Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Book of Me

After a false start last year (because I went back to Teaching) I'm finally starting my BOM in 2007. At least this year I'll have a LOT to say (heehee). Last year was a bit of a blurr.

This is actually the second challenge entitled "Thought I'd Be...". The story with this one is when I was overseas and absorbing all the galleries and art museums I began to remember everything that I loved about History and Art and the religious fervour that sometimes accompanied both....who am I kidding - ALWAYS accompanied both!!!

I came home in September and Lilly had already filled out my Uni application (the B Form - for us oldies) and got accepted into University of Queensland - nice one. But, being the lazy sod that I can tend to be, accepted at Australian Catholic Uni which was down the road - no transport or parking hassles and the classes were smaller - which is always a bonus when you need an extension!!!

A man called Paul Conway convinced me to do Secondary Teaching once I finished my BA - and the rest, as they say, is HERstory!!

Yep, thought I'd be living a life of discovering precious artefacts and investigating their value to society; married with children (of course) and growing old in a society where being old is very, very alluring!!



  1. Goodness me Giovanna it really is a small world - first Stu Tasker and now Paul Conway and ACU!!!

  2. Your BOM pages you have put in the SBC site are all just awesome!
    Now I just need to get motivated and do some too.
    Take Care