Thursday, 28 January 2010

create me + Oz Day + school's in

Bit slow start to the year but it's been happening....
For the WRITE NOW challenge at Bon's.

There's a big tag behind the photo with how spesh Miss Jilly GG is; how we never have to justify to each other about our children. We "know".

I got a terrific RAK from the gorgeously shabby chic Megan Leslie and some of the gorgeous bits on this layout are from her RAK!! Thank you missy!!

The beautiful Sandie Mallon, ran a class on the first night of Bon's january CyberCrop which was just gorgeous. Thankfully I'd snapped a beautiful photo of Rainer and Michael during a break in their wrestling. It's untouched, I love flukes like this!!


The backyard looks spanking this time each year. Hubby really works up a lather preparing the pitch for about 2 weeks beforehand. He's a legend!!!


I'm battered and bruised but I got both boys off to school yesterday...solo!!
Wonderful friends took Mackinley to school on Wednesday with all those books, while I got Rainer to school. He was NOT HAPPY!!!!
So I locked the house and started the car (he didn't have his uniform on LOL) and ran to the car naked!!
We sat in the car for about 15 mins in front of the air con while I tried to get the blasted uniform on....NOPE!!
Thought, "Stuff this!!! I've come too far to have you spoil it now Rainer!!!!"
I literally wrested him (quite physically....we both have bruises today) with legs and arms going in all directions to squeeze him clothed.
Had my arm across his chest while I strapped him in the carseat in the boiling morning heat.
He had a fabulous day, of course (little bugger), even got a star.

Here are my super heroes this morning - Day Two Faces.

Mackinley is so pleased with his teacher this year which is a relief. He's enjoying it so far and hasn't noticed any difference even though it's a multi-age classroom.

Okay, MY WORD FOR 2010 canvas is nearly ready. I've been putting all my energy into readying the boys for school.
The Sensory Room at the school is looking great already. I haven't needed to dip into the funds yet, but we're having a meeting in the next few weeks to do up a shopping list.
Can't wait to show you all. You've been wonderfully generous.

Hubby comes home tonight from Sydney xx It was a mixed blessing having him away for the start of school...LOL.

Be good
Be happy


  1. sorry you had a hard time getting rainer to school.... so glad to hear he had a great day though :) can't wait to see your WORD for 2010 canvas!!!

    Love Charmane xoxo

  2. love love love reading your blog.
    love that photo of your boys. and not to mention those STUNNING Layouts.
    :) xx

  3. Wow that sounds like a huge adventure for first thing in the morning!!
    I adore that untouched photo such a dream shot!!! beautiful layouts!

  4. you are awesome girl!! love your art and attitude!! don't ever change :)

  5. Hey chick glad to see that you got him to school.I can see you now wrestling with him.He looks happy the next day to go.Take care Kerry xx