Sunday, 21 November 2010

Not soooo Shabby!

I am a day late with this layout for Let's Get Shabby challenge. My primitive urge for sleep overtook all else.
Love it all the same.

This is one of the sewing box elements. A pack of press studs which initially I was going to use the front. When I turned it over I saw that Mum had written Dad's sister's name and some family members' numbers in Italy on the reverse. Really got a chill up my spine then, and decided that would be perfect.

Now that I'm a hopeless tragic with the alcohol inks, I altered a daggy Coles brand measuring tape with them to suit the layout colours.

Love my little pin cluster. Looks like a branch of wattle. Hand-coloured the $2 Shop doiley, again to suit the colour scheme.

Layered an Italian novel page and an Italian tag (from Stampington). So appropriate!! (I'm quite clever sometimes LOL)

And I had a request for what I used to alter the back of the photo in the DREAM layout. This is what I call Punchinella, but you probably call it something entirely different.

And THIS photo is huge. Why???
When you see the world differently, you also physically position yourself to view it all. Rainer's way was to get at eye level, usually on the floor, or side on, on a table/chair, so that he could control the input level.

This photo tells me that things are getting better. This week, he grabbed the chair and wanted to SIT and play. Might not seem much to the average bear, but to me it was a moment to finally see the fruits of such extreme labour and effort.

Time to open some more champers, me-thinks!!
Have one for me too this evening.

p.s. WINNERS from my online class "Sure Thing Mum" will be up later tonight on the class blog!! Congrats ladies.
Already cooking up ideas for the next class in 2011.


  1. This looks great Gigi. Love how you used the back of the press stud packet.

  2. WOOHOO on 'capturing the moment' - gave me gose bumbs :)
    have a champs for me too - i will have a red for you - cheers babe {{{hugs}}}

  3. such a gorgeous LO Gigi, love the layered photo's. So many cool things to look at! Ahhh that's what punchinella is! ;)

  4. gorgeous layout, Gigi! Love all the bits you added. Yay, for Rainer too! Hope you enjoyed the champers ;)

  5. I'm really sorry you got this in late gigi!! ITs just gorgeous... love the the tearing the title!!! whats not to love!!

  6. I love this Gigi. The pics, the book paper, the writing!!!! all the elements tying in perfectly. Yippee for Rainer (and the Mama too)!!!!

  7. oh yay me and THANK YOU Mackinley for pulling my name out of the hat. I am thrilled!

  8. hiya!
    luv ur latest LO...and all those lil bits n pieces are incredible, press studs, italian ppr - they totally make it!!!

    thx for the prize...LOL tho...think you've got Lea's & my LOs mixed up! ;) Its all good tho!

    thx again G!!!!
    MWAH!!! x