Monday, 19 July 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Rainer!

Here's my baby...all grown up and blowing out his candles *shriek*

And there was no birthday cake this year. Instead I made a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOX so all the presents were inside. I pushed the candles into a piece of styrofoam, then placed it on top and hoped it wouldn't fall and set the whole thing on fire!!!!

Rainer got a whole NEW set of Bob the Builder toys, plus Buzz and Woody. We still cannot find a new Spud, who has sadly lost a leg in an unfortunate accident with an esky {insert sad face}.

And of course, the traditional post lunch cricket match. Rainer is a much better bowler than batter.

So what does turning 7 mean??
It means we've been on this journey to healing for just over 4 years now. To say you've progressed is an understatement.
What most parents take for granted,
I take
You are more aware of the world around you;
you want to be involved in life;
you enjoy playdates;
you discriminate by choosing toys to play with, by setting up your environment for your scenarios, by selecting a few toys from each box and creating a world, rather than simply recreating a DVD scenario.
When you saw us struggling to unwrap the Bob toys from their packaging, you ran inside and brough the kitchen scissors to us --- WOW!!

I still cry each day, but more from sheer RELIEF than grief.
And to think, if I'd been satisfied with what some doctors had said all those years ago, you would not be the beautiful, energetic, delightful boy you are today, and are still yet to become.
I see your potential and I'll bloody well fight for it!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet Prince Rainer. xoxo


  1. Oh Gigi you always have something heartfelt and beautiful to say to Rainer, it makes me want to cry with happiness for you. I hope he enjoyed his big day!! xo

  2. ... and anna used to feel hard-done-by by having a birthday jelly (Feb b'day). I'm not sure she'd ever forgive me for giving her a birthday styrofoam!!

    So glad he is still taking giant leaps/tiny steps that makes your heart sing!

  3. Happy birthday Rainer.
    I love that idea of the birthday box!!
    your post is very touching :) :) :)

  4. Happy Birthday Rainer. Looks like a fab day, Gigi, So good to catch up on Saturday. Take care x

  5. What a gorgeous post!!!
    So glad Rainer had a special 7th Birthday!!!

  6. Photos of a gorgeous boy on his 7th birthday, sending hugs x

  7. Happy birthday to Rainer gosh 7 already how time flys.i hope that day was fun Take care Kerry xx PS give him abig kiss from me.

  8. Gi, such a special little man u have on your hands!! Your love and perserverance will always pay off and you will be always rewarded with those special moments- like the scissors, so beautiful!! Happy birhday rainer!!

  9. Happy Birthday beautiful Rainer
    Looks like you had a fabulous day
    Gigi you are a wonderful mum I have said it before and I will say it again - I AM IN AWE of your patience, love, mothering skills, nurturing - wow what a milestone Rainer getting the scissors
    I have tears running down my cheeks reading this post

  10. A big Happy Birthday to a beautiful big boy! Lucien and I were just talking about missing his birthday this morning! Sorry :(
    Gi, a special thanks for making me cry my eyes out first thing on a Tuesday morning! You are a wonderful mother and I too am in awe of you. Rainer and Mackinley are so lucky to have you as their mum - creative, georgeous, generous, talented women that you are. Cara xxx

  11. dear Gigi,glad to see Rainer progressing.Every step forward is like wining the lotto, these tiny steps brings sheer joy and relief that we are moving forward. I hope you are all doing well and finding a little bit of peace along the way. We can never give up, keep following your heart and gut instinct. xxx
    Patricia gregori (Amors mum)

  12. beautiful boy, beautiful Mama