Wednesday, 14 January 2009


No, not the female version..


It's a bit frantic here at the moment, so apologies to especially TAMARA who uppped me for it today (heehee, I still love you).

We are busy....
Michael is back at work (grrrr....) so no-one is running interference for me
Mackinley's friends are all still on holidays, so Mum is mega-boring
Rainer has begun the Wilbarger Protocol, which essentially is body brushing every two hours (for the next 3 months)

Time literally flies when you're watching the clock - believe it or not!! You'd think it'd be the other way around. Yikes. And the detox his body is going through.....OMG, the nappies, the pegs (for my nose), the non-toxic air freshener, the incense! That tells me it's working!

Thank you to the ever fab-o Renee Dowling and Karlene Fahey. I haven't got to you yet Kars, but will very soon :-)))))

Also, I've been busy getting angry about the effects of water fluoridation, especially on Rainer. At this stage we are buying Pureau water from Woolworths, but for the long term, a Reverse Osmosis Filter to turn it into "dead" water, followed by a volcanic rock water energising filter will be needed. I don't think Ruddy's $1000 is going to cover it. Someone needs to have a little chatzy with Anna Bligh or else stage a Mutiny!!

And then I find this article....
by Robyn Wuth
got me so mad, I had to respond. And so did the rest of the BioMed community.

I guess as far as "Investigative Journalism" goes, this woman will NOT be winning a Walkley Award anytime soon!! Gutter, trashy, stream-of-consciousness waffle. I can't believe she would have been PAID for that rubbish.

And that, my friends, is how I spend my week. Defending my decisions to treat my Autistic son the best way I know how. It's weary but I know I'm doing the right thing and people like Robyn Wuth will simply spend the rest of their life blaming someone else for their problems.

Ah, so nourishing!!


  1. i commend you on the amazing strength you have to deal with everything that is put in your path Gigi..... i think you are one of those women that people in a similar situation can call a 'hero'.... you make me look at things a lot differently.... thankyou for being who you are!!!!

  2. Gigi - thanks for sharing. You are amazing and your children are so lucky to have you as their Mum. You have such a positive outlook and makes me stop and remind myself of the good things ...

  3. GIGI.. simply you are an AMAZING mum... the efforts u go to with the kids are huge... you inspire us all in all sides of life..

  4. G - like I said yesterday, God chose the right Mum for Rainer! I just read that article - HOLY &*%$!!! What an idiot and you are right - I can't believe she was paid to write that... Hey, thanks for updating...look forward to more "scheduled" posts...! t xxxx

  5. Gigi you are amazing I agree with Tamara!
    I left something at my blog for you gorgeous lady

  6. You sure are an amazing mum Gigi. Rainer and Mackinley couldn't have asked for a better mum.

    I had a read of that article and she is a fruitloop, seriously a waste of time that is. lol