Saturday, 16 January 2010

9 things in '09

Felicity at Bon's Scraps has asked us all to list our 9 favourite things that represent 2009.

I'm having so much trouble writing at the moment, that I thought it could be said better through layouts and music.

LAYOUTS THAT I LURVED IN 09 (like I could keep it to just 9 LOL)

Songs that kept me moving in 2009
"Broken Leg" BlueJuice
"Cement" Megan Washington
"Science of Fear" Temper Trap
"Drumming Song" Florence & The Machine
"Hell" Tegan & Sarah
"The Look You Give That Guy" The Eels
"aNYway" Duck Sauce
"Dusk till Dawn" Ladyhawke
"Farewell Rocketship" Children Collide
"Ten Paces Away" The Gin Club
oh, I could go on forever but that'll do.

9 (or so) moments in 2009 that rocked my world!
*Rainer starting Prep.
*Bon's Scraps Retreat
*10 year Wedding Anniversary
*Mackinley's NAPLAN and UNSW Maths Comp Results KERCHANG!!
*Mackinley's First Communion & Confirmation
*Rainer's first ever birthday party
*New Appliances (ah, the domestic godess sighs!)
*Holiday at Maroochydore - again!
*David & Joan visiting in November
*Mum coming home
*Blue Bazaar's Crop Bootcamp


I have my word for 2010, but not revealing until I do my little arty stuff to it and add it to my siggy.
I am scrapping today for the first time in such a long time, which is wonderful.

Next Tuesday, is Cyber Crop night at Bon's Scraps.

If you live in Brisbane, it starts at 7.30pm (yeah, what's this bloody daylight savings time about then, hey???? sheesh). But it starts with a free class by the delightful Sandie Mallon, so how can I not bribe hubby to come home super early so I can be there on time for a change?!!!

I'm excited that Cloth Paper Scissors is launching an online community next month!! More Mixed Media yumminess.

BE it!!


  1. Love that idea listing the music and other highlights as well as all those stunning LO's!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your list!!!
    Thanks for playing along.
    cant wait to see what your 2010 word is :) x

  3. GREAT list of songs and highlights and I love your pages - cant wait to see your word :)

  4. yay GIGI.... loving your memories of 2009... and LURVE your banner too!!! love charm xoxo

  5. love all those LO's you have chosen Gigi, and such a great idea to highlight your fav songs and memories from '09.
    love the banner too!! looks awesome :)

  6. hay babe... mixed media.. wow.. sounds interesting.. love all the creations.. how awesome is the round spraying effect one.. bloody brilliant woman.. there all amazing!! and i know what u could bribe micheal with.. wink wink nudge nudge.. hope to see u there babe..

  7. Loved looking through all your faves Gigi. :)

  8. Wow your faves are fandabbydosey Gigi!

    Krissy xx

  9. gorgeous creations there gigi and some beautiful moments too.

  10. ooh I've already left you some lurve here.... but.... i'm on the blog-train from Bon's Cybercrop.... and i need to give a word.... and this describes you to a TEA ;)

    the word is: EXCITING

    LOVE Charmane

  11. Gigi you are truly an inspiration.... So love your work too :D

  12. great pages gigi!!

    just popping in for the blog train...

    i would choose the bottom pic of rainer with scissors ... :)

  13. Love your fav 9 Gigi. I'm here for the blog train too & in doing so I'm so glad to have found your blog :)

  14. Wow Gigi that banner is awesome!! Love your picks for 2009 :) I have left a comment on the running with scissors too!!

  15. Love all your favs Gigi!! They are just gorgeous and totally inspiring!!

  16. I am here for the blog twane!

  17. Beautiful updates Gigi ♥ I especially love all the photos from Fingal!! Brilliant!

  18. Just popping in for the WORD..I would pick the bottom pic with the scissors. Love all your scrapping too.

  19. ooo your banner looks great! and mmmm i just love your Los!

  20. LOVE your LOs Gigi, very inspiring and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Oh, and awesome beach photos- such great colours!!

  21. wow, again, wowwed by all you girls amazing inspiring!!!