Friday, 19 October 2007

Online Class at FA - postponed, Playdate

Quick update (and timely reminder from Belinda!! Thanks gorgeous) that my Online Class at Forever Always has been postponed because I fell behind with the instructions while my breathing was interrupted by my ribs!!!

I still can't believe how far behind I got being sore for a few days. Just brought to light just how much I do in a day!

Still time to register at FA. You need to be a registered member of Forever Always to look-see at the instructions, so ensure you do that too please.

Forever Always is having their CyberCrop on the 26th October which would have been excellent for the online class. BUT Sing for Kids is on that night (shucks). I don't think the Greek Club has cable access or I would have run the class between songs ... (now THAT would have been funny!!)

Mackinley is having a friend over to play this afternoon. It's a girl from his class and it's a really special moment because he's been in this "I don't like playing with girls" mode for over a year now. She's beautiful so I'm madly cleaning the house (it's truly embarrassing...and I don't say that often) so we can move without falling over (yes, it's THAT bad!)

I need to upload a trillion images so it may be "Image Overload" next week (ah, the visual stimulation is all I need and a good Red).

Be strong....


  1. Thats great that Mackinley has a female playmate, hope he had heaps of fun.

    Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. hope mackinley had fun on his playdate :)