Thursday, 22 October 2009

One More...

Layout to share.

Bon's Room of the Month Layout Challenge. I made them tissue paper flowers all by me-self...noice!!!

Lately, I find myself finishing the day's housework when the boys are finally in their room, getting the jammies on and then pumping one of these babies out before I hit the sack or hubby comes home.

Very efficient munchkin :)

However, don't be fooled. I have a MOUNTAIN of paperwork to complete and claims to lodge and promises to keep. I am in no way SUPERWOMAN, I am seriously flawed!!!!

Here is someone else who needs her head checked (LOL, sorry Bon, you know I love you, really!!)

You need to do a few things first, so head on over to her blog at BON'S and follow the instructions.
Too easy girls and a load of stuff to ogle.
I just gave away all my scraps to the Prep Room so I'm in desperate need of STASH!!! A great pack for beginner scrappers too {{wink}}.

I completed this at Blue Bazaar for their monthly Mixed Media Challenge
and made it as their Featured Artist on their newsletter!!
Feeling very honoured right now and a little bit of this...

p.s. "Carer's Week" should be renamed, "Nobody be a Carer" week. Heard it was a serious let-down. I'm wondering if ANYONE is ever eligible for these services, or are they just having fun managing the funds??? wonders!!


  1. Congrats on the newsletter feature! You are such a wonderful artist! :)

    Loooove that new LO with the handmade flowers! Noice indeed!

  2. they are LOVERLY flowers Gigi!!!! you are just amazing!!!

    and oooohhhh ahhhh I know some one famous - a "featured Artist".... thats exciting news.... lots of happy things for you - and well deserved too :)

  3. I love the mixed media are so talented.
    This blog hopping is so much fun!

  4. wtg on being featured artist.... your mixed media piece looks fabulous!!! your layout is gorgeous too.... i think i mentioned that somewhere else ;) Mwah! Love ya!