Friday, 20 July 2007

Another BIRTHDAY and other bits....


Gosh, it feels like I've just celebrated a birthday and BAM...another one appears!! Serves me right for conceiving them so close together (heh). Made the most tasty gluten-free patty cakes in the history of gluten-free baking, and sent them to AEIOU where he had a proper party. The first birthday celebration in the centre, so that was special.

Big celebration on Sunday with family. I think he's understanding more and more what "birthday" is.

Saw Burke and Wills on Sunday with Michael (yes, alone!! thanks you!!) and I must say I was MIGHTILY impressed!!!! Haven't seen a movie that good in YEARS and on a budget of just $20000, gotta love that! Well done boys, look forward to PARASITE!!

Still have a terrible head cold which has turned into a bit of an infection. Really should go to the doctor but I know I'll be digging up a whole lot of other complaints that I'm not ready to share with a NEW doctor, just yet.

And of course, there's the scrapping!! Not much doin' this week. Behind on Just for July but at least the photos and journaling are happening, just not the actual pages!!

Finished the 123 Challenge for this month. God love 'em BLOODY FELT!! Thanks for that girls. So the challenge was paint, felt and ribbon. Two of those I can do without, but I guess that is what a challenge is all about....true!?

I actually love how the arrow turned out....

The beads are from a RAK from Charm. Fit the layout perfectly!!!

Will hopefully have some good news to write next week. Getting tired of being tired and sick.


  1. Oh the cakes look Yum Gigi and gr8 photo of the bday boy. Love your LO, not bad for someone who hates two of the criteria. Turned out well and hope next week is a feelinf better week for you.

  2. The beading looks wonderful Gigi and so does the felt.

    Happy Birthday Rainer, hope he had a great birthday.

  3. Sorry to hear you are sick, hope you are feeling better soon. Happy Birthday to Rainer!!

  4. Hi Gigi, can't wait to meet you even if it is just for a little while, looks like a wonderful birthday party.

    Love your layouts you are always so very different and very creative.

    Carole xx

  5. I love that LO, Gigi!! And happy birthday to Rainer.
    I just had to come and check out your banner again, seeing as you said it was lop-sided - LOL

    Fran xx