Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Retreat Heaven!

I'm back and feeling so wonderful, it's hard to describe in words without putting a huge smiley face next to it.

The bus trip from hell....(just jokes)

Notice the high stack behind Sandie's head? Good thing we were going uphill and not down..pmsl.

Kerry the Prima Queen - my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Thanks for a top weekend Roomie!!! xxx

Sweet Sandie - what a beautiful soul

Sassy Narelle (and self-confessed Bogan...LOL, you are the best bogan ever!!)

Mal the Magnificent -

when I grow up, I want to be just like Mal.

Charming Charm --

too perfect for words xx

Buon Bon - the best Boss Lady -

she talks the scrap-talk and walks the scrap-walk. My idol!!

Mumma Kate

and there will be more photos lying around on blogs. I just need copies of them all!!!

Thanks to Bon and her DT and the amazing Melbourne girls who helped make the Retreat one of the best getaways in the history of getaways. The details for 2010 are up, so better book in if you want to experience something AMAZING!!!

(haven't got photos of Bon's mini book class...oops)
Peta's 3 layouts in 2 hours class

Sandie's class

Charmane's class

I'm exhausted uploading so next post will be Bon's Mini, Tam's Layout and the layouts from Bon's August Kit (amazing stuff in there).

Remember to...

coz I sure did :)


  1. hey chick good to see that you had a good time.Suoer pic of me as always the class clown.I hope you are well.TAke care Kerry xx

  2. love all the photos Gigi an your class pages all turned all awesome!! love all the added was so wonderful to meet you, you are just so beautiful inside and out, hope we meet again soon xxx

  3. WOW Gigi - love all the pics!!! it was SOOOOO great to meet you - cant wait to catch up in a few weeks [all going to plan :)]

  4. well when I grow up I want to be just like GIgi!!! no jokes!!!!!

    but we did have a fantastic time didn't we!

  5. Great pics - looks like you had a great time! Amazing LO's - can't wait to see more. Take care - catch up soon!

  6. The Bogan has arrived LOL and yes that was the bus ride from hell. Feel queasy thinking of it!! Your LO's turned out FAB and yes lovely GiGi touches to them.

    Super meeting you and you are a treasured friend girl and a treasured soul.
    Love Narelle

  7. gi you are full of such sweetness..
    it was soooo awesome to see you again and cant wait to see you again soon!

  8. OMG gigi! it was a blast wasn't it!!! wish it was for LONGER though!!! LOL.... it was so great to FINALLY meet you babe! LOVE YA!!! mwah!!! your pages are just mind-boggling! Love them :) Photos are awesome too of course.... where's the BIG eye shot.... LOL>>>

    Love Charmane

  9. Hey Awesome lady!! Love the photos especially the bus trip from hell :) That was a fun trip!!
    It was amazing to meet you IRL xx

  10. Love the photos Gigi!!Bet the retreat was fab :D

    Stunning LO's too!!

    Krissy xx

  11. LOL at Kerry's expression!! Looks like you girls had the best time. :D