Saturday, 2 August 2008

holy crap!!

Yes, I'm having wayyyyyy toooo much too much to drink at Varna's house tonight. My monitor has died and I'm having a "Girl's Camping NIght" at her place with Mackinley. The typing is way too bad and the spell check is going a million miles an hour!!!!


Have finished 2 layouts!! OMFG!!! yes, one even for publication (when they realise how good it is LOL) but of course, no computer, so no uploads....will have to wait for next post.

soooooo much to tell

i'm way too pissed to carry on .... but the pizza smells really good!!!

not quite sure about a lot of things, Varna thinks I should start writing again (as does Trish) - my wit is wasted on the minor/trivial things in life. I'm coming out with way too much good shit at the moment to NOT publish here. Maybe I'm missing my life's work. But then Michael tells me isn't that what journaling is for!!!

Hmmmmm. Good one honey!!!

Okay, Varna's giving me one of "those" looks.

Thanks for still being interested in one babbling/wine soaked/esoteric scrapper!!

Love to all (and I'll regret this post when I'm sober LOL lol LOL lol)

and to those uninitiated PMSL = piss myself laughing!! and I wish I was at Splendour in the Grass at Byron (a mis-spent youth). Shout out to Patty, Ollie and Kalen! Have fun, but not too much!!

I SOOOO wanted to see these guys..........

ouch...breed obssession... how awesome are these lyrics!!!

brighter and buoyant!!


  1. You are so funny! Sounds like you had great night! How's the head this morning? lol

    Happy Sunday,


  2. Gigi how is it going sounds like you had fun lucky girl.take care Kerry xx

  3. Now this post had me PMSL....I hope you had fun....

  4. mmmmm, reminds me that you owe me and kate and maree a night out with lots of alshohol...! my bday is coming up real soon and kate just had hers and well, you don't need a reason do ya G!!!! Love lots and hope you weren't too mad at me for not having your kit ready when you dropped in the other week. love t xxx

  5. Just catching up on posts while I was away! You crack me up Gi! Glad you had a good one :o)