Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Tag and Leesa

This is a really really long tag from Leenie

... so I'll post sections of it over a couple of days...

are you...
1. a cuddler? absolutely – especially my boys
2. a morning person? only since having kids
3. are you a perfectionist? TOTALLY – takes me ages to do a layout
4. talented? I can balance a spoon on my nose!!
5. in your pyjamas? I wish!!
6. left handed? no, but married one

1. friend you saw: Michelle – at Newmarket shops
2. phoned: Mum
3. sent text: Varna
4. received text: Jo
5. message over myspace: hmmmm???
6. instant message: Julie Dudley
7. wore: to bed? new jammies from Sussan
8. last night was: Tuesday night
9. got any plans: finished a layout, coffee’s gone cold – again, 40th Birthday party this Saturday but can’t find a sitter.

Okay, now for some more stuff..

Here's one I finished today even though Rainer sabotaged it before I got to stick everything down ... grrrrr. My GF Leesa, now living in Sydney, taken at her Brisbane house on New Years Eve. I had about 2 hours sleep and looked like absolute crap!!

As soon as I started this Alicia posted her February sketch on the site and I thought hmmm, similar. Then I open the Feb edition of Creating Keepsakes, and there's another similar. But one has circles, and another has hearts.

Oh well, great minds think alike. I always need an extra dose of inspiration!!

Reality Scrap final 20 have been decided. I've done the first scrap challenge with 3 Bugs in a Rug papers - "Scrap your Passion". Can't wait to see what the ladies come up with.

My Friday Night Games challenge is in a couple of weeks though. Tanya Reedy helped out with the idea for the game via Zina Wright!! How tangled is the scrapbooking web???

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