....

as a Father's Day present I was delighted. Fancy a 6 year old boy identifying his father's taste at such a young age!! Then I remembered that he watched The Goodies at Nena's a while back. You should see his face when he watches the episodes. I doubt he understands the humour, but he must love the silliness of it I did way back when.

It's raining again!! My tube stock hasn't died and Rainer has stopped pouring sand over one poor plant, or pulling the whole lot up.

We had dramas trying to car-pool with Trish this morning. Rainer's going through another "Mummy-Love" phase where he just constantly cuddles me. It's great, but he won't let me out of his sight!!! I doubt he'll go with Trish until next Term now....bummer. I think poor Trish is a little scarred by the incident as well. Lily is a very passive ASD girl, not like Rainer, at all!!

I feel a creative spurt coming on.....and being a little overwhelmed at the same time...but a "good" overwhelmed. I need to push myself to the next creative level. Wish me luck!

Be Strong...and a quick scrapper!!