Friday, 15 August 2008

busy ~ lonesome ~ need ventilation...

9pm-ish FRIDAY

Michael and Mackinley are at Suncorp Stadium tonight watching their beloved Mighty Mighty Dragons attempt to score at least one try against the Bonks.

They spent the good part of Wednesday at the EKKA. The first year they stayed the whole day. Maybe next year they'll stay for the fireworks and the other night-time good stuff for kids.

So....I'm trying to stay busy. Finished this layout during the week. Mackinley comes home with this cracker of a story...just had to scrap it. The photo is a self-portrait and just cracks me up.

I'm working on a little canvas for the MY TIME I'm runing in a few weeks time. I'm playing with Texture Paste and Iridescent Medium and really should have a window open LOL!!! And when the fumes mix with the red wine.....I end up doing stuff I really hate....

like mixing colour in my mediums!!!! Man, I really hate that.

It's been 2 years since I "retired" from teaching. I remember listening to this song and feeling like I'd made the biggest mistake of my life.

Very sad and also great relief at finishing teaching. Ah, the metaphor of the ship...just love creative geniusessssss. Can't look back now..



  1. Crash! I think everyone has left the party but I'm still roaming the country!!! Kathryn xx

  2. Love the layout but REALLY loved the funny story!!! Does it count as a swear word if you only spell it? Mmmmm, might have to try that one! PS I have been practicing your teachings G and using my craft finger at Kathleen... ;) t xxx

  3. You'll have to let M & M know they missed the best part of the EKKA - Monster trucks, motorbikes, V8's and Fireworks. My boys were beyond excited....didn't do much for me actually :)


  4. How funny is that story Gigi, what a wonderful story and layout to cherish.

  5. LMAO at Mackinley's story...that is SO funny!!! you made it into an awesome LO :)
    Thinking of you & Rainer always xxx Love Kate