Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I scrapped...therefore

I'm feeling nourished.

Amazing what a bit of "me time" can do for one's soul.

Sandie's sketch over at Bon's cybercrop.

I've just looked at Charm's challenge and have the photo for that too and some great ideas for Rainer's teachers' xmas/thankyou gifts.

Ask and ye shall receive....except for thinner thighs. I have to work on those!! No magic tape available..yet...heehee!!

He was piling toy soldiers onto James. I said to him, "oh no! What happened?" which is what I normally say, very dramatically.

He looks at me.....
Looks back at the toys.......
Looks back at me and says,

"a crash"

HOLY MOLEY!! Nearly fell off my chair, nearly cried, but thought that might confuse the poor child. He understood a question!!!! That's HUGE in Rainer/ASD-land!

a noun and a pronoun.....that was the pre-diagnosis Rainer....before it all went pear-shaped.....a hint of satisfying.

However, in true Rainer style, he wasn't so forthcoming with the answers the next time we did it. Oh well, it was SOMETHING!!!!!

And I'm again, NOURISHED!

Hey, that might be my word for 2009!! WHAT DO YOU THINK????


  1. Thats fab Gigi i can certainly here your excitement from here girl .Take care Kerry xx

  2. Thats great news and I am sure was very exciting for you....I like your word too by the way! Hopefully you can use it a lot for the rest of this year (not long left btw!) and 2009...xox

  3. That's totally awesome news babe ... love it!!

    Nourished - a fab word for a fab year. Hugs!

  4. woo hoo for Rainer!!! awesome word nourished....Love your page for Bon's its absolutely gorgeous:)

  5. Your layout is stunning Gigi, th Scarlet Letter papers look so elegant with wedding photos.

    Well done to Rainer, that is wonderful.