Thursday, 26 March 2009

Time again to share!

I joined the Recipe Scrap at Forever Always last week. I love that place but never get enough time these days to be everywhere. I did manage this layout....

And then got inspired to create a layout for NO PARTICULAR REASON except to use up my mish-mash stash.

And I FINALLY got one done for 123 Challenge. I love the new format Charm and Kars have but I also enjoyed the total illogical, chaotic combinations that used to happen. It's good either way girls!!! Keep up the good work.

A lot of highs and lows for our family in the last week.

Michael was back in Woolongong and he absolutely HATES traveling and I swear he puts on weight each time - even an overnight trip. Must get onto that!

Mackinley has been an absolute delight and some days I wonder what I'd do without him. He's smart, articulate and has a very sharp tongue (which gets him into some trouble) but I'd rather have that than totally quiet, submissive children. It would drive me insane!!!!

Rainer is improving every day. Settling at both schools. We had the Doctor appt last week and have a monster list for the pathology! There's a lot on that list that won't be covered by Medicare or Private Cover, so once again, OUT OF POCKET!!! But WORTH IT!! Who wouldn't do absolutely anything for their child's health? We also had another scan on Tuesday and I'm pleased to say that he's improving but have to "de-vaccinate" him. Don't worry, it's not painful, but it will take some time.

And I've been cooking up a STORM. My camera's battery has died so no pics, but I promise to share all the gastronomic delights here soon.

Kelly and I are attending the Boyce Debate on Friday night on Inclusive Education. Senator Boyce is on a mission to fully integrate all children out of special schools and into mainstream. Hmmmm, not sure about that one, but the debate should be a CORKER!! And I get to pop a cork or two with Kel afterwards!!!

I have some exciting news to share with you soon.
Until then...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

busy week

I had a sick boy on the weekend.
(how precious...all huggy with Buzz on his Thunderbird pillow...awwwww...)

Yeah, not if you've had 3 consecutive nights of a coughing boy and no sleep yourself!!!
Last night I slept for 8 hours (thank you God) but with only one SHORT interruption. Managed to score a free facial at Ella Bache too so that was on the agenda this morning....feel much better now.

We had the magnificent Rory for a sleepover Saturday. These 2 have been buddies since Day Care and now they're in different schools we make sure they have regular sleepovers and outings together.

(nice how Rory gives HIMSELF the little V!!)

BBQ lunch at Rita and Marc's on Sunday. Cooper, Mackinley and Xavier goofed off all afternoon and Rainer wouldn't stay out of the pool. He loves his "blokes" (so much like Mackinley at the same age).

And I scrapped!!
For the WRITE NOW challenge at Bon's. Needed to scrap the YOUNGEST something/someone/anything and at least 5 words of journaling hand written and buttons (which I nearly forgot)

I officially have no more of that Fancy Pants range - phew!!

This is for the sketch challenge by the divinely talented Emily Pearce at a2z scraplets.

Ran the Maya Rd clear flower through the Bug and used 3 inks to colour the chip alphas (got that one from Ngaire...thanks muchly!!)

I can't think how else I can use corrugated cardboard!! Any suggestions out there?

Went to the Art Shed for some inks for Vivian's workshop. Doc appt tonight. Lots of paperwork still happening for Dr Neubrander's appt next month. So over the whole "tell me your story" question.

must must must

Friday, 13 March 2009

My wordy lordy

It's been a while (2 weeks??) and for good reason.
MASSIVE MASSIVE headache from all the Rainer-crapola since the beginning of the school year. Now someone has volunteered to take this problem off my hands and "voila", headache GONE!!!

Despite all this, I have been creating. Hiding in my corner and getting busy; trying NOT to think why it's all been so very very VERY bad. I was joking to some friends about putting my head in the oven - then realised it's ELECTRIC!!! Damn that water source that surrounds my suburb!! NO gas mains...grrrr...... The only thing I'd gain is singed eyebrows....way cool.

I've begun watching the videos for Vivian Bonder's Art Journal Online Series. So very exciting and Viv is generous with her time and so encouraging. I have the thingy in my sidebar so will add pages as they're done. Yipeee...excited.

Also, I've re-activated my FaceBook account. I figured I will have a FaceBook Friday LOL. Only go there on Fridays to update, catch up, stalk, etc..... Molly's already missed me. That's something.

In chronological order (hopefully) {man, how long does Blogger take to upload these days????}
Ngaire Bartlam classes at Inkredible

Tam's online class at Bon's

White With One - white, navy, stars

Scrap the Boys - journal min 50 words with "YOU ARE" (or variations) in the title/journaling

Bon's Monthly Layout Comp (some creative licence with the colours - hehe)

Tam's sketch challenge

forget what this one was for (LOL)
I think Charm's sketch from Bon's CC?????

and remember.....

(even though I may forget sometimes...)