Monday, 28 March 2011

she's a cuuuutieeee!!!

The adorable 8x8 canvas was a labour of love. Did not think she would make it, but I persevered!!
The background began as too dark for my liking, then I thought if the objective was to try out a long crinkly skirt and a felt hat, then the only time you wear that gear in Brisbane is at night and then only for about 6 weeks a year LOL!!!
An ethereal moon dusted with silver glitter.
The quote was perrrrrfect!!!
I opted for an injection of colour midway down the skirt. I have sooo many other skirt design options - side gathers, tucked and pinned with a rosette.....sooo many.
And everything looks better with a coat of Opal Dust. You seriously should see how gorgeous this looks at night.

Here is a shot of the work area at my glorious retreat to Byron Bay.
It must have been drinkies time, coz there is hardly anyone sitting and working!!

Busy week ahead.....
RENEWED....more canvas time for me!!!


  1. Oh Gigi you are so talented.....LOVE HER!!!! xxxxx

  2. she is gorgeous, loving all your canvases, take care, Deb xx

  3. I can so hear Christy's voice in my head saying "She's a cutie".. LOL She is gorgeous! And how good does that retreat look??

  4. Gigi your canvases are divine, I love them all.