Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Thought I'd have a date today...

I was hoping to post a date for next year's fundraiser, but the planning meeting had to be postponed (DRAT!!) but I think I might start the ball rolling anyhow. I know some have offered help, but could you email me or leave a comment here (just make sure I can contact you) if you would like to come to SCRAP THE SPECTRUM next year sometime (don't you just love certainty???) in Brisbane.

Thank you to the SPC Mums who came out on Friday night to celebrate the end of another year. I know the photos I took when we were at The Caxton (getting spacko at the Cacko...it never loses it's appeal!!) are priceless. Photos later (hehe!!)

In the meantime, here's a song I can't get out of my head. Possibly THE best lyrics I've heard in a while..

"let me breathe the courage of your actions...." I know there's a layout in there somewhere!!! And they're Australian. Home-grown poetry is too good!!

Enjoy The Potbelleez!!


  1. LOVE the lyrics Gigi.... not sure about the clip.... reminds me of those "bad" old days of taking things I shouldn't have and regretting it....hahha....

    I've missed you :(

    Take Care! Love Charm

  2. Hey Gigi those lovely school holidays are rolling around too fast...LOL are you up for a visit or an adventure somewhere?