Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Can you join Me?

On Thursday 3rd December we will be celebrating!!

I will be holding an online scrapbooking class at 7.30pm (Brisbane time), hosted by the forever generous Bon Johnstone of BON'S SCRAPS.

All you need to do is REGISTER in the FORUM with Bon's Scraps prior to the 3rd December - it's that easy! You will have access to the classroom and a live forum chat with me and the other scrappers participating.
Cost of the class will be $10 (EFT details to follow) with all proceeds going towards the equipment needed at Rainer's school in their newly acquired SENSORY ROOM.

Don't fret.
I am setting up a separate blog/ning community where I will run yet another online class at a later date.

So, what is a SENSORY ROOM?
Well, we all have them, but don't realise. It's a place we retreat to when the world is just a tad bit overwhelming. For most of us, a little "me" time is all we need to recharge and reinvigorate. (My Sensory Room is my Scrap Table)

For children (and adults) with SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDERS (whether it's autism, aspergers, ADHD, depression or anxiety), we need specially selected items to stimulate some senses and decrease others - depending on the need of the child.
Here are some examples of a variety of Sensory Rooms around the world, and the types of furniture and toys on the Wish List.

HAMMOCKS!! lots and lots of hammocks
We have 2 already at home LOL. One for the kids and one for the adults.

So I hope you can join in the fun and help out some precious children at the same time.


  1. hope you get lots of help :)

  2. hope you get lots of help :)

  3. Hey Gi

    Well done you for trying to raise funds for the schools sensory room. The school I was in in London, was an inclusive school, which had a sensory room, these rooms are just brilliant if you can have the money and resources to equip them, and a great 'space' for the children to chill out. What a great cause. I will see how I go bout joining in, maybe at the one on a later date. Will be in transit - heading home! - on the 3rd!!!

  4. WOuld love to help out and join Gigi - make sure you let me know when you have the next class - im out on the 3rd... I might just pass some funds your way anyway - what an awesome thing to contribute too :)

  5. oh yeah i'll be there definitely!!!!

  6. I'm definitely in for the 3rd Gigi!! Can't wait for your class and hope it helps you to achieve your very worthy goal!!!

  7. am away on the 3rd, but I will catch up for sure!! :)
    PS thanks for the awesome recipes!! :) ((HUGS))

  8. Fantastic idea Gigi...I will definitely be there to support you. And please check my blog as I have left something for you! ;)

  9. would love to join in Gigi, but it is not really possible for me to do so - I would love to give you a donation, will email you to get the details. Good luck Gorgeous, hope it all goes really well :)