Saturday, 16 April 2011

Somerset Memories YAY

I have to admit this is most definitely the highlight of my year! To see one of my layouts in an overseas mag of this calibre is just so unreal.

And I get 2 mentions in the DETAILS (Creative Touches & Techniques) section!
I am in some inspiring company - including the Aus girls - Louise Nelson, Chantal Vandenberg, Nicole Pomeroy, Kathie Link and Kathleen Glossop.

Just so so so happy today.


  1. beautiful work.....congratulations G!! ..... love g ♥ xx

  2. Awesome Gi that is so fab,hope you are ok take care Kerry xx

  3. Oh yay Gigi!!! So cool - congrats! I haven't got my copy yet - I am busting for it!!! Did you get that email asking if you were going to do any magazine signings?! LMAO! I am SO looking forward to seeing this - looks ACE!

    Congrats again! :D

  4. It looks wonderful Giovanna! Sadly I am still waiting for my copy to arrive. Hopefully it will be here soon and I can pore over all the Aussie creations :)

  5. Gigi - I am STILL waiting for my comp copy! And my "replacement" comp copy too (as I emailed them last month to check if it was sent yet). :(

    I see you received yours on my birthday! I'm looking forward to seeing this hey! :D