Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Earthquake in Italy

Mum made some calls last night and it seems that our family are all okay, at this stage. L'Aquila was the worst hit, which is very close to where Dad's family are from. Lots of damage and tremors felt from Rome (west coast) to Francavilla (Mum's home town on the east coast). L'Aquila is in the heavily mountainous region in the centre.

Will update the blog when I hear more. Mum has an appointment with the Italian Consulate office today anyway to organise things before she leaves in 2 weeks.

Obviously she's upset, but we're determined that she go to Italy anyway if it's safe enough.


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  1. Im glad that your family are okay Gigi, its a very worrying time when you can't get word out.

    I hope your mum gets to go to Italy and has a good time.