Friday, 4 April 2008

Tonight's the Night!!


We're going ROCK 'N' ROLL tonight. Wig is at the ready so if you can all guess which rock n' roller I'm going as and what colour the wig is - I'll send you more goodness!!

Amazingly, I've managed to get enough people for 2 tables tonight. Thanks to the Inkredible ladies for rallying the troops.

Can't wait (heehee).

Class on Wednesday went well. Next one isn't till the end of the month. Thinking cap on!!!!

Have decided to get one of Bon's Scraps CC challenges done this month. I've neglected them terribly :(((

Thank you Bon for the lovely chat on MSN the other day!!!! I felt soooo much better afterwards.

Thank you Sonia for the lovely chat last night!! I am planning pics for Rainer now for the Zoo and Ocean World. Can't wait to see you :)))

{I am truly lucky to have people who reach out even when I'm so far away.}

My heart goes out to Tanya this week. Such a tragic loss. Praying for you every day!!


  1. Hi Gigi,

    Loving your blog...stunning LO's!!!!

    Im gussing your going as Sandy from Grease ;) Have a fabbo night out!

  2. I have no idea who your going as but what about Cher with the long black straight hair. Lol

    Hope you had fun sweetie.