Saturday, 29 November 2008

News from the Villa

While I was in Denver I received an email from my second cousin, Antonino, in Italy. His family run Villa delle Rondini (it's in the sidebar). I havent' met him but my sisters have and Mum has not stopped smiling since I told her about the email.

Go to the sidebar and click on the link (under SHAMELESS FAMILY PROMOTION). They've done a fantastic job at restoring the house, and you get to see some pictures of my ancestors!!!

And if you know someone who's traveling to Italy, send them the link please and mention me so they know.

I'm sending some photos of us and the kids so we can compare theirs to ours and try to get some family resemblances. I'm excited by the prospect of connecting with distant relatives - especially on Mum's side of the family, whom I presume we get our wicked sense of humour from!!!

Thanks to Tamara (Inkredible) for highlighting one major error in a previous post.

Apparently a boob job only costs between $8 000 and $10 000. Not the $50 000 I reported.

Thank you Tamara. Where would I be without you?????

Off to scrap with Ngaire B today. woohoooo!!

brighter and buoyant....


  1. Actually G, where would we be without Kathleen as she is the source of the boob job info! Don't forget it is also available on interest free....isn't everthing these days lol! I personally just want a reduction! I can't understand the desire for big boobs having had them all my life... Hope you enjoy N's class today, wish I was there! t xxxx

  2. Thanks for the link to the villa Gigi, I have always wanted to visit Italy as it looks like such a beautiful place.

    The history of the Villa makes it very special and it is stunning too.

    One day...