Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'm excited....

coz I need to expand my dull stash of embellies and find something that inspires me.....

and this fits all the criteria

I have to admit that I've been secretly eyeing their shop for a couple of months. Lots of excitement surroundingt his joint, and a sale this Friday.
Super-duper whammy of goodness!!!

Ummm, what else???
Lots of Secret Squirel Stuff, so can't share sorry (oh, the pain!!). Can't even show you a sneak peek, coz that will definitely spoil it and the magazine will get cranky LOL.

Rest assured, I am creating this weekend after a very busy/stressful week.

Very exciting post coming this week.



  1. Hi G, haven't been to visit you for awhile, but you had your accident this morning and I just felt like visiting you.......and have read the last 3 posts.... you are truly an amazing woman.. I just adore your She Art canvases..... I love the style of Christy Tomlinson!!!
    Ok hope you get back to 100% again...
    Loves Ya Heaps XXXXXXXX

  2. What an incredible connection! Thank you! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart