Monday, 14 March 2011

She Art + GiveAway!!!

Firstly though, want to thank you all - from the bottom of my heart - for your wonderful comments from the last post. It's never easy for me to reveal the absolute truth about what happens here, and I try not to, because I don't like to LOL. Truly though, if this had happened to one of your children, I believe you would drop everything and devote nearly all of yourself to your angel. (Some part of you needs to remain "you")

So back to the fun stuff.......

Rather belated, but here are my first 2 canvases from the extraordinary class by Christy Tomlinson.
and that's not even half of what we are completing!!!

I can't tell you how MUCH FUN this workshop is!!
Christy is GIVING AWAY one cyber seat in her next workshop, so quick sticks to her **BLOG** for the details.

Had a massive weekend so off for a nanna-nap. Details and photos of that shortly.



Why are you still reading this????
Have you visited Christy's blog yet???? Go on..................


  1. just gorgeous, Gigi. Been and left a comment on Christy's blog, think I did that yesterday. Take care, Deb xx

  2. Wow Gigi...I'm so pleased you enjoyed the workshop.xx

  3. I LOVE it Gi! Amazing! A question...what do you do with your gorgeous art-gifts? sell? adorn your house??

  4. i love it.. but then again i love all of your stuff!! you are amazing Gi..xox