Friday, 11 June 2010

I have scrapped..oh the joys!

After spending an indulgent morning with friends, I raced home in the hour I had left before collecting Rainer, and whipped this beauty up.

Bon's Sketch for July, using mostly bits from her June Boy Kit.

finding this next bit of type, was an absolute fluke...yeah, very arsy LOL

and Rainer has lost his third tooth. For a kid with lots of sensory issues, I can tell you Monday was NOT a happy day. He fretted over it for a very long time, but he's all good now (as you can see by the photo).

Up for a big one this weekend!!! Who's coming????


  1. WOW Gigi.... love your boy kit page.... and damn that banner is fabtastic!!! xoxo Charmane

    looks like you are doing more scraping than me these days!!!

  2. Gigi love your header!!!!! Is it dress pattern paper?

    and your LO is awesome!!!!

    hehe....Rainer is cute with that tooth missing......gotta scrap that one Gigi! XXxXX

  3. Great work!! And I love love love your new banner!!

  4. Great layout and your banner is so arty - I really love it!!!

  5. Gigi love your banner
    and that pic of Rainer is soooo cute gorgeous smile

  6. aawww he looks so cute!!! love the LO it is awesome as per usual :)
    Loving your blog, it is the best way I can catch up with you xxx sending big hugs :)