Wednesday, 28 November 2007

For Nonno

I've been trying to get Mackinley to write something all week. Finally tonight he sat and wrote this all by himself. What a beautiful son I have. Mackinley was so proud of himself, "Look Mum, I didn't even use my finger for the spacing!" Some days I just love being a Mum.

Mum thought it was the most beautiful piece of love...ever!! We tucked it under Dad's lapel with a Holy Card of the Sacred Heart. Dad always had his mother's rosary beads but Mum couldn't find them. She and Nena went to Pelligrini's today and bought a gorgeous black set for Dad and Mum bought herself a beautiful red and silver set and each bead was a mini love heart!

He looked so peaceful tonight and very smart in a grey suit and wearing the tie he was married in. A lovely rosary and farewell, just with the family.

Thank you everyone! Your messages of love and support have been overwhelming. I will reply to each of you next week. {{cyber hugs back to you}}


  1. that is just beautiful :)
    thinking of you {HUGS}

  2. Perfectly said, sometimes the world is just more wonderful thru the words or eyes of a child....Hugs Gi...

  3. Gigi, that note is just beautiful as is the post about your dad below. I hope you and your family are coping and I am thinkin gof you.

  4. Tamara & Kathleen29 November 2007 at 4:24 pm

    Hi G,
    Our thoughts are with you today.
    Lots of love
    Tamara & Kathleen

  5. That is a beautiful letter. I hope it helps the boys with their grief.

  6. its just SO BEAUTIFUL!!
    It brought tears to my eyes.You HAVE a very beutiful son Gigi!!
    Thinking of you!!!!
    take care

  7. Hi Gi,
    Now I've got wet eyes. Thinking of you & your family at this time. Sending heapsa {{{hugs}}} your way.
    Take Care, Belinda xx